Chapter 1179 - Solo

Chapter 1179: Solo

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Bo Jiu was wiping the sweat on her chin when she was called. As she looked up, her gaze was deep.

Prince was in the same dormitory and the same team as Bo Jiu. He had also spent a long time with her so he knew her real capabilities better than anyone else. It was so frustrating when other people said that Bo Jiu had depended on relationships to get her current position.

“You…” Price wanted to speak up for his friend. He came from mechanics so his temper was naturally short-lived. However, he didn’t expect someone to stop him.

“What do you want to compete in?” Bo Jiu stood up and placed one hand in her pocket. She used the back of her other hand to wipe the last drop of perspiration off her chin. Her tone was very calm.

No one in the military unit was too harsh or mean because they were being responsible for this mission when they suggested this challenge. He knew that technical soldiers were rare but this technical soldier must be someone that was worth their protection.

“You choose,” the recruit said.

Bo Jiu looked up. “Anything is fine with me.”

“Let’s not compete in one even then. After the training today, let’s meet in the forest. We’ll abide by the international jungle law. No matter what methods we use, the winner will be the one who shoots the other person’s head first.”

This kind of challenge was rare among the recruits. They knew that based on the rumor, their technical soldier was the one who had destroyed their opponents. But other people didn’t know that there had been a sniper. If there hadn’t been an outstanding sniper, it would have been impossible for No. 10 to enter their opponent’s base camp. They had been the last ones to be eventually sacrificed too. From the start until the end, they had never seen No. 10.

He chose the jungle challenge because he wanted to tell the other party that if a technical soldier was weak during a mission outside the borders, he would drag the entire operations team down.

As Bo Jiu sensed the person’s intention, she took a gulp of water and said, “Okay.”

Prince opened his mouth. He wanted to tell Bo Jiu that this was the most well-rounded recruit from the second team. His sniping and hiding skills were amazing so maybe he should consider more before accepting the challenge. However, thinking about it carefully, he felt that if this happened to him, he would accept the challenge too. But…

“Brother, tell me the truth. What is your relationship with the devil?” Was it really like what the rumors said?

The military unit would never allow such a special relationship. Two men. The military aside, it was impossible even if they were in the outside world. If this was true, even the devil would have to drop in his military rank.

Bo Jiu didn’t know much about military affairs but she knew the main idea behind it. She smiled and asked, “What do you think our relationship is?”

Prince choked at this question. He wondered how he was supposed to reply to it.

Just as Prince was hesitating, Bo Jiu opened her mouth again. She said slowly, “Family.”

Family?! Prince widened his eyes!

“What, what do you mean?” What the f*ck? He was stuttering. It was too easy to misunderstand this world.

Bo Jiu frowned. She pointed to herself and said, “I’m handsome, right? He is handsome too. You can tell our relationship with one look.”

Prince: … Are you complimenting yourself or are you answering my question?

“Don’t tell me that you two are brothers,” Prince scoffed.

Bo Jiu turned and replied casually, “Congratulations, you’re right. However, we are not real brothers. We’re cousins.”

“Cousins?” Prince felt that there was still something weird. “Why did you push the devil on the bed that day?”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “I want to ask my brother to not tell anyone about our relationship. This is to prevent the people here from having ill feelings towards me. We’re all recruits and I don’t know how to fold my blanket. I find it embarrassing. You also don’t want other people to know that your uncle is the Old General here, right?”

Prince found the first half of Bo Jiu’s speech reasonable. However, when he heard the last sentence, his expression changed suddenly. He pointed at Bo Jiu and said, “You, you, you…” Holy sh*t! How did this fellow know this? This didn’t make any sense!

Bo Jiu took another gulp of water. She gave an evil smile. “So you believe me now?”

“I… Tell me how you know about my identity first!” Prince thought that his disguise was done very well. He had never contacted his uncle directly before.

Bo Jiu spoke slowly, “If I want to know, I will know.” Young man, you’re too naive. This kind of thing can be settled with one computer. It’s nothing complicated.

Prince got a shock. He pulled Bo Jiu’s hand and said, “Brother, please don’t tell anyone about this. I really want to enter the military.”

“Okay.” Bo Jiu put her water down. “Let’s talk about the criteria.”

