Chapter 1184 - Untitled

Chapter 1184: Untitled

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Jiang Zuo could still remember that day clearly when his father had tasked him to bring her home for the holidays. Since it had been the Mid-Autumn festival, families would reunite and celebrate. He had used his resting time and had even postponed his meeting to get her but she had dismissed him that day, telling him she was busy.

Jiang Zuo wasn’t bothered since he was just accomplishing his task but when he arrived home, the mood wasn’t right.

Perhaps, they thought that he hadn’t been willing to get her but the festival had to be celebrated as usual and the table had been filled with her favorite dishes.

Jiang Zuo had taken a moment before reaching for the food, preparing to deliver it to the place she stayed. He had read esports related news occasionally and had known that she had been practicing hard to qualify for the Asian Cup.

Who would have thought? Before his car had entered her street, he had seen her sitting on a long bench near the road, with her head lifted to the skies and seemingly in deep thought.

She had seemed to be in a daze. Just as he had been about to alight, someone had walked over and grabbed her hand. They had seemingly arranged to meet. He had smiled, passing her an ice cream cone. It had seemed very much like a date.

Her face had been flushed, with laughter in her voice. “Coco, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I would have to spend the holidays alone.”

Coco had reached out and pushed her stray hair aside. “What’s important is that you’re happy.”

They had sat for a while, playing with the cats nearby, showing a familiar smile that had been filled with chemistry.

At that moment, Jiang Zuo had tightened his grip on the steering wheel before releasing. In the end, he hadn’t alighted or said anything. Instead, he had turned the opposite direction. That day, he had been extremely frustrated.

What had she meant by spending the holidays alone? She was the one who hadn’t been willing to return home.

The more he tried to suppress his thoughts, the more they jumped to mind and that soft fatty would always appear before his eyes. When he had been frustrated and had wanted to talk back to his father and when he had been upset during his mother’s death anniversary; she had always been there by his side, listening to him silently.

Every time she had seen him, her entire soul had been his. That was the reason he had never exposed her secret crush on him.

He had been familiar with that look and had been well aware of how she had felt. He had never intended to reciprocate since he hadn’t been prepared for a relationship while he was still in school. Secondly, all his strength had been used on fighting against his father.

He had eaten the meticulously prepared breakfast. Besides, he had known that girls were attracted to his face.

It had been the most ordinary acts but yet, thinking about it now made him feel uncomfortable. In the beginning, it had been because her mom had become a part of his family but now, he could no longer explain the unease and discomfort.

He watched the screens. It was an eyesore, especially her smile when Coco hugged her, and he could no longer sit still.

He must be crazy, coming here to watch a livestream instead of resting. It was probably because he was afraid Qin Mo’s team would lose.

He stopped but the next time he glanced up, that person still hadn’t noticed him.