Chapter 1185 - Untitled

Chapter 1185: Untitled

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When Xue Yaoyao stood up, the majority of the audience turned to look at her, including some reporters but her attention was still focused on Coco. Back then, she had mentioned her liking those younger than her. Had she been talking about him?

Jiang Zuo smirked, his eyes cold. Without another glance, he walked towards the exit. But somehow, he still felt frustrated and didn’t wish to bring such emotions back home. They would just be wary of him.

Honestly, he always felt that his father had betrayed his mother because he had forgotten his promise to never marry another woman into the family.

Jiang Zuo knew it wasn’t fair to push the blame on Mother Xue as his father’s philandering ways had been widespread throughout the years. But he had never brought any of them home; Mother Xue had been the first, the woman he had officially married into the family.

Jiang Zuo wasn’t sure how to describe his feelings. Betrayal was the first emotion that had washed over him. It wasn’t an equal marriage.

Yaoyao had known early on that her mother would be marrying his father but yet, she hadn’t said a word. Had her past kindness been a scheme to better integrate into his family? Had she done it to become his sister more easily? After all, the Jiangs were a rich family.

That was how he had felt initially. Gradually, with their increased interactions, he had started to realize Mother Xue wasn’t who he had thought she was.

She had asked within her means and was never greedy. When his father was drunk, she would make him noodles and would never ask him to buy her anything. She was probably worried about his feelings, agreeing to sign a prenuptial contract the moment she had married into the family and had promised that her son wouldn’t get a part of the inheritance.

Jiang Zuo wasn’t concerned about the inheritance since he had already left the Jiang family’s business and had created a company that was bigger and more profitable than the Jiang company.

Mother Xue seemed to be worried, specifically letting him know that his step-brother was young and wasn’t thinking about inheriting anything. She hoped Jiang Zuo didn’t send him abroad.

She seemed unaware of the situation that she should be telling this to his dad and to not him. Moreover, what was bad about studying abroad?

Jiang Zuo couldn’t seem to keep up with her thoughts but it didn’t matter anyway.

Just as Jiang Zuo was about to leave, he caught sight of Xue Yaoyao.

Xue Yaoyao saw him too. She had just finished the interview, the excitement leaving her face flushed. Indeed, winning the competition was enough reason to be ecstatic.

Xue Yaoyao hadn’t expected to see him as the Jiangs didn’t seem to have any investment in esports. So, was he waiting for her?

Xue Yaoyao paused, prepared to walk over when she heard a chuckle. “Young Master Jiang!”

The person was an up and coming female host, doing very well online. She was unlike the others as both her appearance and mannerism were ethereal and fairy like – a beauty vlogger, classy and beautiful, which was the reason for her massive fanbase.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t wish to disturb their conversation, preparing to wait until he was done.

The female reporter walked past her, a whiff of her perfume lingering in the air. It was a subtle and elegant scent.

Jiang Zuo didn’t reply but the female reporter wasn’t embarrassed as she was probably very fond of him. She tilted her head, looking at him, her long hair flowing with her white dress. She was indeed a refreshing beauty.