Chapter 1180 - Live Comment Explosion

Chapter 1180: Live Comment Explosion

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Spade Z!

Almost all the fans of Spade Z knew who this voice belonged to. Ever since that issue, no one had seen Bo Jiu. Those people that really liked Spade Z didn’t care whether the youngster was a male or a female since they had started to like Spade Z because this person had broken many preconceptions.

Before Spade Z had come, many people had said that only those who were specially trained had the right to become a professional esports player. Many people looked down on those livestreamers who had really good techniques because they thought that they were just entertainers. Anyone that didn’t go through professional training wouldn’t be recognized.

However, Spade Z led the way. Why did people like her? Because they would be reminded of themselves whenever they saw this person playing games. In the past, when they had just started playing games, they hadn’t known anything. They had been so stupid they had gotten excited when they had had their first kill.

They were all the same. They were just extremely ordinary players. But on Spade Z, they saw the dream that they had always wanted but didn’t dare to dream. One day, I will become a professional player. This was a height anyone who liked playing games wanted to reach.

They had watched Spade Z as she had kept taking the first kills again and again in Zone C. She broke the record time and time again. Then she had entered the preliminary competition, the city level competition, the revival competition, and then the National League.

They had been present for every competition and they had seen the person entering her enemy’s lair all alone. They had seen someone splashing cola on her and then had watched her as she had fought back and won the match.

Many people seemed to have forgotten that if it hadn’t been for this youngster, Supreme Alliance wouldn’t have come this far.

The God Z they liked was a female but that didn’t matter because she was still her, the person who was forever breaking the rules and telling everyone that when they chose a career path, their birth shouldn’t decide whether they were suitable for it or not.

“FC king!” After these two words were spoken, Spade’s fans started commenting as though they had discussed with one another. Their comments filled up the entire screen. They were all typing one name: “God Z.”

They didn’t type Big Spade like they had done in the past. Instead, they wrote the name God Z.

“We miss you. Hurry up and come back.”

“Honestly, without Spade Z, the competition isn’t as exhilarating as it was in the past.”

“That’s true.”

Of course, there were some people who were scolding Bo Jiu too. Some people asked Bo Jiu to leave and said that she didn’t have the right to appear. They asked her to stop dragging Supreme Alliance down.

But the youngster didn’t seem to have seen all these things.

Xue Yaoyao was wearing earphones. Her fingers froze when she heard the voice. She felt her face turning slightly warm. She was excited. If there hadn’t been such a big audience watching, she would definitely ask Her Highness Jiu where she currently was, why she didn’t return to school, and why she turned off her phone. But this wasn’t a suitable moment to ask her.

The person on the other end of the phone didn’t wait for her to answer. Her voice remained the same as she said, “Before we embrace glory and honor, we need to readily accept the difficulties and shame in front of us. This is the only way people will know that Supreme Alliance doesn’t just have Qin Mo, Rao Rong, Yun Hu, and Yin Wuyao. There’s still you, Xue Yaoyao.”

The final sentence made Xue Yaoyao’s heart shudder. Lin Feng and Yun Hu smiled when they heard the commotion here.

At this moment, Bo Jiu opened her mouth again. “Are you ready?”

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes turned red. She smiled and acknowledged Bo Jiu.

“Go ahead then.” Just like how the Almighty would speak before every match, Bo Jiu spoke the words the Almighty always said. Her tone was calm but it allowed people to forget everything unconsciously and only focus on the result.

They must win the competition. Yes, they must win.

The call ended and for a moment, only the sound of Xue Yaoyao entering the game was left to be heard in the livestream.

On the other side, CK was being nonchalant and interacted casually with his fans. But after all, he was still a professional player so before he started this competition, he looked at the information of this Supreme Alliance’s player.

In plain words, this player was just slightly better than a normal player. Her finger speed was fast but esports wasn’t just about finger speed. The most important things were your awareness and your operation. Also, in the past, this lady had usually played the sorcerer and aid. Her understanding of the game characters wouldn’t be as deep as him.

When CK entered the game, he had an idea of how he should play already. There wouldn’t be any problem winning against his opponent.

“It looks like both parties have chosen their game characters.” The shoutcaster started watching the game on livestream too. However, when he saw the screen, he was astounded. “Supreme Alliance chose an aid character. This kind of character has been weakened in our games, right?”

“Is this because she doesn’t understand her character?” The other shoutcaster shook his head. “This is too dangerous.”

The differences in their abilities were already vast. Now the lady even chose a weakened character. How was she going to fight this competition?

CK raised the corners of his lips when he saw the character Xue Yaoyao had chosen. His smile was filled with mocking. A third-grade player would always be a third-grade player.

“Five minutes.” When he typed these words, some people didn’t understand what he meant.

But his fans were already filling up the screen with their comments furiously. “My idol is so handsome!”

