Chapter 1192 - Untitled

Chapter 1192: Untitled

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His broad shoulders carried the black uniform perfectly, which explained why so many people wanted to interview him.

Lin Feng stuffed his phone into his pockets, prepared to stand but Yun Hu leaned over, his left hand pressed onto his chair, preventing him from standing. He asked slowly, “What is it? In a hurry?”

In that instant, Lin Feng felt trapped. The beautiful arch of Yun Hu’s throat appeared before him, emphasized by the black uniform.

It was too close. Lin Feng shifted back subconsciously, trying to stand. “Of course, we’re in a hurry. Coco and the others have been waiting for a while, he even sent a text to rush us. Hurry, let’s go.” Lin Feng took a step forward.

“Wait a minute,” Yun Hu spoke, his voice calm. “You haven’t shown anything ever since I have been back.”

What was he supposed to show? Bring him out for drinks or to the internet cafe and supper? Wasn’t it just the beginning?

Lin Feng was still thinking through it when Yun Hu reached over. Lin Feng wasn’t sure what he wanted or perhaps, he was crazy, adjusting his hand. In that instant, Yun Hu’s scent drowned out his senses.

“F*ck, what exactly do you want?” There was a hint of laughter in his voice because that was a common phrase amongst boys.

“What is it? Scared?” Yun Hu was still making adjustments, his beautifully defined brows arched. He had curved Lin Feng’s hand into a circle.

Lin Feng smirked. “Scared? I have fans as well okay?”

“I see, you have many fans Almighty Lin Feng,” Yun Hu replied calmly, a teasing hint in his voice.

Lin Feng chuckled as he cursed, “F*ck you.” Did the trip overseas rob off your ability to speak? And what exactly was he doing?

Lin Feng glanced down at his own position, completely clueless about the breath that was splashing onto Yun Hu’s neck. Feeling awkward, he wanted to move. Weren’t they standing too close together?

Yun Hu held down his hand and with a turn, he straightened and reappeared in the curves that his hand had formed.

Lin Feng lowered his head, completely caught off guard. His lips were touching his ear. A cooling sensation, soft and tender… Scary! F*ck, what position was this?! And did he just kiss Yun Hu’s ear?!

Lin Feng’s eyes opened wide. His first reaction was to turn in order to prevent his lips from touching anywhere else. F*ck…

Lin Feng’s heart couldn’t seem to calm down, the unusual sensation lingering on his lips. Even though it was cool to the touch, his lips started to heat up. Lin Feng tightened his grip, his fingertips turning sensitive.

F*ck! Clam down, it’s just a light touch, a soft caress, it didn’t mean anything.

Lin Feng coughed lightly but Yun Hu, the offender, decided to rub it in, a teasing smile in his eyes. “It wasn’t the right angle, you must have kissed my ear just now.”