Chapter 1182 - : K.O.

Chapter 1182: K.O.

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While Feng Shang tightened his hands, Lin Feng’s lips turned upwards and he turned towards Yun Hu. “Do you think Sister Yao is using…”

Before Lin Feng could finish his sentence, Xue Yaoyao sped up towards the back wall. She didn’t retreat into the bushes and had instead attacked the tyrant king.

CK wanted to retaliate but Xue Yaoyao had attacked. The tyrant king smashed straight onto CK, sending him flying.

Yaoyao was out of MP but she didn’t need to do anything anymore.

The announcement was heard. K.O!

First kill! They… won!

Everyone watched in disbelief. The shoutcasters were at a loss for words and even CK himself was in a daze. The tyrant king, she had actually used the tyrant king!

“That was a superb move!”

“Big Spade used such a tactic before.”

“A familiar scene, my heart goes out to CK.”

“Almighty Z isn’t here, but her moves still burn within the competition ground.”

“Superb, but that was such a sinister move!”

The news flashed onto the screen. Some sent virtual rewards over.

Xue Yaoyao watched the word ‘Victory’ flash across the screen. That was when it finally dawned on her that she had won. Her palms were soaking wet with sweat.

Her teammates came running over and Lin Feng pressed her head. “Yaoyao, that was a sinister move, you’re starting to become like Little Spade but that’s fine. We are a sinister team, hahahahaha!”

The audience in front of the television: … How could you insult your own team? My heart goes out to Almighty Yun, who never goes for sinister moves.

Coco expressed happiness in the most straightforward manner, he reached out and hugged Yaoyao, giving her a kiss like how he always kissed his bunny.

Fortunately, Feng Shang pulled him aside. “F-f*ck, wha-what are you doing, Yaoyao i-is a girl!”

“It was a moment of excitement, what are you so anxious about?” Coco paused, releasing the person in his arms and breaking into an adorable smile. “Yaoyao, we won.”

Yes, they won. They could finally represent China. This time, they would hold on until the end…

Xue Yaoyao was overjoyed, her entire face flushed by the excitement. It was probably their young age but at that moment, the difference in gender didn’t matter. Everyone wanted to give Xue Yaoyao a hug.

Their insistence; it was probably to hold on to every opportunity despite the rumors and the insults for them to reach their goals.

While the crowd went wild with cheers, CK paled. He wasn’t satisfied but that was how competitions were. Solo PKs were always about the first drop of HP.

But since CK wasn’t a sore loser, he left her one last message. “Till the Asian Cup.”

The shoutcasters were still explaining the playback, but CK had already gone offline. A portion of the fans had already left as well.

There were many fans who viewed her victory as luck but that didn’t affect their celebratory mood.

When Feng Yi walked over, he glanced down at his watch. “I still have a meeting, think about what you want for dinner. We have to celebrate.”

They received the qualification for the Asian Cup but he wasn’t sure if that person would be back, and Little Spade…

Feng Yi kept his thoughts bottled up and private as he was not one to expose himself easily. But this time, even he wasn’t sure where they had gone.