“Five minutes to end the match? That’s so cool!”

“I think CK won’t even need three minutes to win against her, right?”

“It’s a one-sided torture. This match is so boring.”

This wasn’t an official match. It was a pure solo match. Thus, CK didn’t have to care about his words that much. His captain had reminded him about it though.

But everyone saw their results during the Asia competitions. There was nothing wrong with being a little impudent at this timing. CK thought for a moment and started moving his mouse. He started clearing the troops.

“Both of them chose to fight in the middle lane?”

“This is how a solo match is like.”

“It depends on who got the first kill.”

The winner of the solo match was decided based on the first kill. As both of them were playing aids, the tempo of the match wouldn’t be fast. However, CK had said that the match would end in five minutes.

“Maybe it will really end in five minutes.” The shoutcaster looked at the screen and commented on the situation. “This is a one-sided match.”

“CK’s orb walk when evading the attacks is impressive. It’s not surprising to see this result.”

However, watching the solo match of two aids wasn’t as exciting as the solo match of two assassins. One thing they noticed though was that CK was clearing his troops much faster than Xue Yaoyao. Not only that but Xue Yaoyao was also hit a moment ago and had lost some HP.

“This orb walk is lousy.”

“I don’t understand how she became a professional player.”

“What can I say about you? All of you know the ending but still take so much notice of the details.”

Xue Yaoyao moved her mouse and appeared as if she didn’t notice her mistake just now. She turned to her side and fought with the troops.

The match was so peaceful people started to lose interest. The shoutcasters only made some simple comments as well. “Let’s look at the situation on both sides. Both of them chose the middle lane without any accidents. However, it’s obvious that compared to CK’s operations, our beautiful lady, Yaoyao’s orb walk seems a little tired. It might be because she’s being suppressed too much.”

“In a situation like this, she can only clear the troops while staying under the tower. Honestly speaking, this doesn’t seem like a solo at all.”

“Luckily, there isn’t much difference in their finances.”

“Really? There isn’t much difference in their finances? It looks as though CK is crushing his enemy.”

“That’s why I find it weird.”

“I can only say that the lady has a strong perseverance.”

“God ck should jump over the tower to deliver a kill.”

“I think so too. Maybe it’s because his equipment is not out yet. let’s wait for a while more.”

But there was a problem. Some of the spectators noticed this problem: It was the time…

“Why do I feel that a long time has passed?”

“Has it been four minutes? God CK normally isn’t so slow.”

“It’s actually very slow.”

When five minutes had passed, people started analyzing this match again. For some reason, they felt that the tempo of the match wasn’t moving any faster. What was going on?

Even CK frowned. He held the mouse with one hand. His mood wasn’t good. After all, he didn’t expect the game to be so slow…

“The aid character Yaoyao chose is specially used to counter CK’s favorite characters.” Rao Rong looked at the match on the screen and smiled suddenly. His voice was like the wind, soft and calm. “Our Sister Yao’s tactic is quite interesting.”

Lin Feng raised his eyebrows. “Laid your eyes on her? Even if you did, she’s not yours.”

“Shut up, Almighty Lin Feng. Take a look at the healing time. You need your brains too when you’re playing games.” The words Rao Rong said and his voice were two entirely different styles.

Lin Feng’s eyes widened. How did this person become like this after joining their team for only a few days? Also, he called him Almighty Lin Feng. The feeling was not bad.

The dumb Lin Feng ignored the mocking tone.

“No-not just your-your brains.” Feng Shang stood at the side and opened his mouth. His cute face was red as he stuttered, “In order to-to play her aid well, Yaoyao pra-practiced for a lo-long time.”

She had watched many videos and analyzed all the techniques multiple times. She had even specially made a table showing all the techniques that could counter each character. She had also listed down this person… CK’s most specialized aid. She had woken up earlier than everyone and slept later than them.

Even Feng Shang couldn’t remember how many times he had seen Yaoyao sleeping on the chair in front of the computer after they had come back from the last National League. She had slapped her face when Uncle Yin had woken her up and had gone to the washroom to wash her face with cold water. Then she had sat back on her chair and continued to analyze – numerous combat and techniques operations.

There had been club training too but she had done all these after those training sessions. He felt that he might not even be able to handle such an intense schedule.

Yaoyao… she must really want to win this solo.

Feng Shang raised his head and looked at the game character on screen.

CK was obviously impatient from all this waiting. He moved his mouse and prepared to launch his most powerful attack – even an aid had their attacks. The aid he chose was Tanfu, who had a natural advantage and was able to push towers. It was obvious that Xue Yaoyao was in an inferior position as her HP was exceptionally low. She wasn’t safe even if she stood under the tower.

The speed at which CK clicked his mouse got faster. The two shoutcasters, who were watching the match, pressed their earpieces and stood up abruptly. “Here it comes!”