Chapter 1181 - Competition

Chapter 1181: Competition

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“What is CK up to?”

The fans plastered their faces on the screen to watch the maneuvering. That explained how excited they were.

“F*ck, a tower kill?!”

Even Feng Shang had bolted upright!

CK entered the tower. While his army had the upper hand, he struck Xue Yaoyao and slowed her down.

“Victory,” the fans predicted. CK fans drowned the comments section. But the next second, the shoutcaster’s voice echoed through their ears, “Xue Yaoyao is moving so fluidly!”

That seeed useless though as CK had already reached the middle of two towers and was determined to finish her off. CK didn’t wish to drag this any longer as five minutes had passed and he hadn’t finished her off yet. It was humiliating.

Moreover, she had been a web player. How could such an ordinary player compete with him?

“Yaoyao, hurry, escape!”

When the screen popped out, Xue Yaoyao turned and executed a big move!

A significant damage which slowed her movements, that was the main highlight of her character’s strength.

The shoutcasters hadn’t been wrong at the beginning of the match. This role had been neglected during the season but it wasn’t useless.

CK was an aid too but wasn’t afraid of her attacks. However, slowing down was a hassle. He frowned, turning to his left and waiting for his skills to recharge.

In that moment, the aid that he had been chasing turned and dashed over in his direction. Asking for death? CK clicked the mouse and continued to inject pressure but he didn’t have any more MP and was left with one skill. “F*ck!”

CK retreated hurriedly but his flash had already been used up during the tower chase, thinking he could finish her off. He hadn’t expected her to force out his flash. CK shifted the mouse on his right hand. He was in the middle of two towers, which was an unfavorable position. If he shifted a little, he would be killed by a tower attack. Even though he was an aid, his HP was too low for such an attack.

But if he didn’t shift, he would go straight into her big move. In just three seconds, CK decided to avoid the big move and was hit by the tower twice, becoming severely injured.

CK turned into the bushes at the side. He wanted to follow the river to escape her attack range.

They were draining each other’s MP. He had run out of MP and couldn’t use any of his skills but she wasn’t any better, just slightly stronger than he was at the moment. Besides, she had used up her big move, so what else could such an aid do?

CK glided through the bushes with her chasing behind.

“This sis is so silly, doesn’t she know how to use the aid role?”

“She is probably lusting after HP. That’s how I feel sometimes. Besides, it’s a good opportunity.”

“She won’t be able to kill the tyrant king without her big move.”

The shoutcasters weren’t positive as well, especially as her skills were wasted on the wild beasts. She was bound to get in trouble.

CK’s gaze deepened as he was being pursued. He stilled near the tyrant king, prepared for a counterattack…