Prince widened his eyes. Talk about criteria again?! Why hadn’t this person become a bandit instead? Why had he entered the military?

“What’s the criteria? Tell me.” Prince acted like an obedient little wife now.

Bo Jiu pointed at her phone. “The other time, I was warned by the leader that I would be kicked out of the military if I used my phone again. Help me get a phone.”

“We are not allowed to contact anyone when we’re in the military.” Prince had his principles.

Bo Jiu nodded and continued, “I will have a nice chat with my bunkmates on your family background.”

“F*ck!” Prince raised his hand and grabbed the person. “Promise me that you will not send any pictures out and the topics you talk about mustn’t have anything to do with the current military unit. You cannot talk about our situation here too.”

Bo Jiu looked at him. “Do you think that I’m going to betray my country? I will never do that. I just want to send some messages to my team members.”

“Team members?” Prince was puzzled. “Do you miss your friends from the army?”

Bo Jiu looked up at the sky. She felt that she still needed to hide her identity. After all, there were still videos of her admitting that she was a lady on the internet. The people in the military unit might not see it since this place was totally closed up but it was better to remain low profile.

“Yes, I miss them.” She was speaking the truth when she said these four words. Sometimes, when she saw a computer and touched the keyboard, she would think of those days. The days when she would sit with these people in the club and play games together. Sometimes, they would destroy their opponents instantly but flashing into their opponent’s lair to kill people. After killing them, each one of them would bite a piece of a chicken wing in their mouths with their fingers still oily. At that time, Yaoyao was sitting beside her, watching Coco and Feng Shang fighting for the MVP title.

Bo Jiu’s gaze turned gentler when she thought about this. Her eyes were so black they seemed cold in the past. Now, there seemed to be other emotions inside.

Prince noticed the youngster’s expression and got reminded of his past days in his original military unit. At that time, he was still a cold prince of the military who was invincible in close combat. Why had his style changed after coming to this military unit? There was something wrong with this military unit!

“Okay. I’ll go and find one. Don’t tell anyone about this.” Prince went to look for a phone. He was still thinking that this pair of cousins were really impressive. The devil was already powerful enough but another sly one came. If they were to go on a mission in the future, they wouldn’t be afraid of their enemy’s traps as they weren’t weak at all in this aspect.

After Prince got the phone, the two of them found a place that couldn’t be discovered easily. This place was a little strange too as it was within the forest at the training site.

“Hurry up.” There were Prince’s original words.

Bo Jiu glanced at him. “Don’t say such easily misunderstood phrases. If someone passes by later, they might think that I’m doing something to you.”

Prince immediately moved three meters away from the youngster. How could he forget this youngster’s reputation? Indeed, he should maintain a distance with him to prevent people from suspecting that he was gay. It would be bad if that happened because his uncle would break his leg.

Bo Jiu tried to turn on the phone. It wasn’t her phone so she wasn’t used to it. But she was still able to check some things and made some calls.

“What the hell? Why did you download Doudou livestream? What are you planning to do?”

Bo Jiu dodged his hand. “Why are you so nervous? I’m just entertaining myself. Hurry up and keep guard. After making the call, I have to go for the jungle challenge.”

“I need to stand at a place where I can hear you talk.” Prince remained firm about this. As he had brought the phone here, it mustn’t cause any trouble.

Bo Jiu opened the livestream app and entered a room, where already many people were. Fortunately, the livestream hadn’t started yet. That meant that she managed to be on time.

She wanted a phone because today, Yaoyao was having a competition. And it was a solo competition which would be streamed live. Moreover, this match would affect whether Supreme Alliance was able to get the right to participate in the Asian Cup.

Before this, Xue Yaoyao had never expected such a competition to come to her. She was a newbie but so was the other party. Their starting point, however, was different and their platform was different too.

Team YS was renowned throughout Asia. Thus, even their new team members attracted people’s attention too and the number of fans on their official Weibo account was more than six figures. Compared to them, Xue Yaoyao’s viewership was almost negligible. No one would not notice this kind of solo.

Both China and Country H sent a shoutcaster to commentate the competition on the internet. Even so, all the procedures would be based on an international competition. This also meant that this wasn’t just an ordinary solo.

