Chapter 1187 - Untitled

Chapter 1187: Untitled

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At this moment, someone appeared, his unique voice floating over before his face could be seen. “Yaoyao, how long are you going to make us wait? Hurry over.” Coco walked over in his uniform and a scarf wrapped around his neck to ward off the winter cold. The added accessory emphasized his beautiful features.

Initially, Coco had intended to rush her but when he saw the crowd, he paused and headed over with an arched brow, seemingly trying to ask what the situation was.

Xue Yaoyao reacted quickly, clenching on to his timely rescue. She reached out and grabbed his hand. “Did you wait long?” That was how they interacted within the team, just like siblings.

“Obviously, I’m about to die from hunger. Can’t you hear my stomach growling?” Coco pouted. His behavior was not irritable. Instead, it had an adorable boyish charm. “But I made sure they had to wait for you, they’re all outside right now.”

Xue Yaoyao turned towards Jiang Zuo. “I’ll go now.” She paused before adding, “You guys have fun.” The last sentence was directed at the female reporter.

She chuckled, her ethereal beauty shining through. “Alright, bye-bye.”

Jiang Zuo’s expression, however, was cold and distant. He was behaving as though he hadn’t heard her at all.

Regardless, it didn’t matter as long as she could leave. The moment she escaped, she exhaled deeply.

Coco frowned, his exquisite brows slamming downwards. “Why are you acting as though you are a light bulb, are they dating?”

“Ssh, keep it down.” Xue Yaoyao added, “I’m not sure.” But there aren’t many people he would wait for personally.”

Coco shook his head. “The contract with the company prohibits new female reporters from dating within the first half a year of their contract.”

“They even prohibit dating?” Xue Yaoyao arched a brow. “It’s that too much?”

Coco reminded her, “Manager Feng created that rule, you had better not let him hear you or there won’t be a celebratory meal anymore.”

Xue Yaoyao: …

Coco pressed the elevator button. “Besides, these beauty vloggers usually start off as internet celebrities or were scouted from their school. They are all very different but have one thing in common: their pretty face. They aren’t gaming vloggers and a large reason the fans enjoy watching them is because they are single. The rule exists in all companies dealing with internet celebrities, it is a rule created according to the market demands. One exception would be an internet celebrity with a unique trait like my goddess. Every video of hers is a classic. However, those that depend on their face but still dream of dating, hehe, I haven’t even been in a relationship before.”

Er… That last sentence was probably the point he was driving at. Xue Yaoyao could hear his grievances perfectly. She chuckled. “You can find one.”

“I can’t. If I found one, what’s going to happen to all my wives that watch my livestreams? They’ll be heartbroken,” Coco replied.

Xue Yaoyao felt her heart sink. “Is that the reason there are fans who can’t accept that Her Highness Jiu is a female? Their dreams were dashed.”

“Yeah.” Coco tilted his head, showing a rare seriousness. “But in the esports world, skills cannot be disputed and there are many who emphasize on such skills. What’s more important is whether Big Spade still wants to come back…