Chapter 119 - Almighty Qin’s Face Slapping

Chapter 119: Almighty Qin’s Face Slapping

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They played another round of tennis later.

This time, Xue Yaoyao automatically pretended to be a wallflower.

Qin Mo and Fu Jiu’s match had great entertainment value.

But it was hugely torturous for Fu Ximing, who was waiting to casually meet Qin Mo.

He was still the young master of Fu family, and there were so many people passing through the gate. Standing there like a receptionist was really a huge loss of face for him.

It had already been fifteen minutes since he sent someone to invite Young Master Qin for a game.

Normally, this kind of invitation wouldn’t be rejected, but the reply from the other side was that Young Master Qin was busy. He wasn’t even allowed into the break room.

Fifteen minutes. He had been standing there for a full fifteen minutes.

But the thing was, Young Master Qin didn’t say a clear, “No” either.

If he waited longer, how should he behave when the business partners of Fu family come out? If he had known this would happen earlier, he wouldn’t have bragged.

Fu Ximing’s grip tightened on his racket, and he smiled at the bodyguard in black. “Can you ask for me again? When will Young Master Qin come out?”

The bodyguard in black was rather polite, so he went to ask once Fu Ximing asked him to.

But this time, the answer that Qin Mo gave still only contained three cold words: “Let him wait.”

Fu Jiu saw that this bodyguard in black had come in four times already in such a short period of time. She adjusted the black bracer on her wrist as she turned her head. “What is it?”

“Nothing.” Qin Mo saw the young man kept on sweating. He reached out and angled “his” face so Fu Jiu was looking in his direction. He said in a low voice, “That Fu Ximing is the one who bullied you last time?”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow. Last time? Bullied her?

That illegitimate son wasn’t capable of bullying her yet… But since this god asked, of course she would nod. “Mm, yup.”

“That’s right.” Qin Mo flipped his racket and said something incomprehensible.

Fu Jiu was so confused she felt like she was in clouds and fog. She didn’t understand Almighty Qin even a little bit, but this didn’t stop her from acting charismatic, so she smiled at Qin Mo.

Almighty Qin didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with his actions.

Since someone bullied his little brother, he, as the big brother, would surely seek justice for his little brother.

Fu Ximing didn’t know when he had pissed this man off, and he waited a solid forty minutes outside. His small handsome face was completely filled with embarrassment.

There were even some clients who mistook him to be a private tutor waiting on the side, and they called him over to pick up balls for them.

This scene was witnessed by Fu Zhongyi and his people.

Fu Ximing couldn’t bear it anymore and looked at those clients harshly. “You f*cking go and pick up the balls!”

The clients were pissed too. “If you aren’t a tutor, then why you are standing here?”

Fu Ximing couldn’t say that he couldn’t even get through the door, so he could only rush outside as fast as possible.

“Young Master Fu, what happened? Where is Young Master Qin?” those people hurriedly asked.

Fu Ximing didn’t have a place to vent his anger, and he said directly, “F*ck off!” These people were below his family and fortune anyway.

Those elders’ faces instantly changed.

Fu Zhongyi wanted to explain further, “This kid…”

One client laughed coldly, “Ha? Young Master Qin? Is Young Master Qin someone he could meet whenever he wants to? He stood here for half an hour already; he just doesn’t want to give up even when he was already rejected. I’ve seen people like him, thinking that they can get connected with Young Master Qin by playing tennis here! What the hell are you pissed off for! Pu! Pretending to be somebody important!”

With this, Fu Zhongyi’s situation became even more awkward…

The bodyguard witnessed this scene and walked back in again. He whispered into Qin Mo’s ear.

Qin Mo’s expression didn’t even flicker as he held his racket in one hand. He said indifferently, “Got it.”

Even so, the bodyguard could see that this event was obviously a set up planned by CEO Qin…