The nervousness could be felt even through the internet.

“Are you worried?” The netizens on the other side laughed. “Our CK was still livestreaming yesterday. He isn’t nervous at all. The person who should be nervous is his opponent. Hahahaha.”

“I heard that she’s a lady. Ladies have a limited capacity when playing games. Don’t cry when you get killed too many times.”

“You don’t understand. China likes to do this kind of thing. Even esports players need to be good looking. Who knows how she rose to this position?”

“Ask CK to be more lenient later. This will express our bearing as a big country.”

“He doesn’t need to be more lenient to win the game. Don’t you know that those Chinese people are chasing CK around? It looks like the fans know whom they should support too.”

“Idol first. Isn’t this how Chinese always act? Hahaha, let me go and get something from them too.”

There would always be live comments during a livestream.

Some people might be surprised. However, there were some young ladies who kept typing their idol’s name. They had totally forgotten that this was a match between China and Country H. While they were supporting CK, they even typed, “Even if she competes, she will be embarrassing our country. She can’t win against CK.”

“I really don’t understand why she must do something she can’t. Her techniques are so lousy.”

“Maybe she wants to become famous?”

“I don’t know. I’m just here to look at CK. I keep feeling that he has gotten cuter.”

Hence, in this kind of situation, Xue Yaoyao sat in front of her computer and took one last inspection of her mouse and her keyboard.

There were still people saying, “Supreme Alliance is outdated now. That Spade Z dragged down a whole bunch of people and she just left without doing anything. I think Spade Z deserves it. They didn’t kick the person out to give us an answer but keep her in the team. Let’s see if anyone supports them now.”

“Supreme Alliance, I won’t boast or talk bad about them. But they’re probably at their limit. If not, why would they let Xue Yaoyao take part in the competition. There’s nothing special about her.”

Anyone that was watching the livestream would be able to see such words.

In the club, there was a huge screen and the words could be seen even more clearly. Lin Feng clenched his fist and coughed continuously. He wanted to rush out but he knew that at a moment like this, it was better to remain quiet.

“What are you doing?” Yun Hu turned his head. He was probably worried that Lin Feng wasn’t able to control his hot temper.

There were many people gathered outside the Supreme Alliance’s club. They were waiting for any pieces of news from Supreme Alliance. No matter what piece of news it was, it would be a scandal.

Lin Feng turned. His voice was deep. “I’m going to smoke.” That was right, he could only smoke now.

“I’m worried that Yaoyao’s mentality will crash.”

He had been scolded in the past too. In the esports world, if you played well, people would give you a thumbs up and say that you were amazing. However, if you did badly, people would ask you to retire because of your age and say that you were humiliating. Actually, they wanted to win more than anyone else.

Lin Feng would never forget that year when their leader hadn’t been around. He couldn’t adjust his mentality so after he had made one mistake, he had kept making more and more mistakes. In the end, he couldn’t see any of the live comments anymore. That was because he had lost and as long as you lost a match, nothing else mattered anymore.

Lin Feng stood in the corridor. His hand was trembling a little when he lit the cigarette.

Yun Hu walked over. He lowered his head and touched the cigarette that he lit up. Then he followed Lin Feng and leaned against the wall. “Sometimes, you really underestimate the tenacity of ladies. In certain aspects, they are braver than us.” Yun Hu rarely said so many words.

Lin Feng took a puff of his cigarette and didn’t say anything. Both of them knew that whoever sat in that room would have to bear this pressure. A professional esports player only looked glamorous on the surface.

There was still one minute before entering the match. Every player had a chance to communicate with their team. Many people thought that Xue Yaoyao’s tactic master would be Yun Hu or Yin Wuyao. Either that or she would call Feng Yi for some consolation.

However, Feng Yi stood up at this moment and gave a pause sign to that side. Then he linked a call through the phone. When he was doing all these, he was still wearing his suit and was standing straight up. He didn’t lose his presence as an ace manager.

Just as everyone was wondering what was happening, a voice suddenly sounded beside their ears. It had the unique texture of a youngster and felt a little lazy. However, it was clear like water too. Xue Yaoyao’s pounding heart quietened down because of the voice.

“Yaoyao.” These two simple words caused the livestream’s chat to explode!