Chapter 1190 - Untitled

Chapter 1190:


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It was as though he didn’t like seeing her in that moment. This was probably because of her appearance just now, interrupting his date and claiming to be his sister since he had never acknowledged her before.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t make things difficult for Uncle Wang, nodding her head in his direction as a greeting. But when she retreated backwards, Jiang Zuo became more frustrated than before.

It was still within his control even if he wanted to ask how he paled in comparison to that boy. Did she know how cold it was outside and how long he had waited for her?

As the car steered off, his questions disappeared.

Coco noticed her looking at the car. He glanced over, his eyes clean and clear. “What are you looking at?”

“It’s Young Master Jiang’s car, I wanted to greet him.” Xue Yaoyao turned. “We seemed to have interrupted his date just now, from the looks of his expression, he must be annoyed.”

Coco smirked, his cat-like arrogance showing. “He can be annoyed all he wants. Did he forget that you are his sister?”

Xue Yaoyao waved her hand. “It doesn’t matter since we aren’t related by blood.”

“He should be treating you better even if you aren’t related by blood.” Coco hugged his bunny. “You are our Sister Yao after all.”

Xue Yaoyao glanced over at him, replying slowly, “I’m a month older than you, youngster.”

“F*ck, do you have to be so exact? This is a nice song, I’m going to use it as the background music for my next livestream.” Coco shifted the topic easily.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t harp on, tilting her head over to ask, “Where are the others, didn’t you say they were waiting?”

“Manager Feng must have been stopped somewhere. Uncle Yin and the others are in the car, the only ones that aren’t in the car are Lin Feng and Yun Hu. Uncle Yin instructed us to wait for them here.” Coco paused slightly, before adding with a hint of cheekiness, “Feels like they have something to talk about in private or they would have been here already.”

Xue Yaoyao choked on his words but even she had noticed the difference between Almighty Lin and Almighty Yun. Was the CP a lie? She asked this with her eyes.

Coco bit down on his bunny ears and muttered, “This is terrifying, seems like I’m the only straight one in the entire team. I’m bound to be misunderstood at this rate.”

Xue Yaoyao: … Honestly, out of everyone in the team, you look most like a gay.

It was starting to get late. Xue Yaoyao took out her phone and glanced at the time. The moment she tapped on the screen, two message notifications popped up. Both messages were from Young Master Jiang.

The first message was a location while the second contained only two words. “Come here.”

It had been sent twenty minutes ago. Twenty minutes… That had been when she had just entered the elevator.

Xue Yaoyao glanced up towards the main entrance and thought about the car. That explained his annoyance. He had probably waited for her since she didn’t turn up at the location.

She knew him well enough. He was only willing to wait for those he wanted to. As for others, he probably didn’t think it was worth it.

She must have wasted his time just now. But she couldn’t find a reason for him to look for her. Was it because she called him brother? Most probably.

Xue Yaoyao watched the front page of her WeChat. She wanted to reply but he had already left and was fuming at that. As replying didn’t seem to matter, she stuffed her phone back into her pocket…