Chapter 1186 - Untitled

Chapter 1186: Untitled

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To be loved by someone like her was indeed a blessing. Moreover, they were aesthetically compatible.

After Xue Yaoyao had given up her feelings for him, she had realized that he wasn’t picky with his girlfriends. He had never officially acknowledged any of them or placed any feelings in his relationships though. That was probably the reason for the state of his relationships.

The female reporter lived up to her ‘little fairy’ title.

Perhaps, their contract would be terminated in advance since it had never been respectful or showed any self-respect. And he probably wouldn’t be able to bed her after finding someone he had feelings for.

Xue Yaoyao glanced up at his face. He was as handsome as usual, so mesmerizing even the stars in the night sky paled in comparison.

He wasn’t like Almighty Qin. Even though they had grown up together, they had vastly different personalities.

Jiang Zuo would always give off a sharp coldness even when he was smiling, just like a Casanova, experienced on the field but his side profile gave off a different aura.

He didn’t seem to have noticed her, tilting his head over, his long and lean fingers tapping his cigarette. There was a hint of a smile in his eyes. “Yes?”

The female reporter didn’t bother acting coy. “I was always looking for an opportunity to buy you a meal, to thank Young Master Jiang for rescuing me previously.”

“It’s not necessary,” he replied faintly, his words floating in her direction.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t like her position, which was in the middle of the walkway. More importantly, she was stuck.

The female reporter seemed to notice her presence.

She glanced over and showed a clear and beautiful smile. “She’s our company’s esports player and has just won a competition. Young Master Jiang, do you know her?”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t expect to be brought up but now, she could only go forward, her uniform giving her courage.

“Brother.” It wasn’t that hard for Xue Yaoyao to address him in such a manner now but she wasn’t sure if he was willing to acknowledge her as a sister. Indeed, all the emotions left his face and he glanced over, his deep gaze sending chills through her.

“Brother?” The reporter widened her pretty eyes as though she had heard a secret, her expression turning animated. “Yaoyao, you are Young Master Jiang’s sister?”

Xue Yaoyao smiled, it was best not to reply.

At this moment, a chilling voice spoke up, “We’re not related by blood.”

“Oh.” The female reporter smiled. She hadn’t heard about any daughter from the Jiang family anyway.

Xue Yaoyao was used to his unwillingness to acknowledge her so it didn’t matter.

She seemed out of place at that moment, especially with the female reporter’s teasing expression.

Xue Yaoyao started to blush. Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone around. She wanted to leave but couldn’t find the right excuse or the right moment.

If they were going to continue their conversation, she could use the opportunity to leave. But she would have to pass through them in order to leave the place…

Since it wasn’t a wide space and they were facing each other, it would be awkward if she passed through the both of them…