Chapter 1189 - Untitled

Chapter 1189: Untitled

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Jiang Zuo’s mood was undoubtedly affected by the last sentence. It was probably due to the low temperature outdoors as well since it was unlike autumn; the air was foggy.

Jiang Zuo hadn’t been wearing much when he had come and now was starting to feel the cold. His gaze deepened along with the conversation around him.

When his phone finally vibrated, Jiang Zuo snapped to his senses but when he saw the message in WeChat, his mood seemed to have turned colder than before.

“Young Master Jiang, I saw you at the entrance. Are you cold? Do you need an extra set of clothes? We have many in the livestream studio and there are male outfits as well.”

Jiang Zuo deleted the message without hesitation.

The female vlogger was disappointed. She was standing at the floor-to-ceiling window on the third floor and could see his actions clearly. But that wasn’t enough for her to give up. She only managed to add his WeChat contact due to business.

The temperature outside started to dip.

It wasn’t long after Jiang Zuo had sent out the message but in that short moment, Jiang Zuo grew impatient, stuffing his phone into his pocket coldly as he took large strides towards the car at the side.

The driver was slightly confused when he saw him walking back alone since he should have picked the young miss up. Why was he alone?

As an experienced driver of the Jiangs, he knew what he could ask and what he shouldn’t.

It was still boisterous outside. Even though it had been a small-scale solo match, it had still managed to garner a large crowd. They were mostly youngsters since Hero was a game with a younger following and thus it was common to have a crowd.

Jiang Zuo wasn’t the least bit bothered, except for the two names. He leaned against the seat, tugging his collar as Uncle Wang drove off.

As there would definitely be a traffic jam at this time and place, there was no way the car could move. They had to wait for the crowd to disperse. During such circumstances, Jiang Zuo scrolled down the car window to breathe in some fresh air. Just then, he caught sight of the two people dressed in their uniform.

In that instant, he felt his heart aching but he couldn’t explain why. She had time to reply to him but probably didn’t want to.

She never acted in such a manner in front of him, turning over to stuff a side of her earphone into his ear as they listened to the same phone. They stood there casually, filled with intimacy.

She lowered her head and smiled. Her face was still flushed as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

Jiang Zuo gripped his hand tight.

They were at a crossroad and the traffic lights had just turned for the pedestrians to walk. That was when Xue Yaoyao caught sight of Jiang Zuo. Both of them were so different, he seemed born with an aristocratic air around him.

He sat in the backseat in his usual nonchalance. This was exactly the same posture as it had been after he had known that her mom would be marrying into his family. It made him seem high and mighty, almost untouchable. He was qualified to be at the top and Uncle Wang was still his driver.

Uncle Wang noticed her as well as Xue Yaoyao took a step towards them.

Jiang Zuo swept her an emotionless glance before commanding, “Drive.”