Chapter 1188 - Untitled

Chapter 1188: Untitled

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Indeed, it was whether Her Highness Jiu still wanted to game. She had gone to America to film a movie.

But ever since that livestream, Xue Yaoyao had a hunch. She felt as though she would never see her on the competition grounds again. That livestream had seemed like a farewell. Moreover, they couldn’t get hold of Her Highness Jiu.

Xue Yaoyao’s gaze followed the elevator light and didn’t notice anything else.

Jiang Zuo was still standing along the walkway, his hands tightening around his phone. There wasn’t any response to the message he had sent out.

The female reporter was still standing beside him, a smile on her face. “Young Master Jiang, do you want a tour around my office?”

He had helped her out during a gathering and seemed interested in their club. This time, they finally had a private moment. The female reporter was indeed attracted to him and knew he had a preference for someone like her. Naturally, she decided to make use of the opportunity. But she hadn’t expected him to dismiss her so readily with just one word.

“No.” He took large strides towards the elevator.

It wasn’t the right time for her to continue her pursuit since there were other vloggers coming over. Instead of directing attention towards him, she decided to take a step back since there were some amongst them who enjoyed snatching someone else’s sugar daddy and it was best to guard against them.

Xue Yaoyao, though, had been wrong. Even though the female reporter had an ethereal beauty, this was all superficial. There wasn’t much difference in thought whenever someone met a person they liked.

When Jiang Zuo entered the elevator, all signs of a smile left his face. A large weight pressed down on his chest, heavy and tight all the way till he was out of the elevator. But there still wasn’t any reply from his phone, silent as the ocean.

Didn’t she see it or perhaps she didn’t reply since there were others around her?

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… Time trickled by but his phone remained silent. He walked to the main entrance and stood there since his message was for her to wait for him there.

It was obvious that she wasn’t around. Instead, there were many fans discussing the match.

“It was luck.”

“I don’t think so. If you think about it clearly, Xue Yaoyao’s flash walk, her prediction of CK’s next actions, and the timing to strike the tyrant king were extremely accurate. That isn’t an execution that can be carried out easily. Perhaps, Xue Yaoyao predicted his character choice before the match. There are many aid characters in the game but few that are able to control it. In fact, there are just two. The character Xue Yaoyao chose may have been neglected this season but is effective against…”

“I don’t understand it but it’s fine since they won. In the past, I always saw her as a side character to the team…”

“You must have heard Almighty Z’s words. Besides, every member has their purpose, you shouldn’t belittle any of them, even a character as small as the aid.”

“Why do you keep snapping back at me today?”

“Because I play the aid as well. Honestly, I’m turning into a fan of Xue Yaoyao. She finally found her place within the team and don’t you think she spurs you on to work harder?”

“That’s true but her close relationship with Coco makes me envious…”