Chapter 1183 - Untitled

Chapter 1183: Untitled

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There was still a positive point as Supreme Alliance was still intact and they still had a chance.

Feng Yi pushed his spectacles up his face, looking smart and sharp.

While the others were still basking in the excitement, Xue Yaoyao first thought of informing Her Highness Jiu.

“Calling her back?” Feng Yi paused. “I can’t reach her.”

Xue Yaoyao stilled, sinking into silence.

Feng Yi watched her, lighting a cigarette. After taking two puffs, he turned back to her. “Little Spade was the one who contacted me this time. Yaoyao, Little Spade might not be back to compete anymore. Even though this may seem demoralizing at such a time, I don’t necessarily see this knowledge as a bad thing. Prepare well for the Asian Cup and don’t think too much about it.”

Xue Yaoyao took a moment before replying, “I’ll still be waiting for her return.”

Feng Yi paused, breaking into a warm smile. “Alright.” One word filled with anticipation.

Regardless of when it was, she would wait for her.

When they turned towards the empty center seat, an emptiness engulfed them. It was inevitable to be reminded of the two Almighties and how they were in action. The sound of mouse clicking was common in the clubhouse but the familiar youngster, who turned to help adjust your computer, was no longer around.

Xue Yaoyao glanced up. She believed she wasn’t the only one, there were many more waiting for the both of them, including Manager Feng…

After the competition, Xue Yaoyao had to keep her things but since it was a livestream, she would have to cooperate and participate in a mini Q&A session.

There was a car outside the clubhouse. It was a luxury car of black color, which seemed almost purple. The smooth curves and lines were a clear indication of its hefty price tag. That car was a regular on many reports, mostly linked with female celebrities. There wasn’t anyone in Jiang City who didn’t know where it came from: the Jiang family. The driver in the front seat seemed to be waiting for someone.

He tilted his head to the side and muttered, “Why isn’t Young Master out yet?”

His young master rarely watched such competitions, not even the large-scale ones. But this was just a livestream and the competition grounds were tiny. The driver didn’t understand why he was there. Had it been because of Young Miss?

The driver broke into a smile. It would be great if he had come for their young miss. The new madam had always been worried that their young master didn’t like the both of them, which would affect the mood in the family.

Indeed, in the past, the young master couldn’t seem to see eye to eye with her but things seemed to be looking better. The driver wanted to roll the windows down.

Inside the clubhouse, the mood was boisterous. Since Xue Yaoyao won the competition, she was considered the main lead.

Amongst the crowd, there was someone as cold as ice, distant and hostile. There wasn’t any expression on his face as he glanced at the screen.

It was a playback. They were showing the scene after the competition when Xue Yaoyao was hugged and kissed.

Inside the footage, the both of them were both wearing the same black uniform with the Supreme Alliance logo. There were many other emotions within their smiles. How many times had he seen this boy called Coco at her side?

Coco was the little young master of Wendy Cooperation, an illegitimate son.

All the players Qin Mo scouted were special. But that wasn’t the main point. Instead, it was because he had seen them together before…