Chapter 118

Chapter 118: I Will Be Your Private Physics Tutor Later On

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Xue Yaoyao didn’t understand why Almighty Qin would ask her in this manner, so she nodded ambiguously.

Fu Jiu was drinking water off to the side. When she tilted her head back, her fair neck looked especially long.

Qin Mo looked at the young man and saw Fu Jiu’s actions, and his deep eyes lingered over her smooth neck. He couldn’t take it anymore, and he dragged Fu Jiu over. “You’re not that troubled with school if you have so much time to flirt with girls freely instead of studying, huh?”

“What are you talking about?” Fu Jiu coughed, “Brother Mo, please don’t unjustly accuse me. Yaoyao is my teammate, and she’s also my physics tutor, my little teacher who will help me with my studies. My physics grade will depend on her later on.”

Only studying?

Qin Mo felt that this question needed to be addressed further. He turned and looked at that fair and pretty face. He sounded indifferent as he said, “Don’t bother girls with your studies, especially Miss Xue. She must be busy enough already.”

“I, I…” Xue Yaoyao wanted to say that she was not busy, but when she met Qin Mo’s ice-cold eyes, she immediately swallowed her words right back into her stomach.

Fu Jiu really didn’t think about this question. Xue Yaoyao’s family wasn’t rich. Later, playing games would occupy a lot of her time for sure, and she must have the habit of cooking for herself. Adding on the tutoring time… It did look like she wouldn’t have a lot of time left.

“It’s okay, I can find a physics tutor.” Fu Jiu smiled at Xue Yaoyao, obviously helping her get out of the awkward situation.

Qin Mo was looking on from the side, and his eyes deepened . “If others knew that you are flunking physics, can you still be proud?”

Fu Jiu: “…” Brother Mo, can you please not speak with daggers. Just think of how the little ship of friendship sinks—exactly like this!

Fu Jiu withered a little when she was talking about her grades, especially physics. “Well, I need to pass each subject in order to participate in the competition.” After saying this, Fu Jiu put on another fresh smile. She got closer to Qin Mo, appearing mischievous and casual. “Or I can bribe Brother Mo directly and open a backdoor for me?”

“Sure.” Qin Mo glanced at young man: “10 million, and I’ll let you pass.”

Fu Jiu’s face collapsed. “Brother, it would be better if you give me 10 million and find me a tutor.”

Qin Mo looked at that young man’s attitude, and the coldness in his eyes faded a little. “Later, I will tutor you in physics.”

Xue Yaoyao: “…”

The receptionist: “…”

Why did they both feel that Young Master Qin went in huge circles only to bring this up?

Fu Jiu was also confused. “Brother Mo, you should be very busy too, right? Even busier?”

“I still have the time to tutor an academic waste like you.” Qin Mo stood up as he was speaking, and he rubbed that fluffy head: “Later on, leave this type of shameful thing to your big brother, understand?”

Fu Jiu: “…”

So Almighty only agreed to tutor “him” because “he” was his little brother?

Suddenly, she felt even more pressure abou studying…

“What? You don’t like it?” Qin Mo sized up the young man’s expression, and he laughed coldly. He didn’t hide his wickedness at all as each of his words carried a sense of evil nonchalance. “You want me to throw you out?”

Fu Jiu laughed, “Okay, let’s make this clear first. When you teach me, you can’t say that I have low IQ.”

Qin Mo laughed too. He looked very handsome, and he pinched the young man’s chin. A light scent of tobacco lingered on his fingertips. “This thing called IQ, do you even have any of it?”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Tutoring hadn’t even started yet, but she already felt the deep malice of the world flooding towards her…