Chapter 1193 - Untitled

Chapter 1193: Untitled

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In that moment, Lin Feng flushed and cursed, “F*ck.”

“Have you lost the ability to speak? Don’t you know how to use verbs? It was a touch, just a touch, Brother.”

Although Lin Feng had never felt so humiliated before, Yun Hu wasn’t the least bit affected. He chuckled, his laughter transcending from his ears into his heart.

They were too close and this position… this position!

Lin Feng wanted to explode but he breathed in deeply. “Besides, what’s with this? It would be hard for me not to touch your ear in a hug!”

Yun Hu curved Lin Feng’s arms into a circle and entered this circle so that Lin Feng could hug him. Due to their closeness, Lin Feng could hear the racing heart.

Lin Feng wanted to release Yun Hu. He noticed a prickly sensation spreading across his scalp as he soaked in his overwhelming male hormones.

Yun Hu didn’t give him the chance though, hugging him in a brotherly manner. He lowered his head towards his ear. “Didn’t you cry when I went abroad? Now that I’m back, this hug will serve to comfort you.”

There wasn’t anything wrong with his actions since there wasn’t any ulterior motive in his hug but Lin Feng still pushed him aside. “F*ck, your comfort, I don’t need it. If you mention the airport one more time, I’m going to blacklist your WeChat, did you hear me? Didn’t I tell you, I have fans as well, let my army of fans make you pay.”

“You are amazing.” Yun Hu was still smiling even though he was pushed aside.

Their interactions seemed natural but Yun Hu had other thoughts in mind. The trip abroad had changed his perspectives.

In the past, he had been afraid that he might come off too strong, causing Lin Feng to be disgusted and hate him. But now, Yun Hu only had one thought in mind: turning Lin Feng gay.

So, what if he was a straight man? Even if he didn’t mind, that didn’t mean Lin Feng was oblivious.

Yun Hu started to understand the difference between accepting and the inability to withstand seeing him with someone else.

Since even Supreme Alliance could regroup, there wasn’t anything impossible between the both of them. Even if they were impossible, he would use all his means to make it possible.

Lin Feng was completely clueless, all he felt was an unexplainable heat in this narrow space. Did the weather report lie? Wasn’t it going to turn cold after entering fall? The report had even reminded them to wear an extra set of clothes. But why was it so hot…

Lin Feng tilted his head over, feeling much better after putting a distance between the both of them.

“Let’s go,” Yun Hu called out from behind.


They wore their uniform, black with the silver logo, dashing and formidable.

There were many fans waiting outside because the solo match attracted many fans. Many of them, however, had appeared because of Yun Hu’s return. They had been waiting outside the club, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

Lin Feng hadn’t expected such a crowd, all of which were fans of Yun Hu. He arched a brow.

The fans erupted when they saw the two of them appear. There weren’t many CP fans, most of them staying behind because of Yun Hu. One of the girls carrying a bouquet glided past Lin Feng, holding the bouquet in front Yun Hu. Her face was flushed. “Almighty Yun, welcome back.”