Chapter 1191 - Untitled

Chapter 1191: Untitled

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It was a silent car ride as Uncle Wang could sense his young master’s low spirits.

Originally, they had been heading to the Jiang house but his young master had decided to head back to his own place.

Once Jiang Zuo entered his home, he didn’t switch on the lights, heading straight for the living room sofa. He sunk into the sofa, his head leaning against the plush cushions while looking up at the ceiling.

He had never acted in such a manner before but today, he couldn’t control his feelings.

The room was silent, his gaze turning empty. The next time he opened his eyes, he was reminded of a memory. Jiang Zuo bolted upright, venting his frustration on the trash can by his feet and a loud bang echoed through the living room before silence once again took over.

He sat there with deeply knitted brows, the ticket for the esports competition painful to the eyes. It bothered him so much that the memories from before floated back to his mind. He reached out to massage his temples, trying to push the discomfort away. He was clearly in a bad mood.

Ever since he had created his own company, he had rarely thrown such tantrums. Instead, back when he had still been in school, he had had a foul temper and would toss things around whenever he and his dad had had their differences.

Back then, she had been the only one who had witnessed his tantrums. But now… Jiang Zuo lifted his head to look at the ceiling, his gaze empty. He seemed to have quietened; it was as though there wasn’t anyone in the living room.

Meanwhile, the crowd outside the entertainment department had dispersed. Coco and Xue Yaoyao were still there waiting.

“I’ll send them a text.” Coco could no longer take it, his fingers crafting a message.

At this moment, Yun Hu was being held back by reporters since his return was a hot topic. The media would definitely seize the opportunity to ask him as many questions as possible.

Lin Feng waited for him in the lounge area and as time dragged on, he decided to play a game on his phone. Since there was only a glass window between them, the soundproofing wasn’t good. He could vaguely hear the questions from the interview.

“Why did you decide to come back? I heard that it’ll be hard to re-enter the school once you miss the timing.”

“They reserved me a spot for three months. I’ll probably regret it forever if I don’t come back to compete alongside Supreme Alliance.” Yun Hu paused slightly and added, “Besides, a very important person is still here.”

What the hell! That was Lin Feng’s first reaction.

Every time Yun Hu said that, the reporters would link it to their CP pairing. As expected, the reporter’s voice went up a pitch. “Most important person, is that perhaps our Almighty Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng caressed his ears. There wasn’t any creativity to this interview at all.

Yun Hu remained cooperative. “Mmh,” he agreed. “Everyone in the team is important.”

“Almighty Yun is being secretive again. Alright, I won’t take up any more of your time. Almighty Lin must have waited long.”

Lin Feng muttered internally, “You can finally link it to your CP pairing topic.”

Indeed, CP topics were attracting more traffic than news of Almighty Yun’s return from overseas.

The interview ended and Lin Feng placed his phone down. When he glanced up, Yun Hu walked over…