Chapter 1194 - Untitled

Chapter 1194: Untitled

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This girl was unlike the others because the others were fans that treated him like an idol. But she wasn’t like them, she spent tons of money on Yun Hu’s livestreams. That wasn’t all, she even gave the other fans red packets in order to act as a representative, presenting the flowers to Yun Hu.

It was a lively mood. Sometimes, it was hard to understand how fans felt. They didn’t think anyone was good enough for their idol but the moment they received material returns, they would start to change and gear towards those that could give them benefits. After all, idols were untouchable but this girl was at his side. More importantly, she was pretty and wealthy. Hence, no one would think much when she acted in an unacceptable manner. They might even see her actions as romantic.

Some of the fans were so blinded all they wanted was for Almighty Yun to receive the flowers.

Even the innocent Lin Feng could sense the difference in the atmosphere compared to the usual fan meetings.

The girl belonged to the internet circle but she wasn’t an esports player. Perhaps, she really liked him but Yun Hu had rejected her before.

There were some people who would never accept rejection. Instead, they would spew lies, insisting that they were good friends. The more fake she behaved, the more Yun Hu guarded against her.

Back then, he had been busy preparing his move overseas and hadn’t taken harsh actions against her since it hadn’t been anything major. But from the looks of things, he must have underestimated her.

Yun Hu arched a brow, glancing down at the flower. He stuffed a hand into his pocket and chuckled. “Don’t you know an attached man shouldn’t be accepting flowers so casually?”


In that instant, his fans froze. There were still reporters at the side.

Lin Feng’s first reaction was to curse. F*ck. Yun Hu must have gone crazy from his relationship, didn’t he know the low acceptance in their country? What was he doing? Coming out of the closet in such a manner wasn’t necessarily a good thing for his boyfriend.

Lin Feng could imagine the uproar in their official website; Manager Feng was going to have a hard time.

Supreme Alliance seemed to be doing horribly lately, they should really get someone to take a look at their fengshui. But that was the esports industry. Love might turn into hurt.

Lin Feng had many thoughts running through his mind. But the next second, a bouquet appeared in his arms. What was it!?

Lin Feng was in a daze. He wanted to curse but there were too many people. He held onto the flowers with one hand, looking silly.

“Hey, why did you give me the flower?” Did he look like a flower holder?

Yun Hu asked slowly, “Isn’t giving my boyfriend the flowers from my fans the right thing to do?”

“F*ck, f*ck!” Lin Feng exploded, his face flushed. “Who’s your boyfriend?!”

Yun Hu arched a brow. “Don’t we have an online pairing? What is it? Just a trip overseas and you forsake our pairing? Feng Yun CP, did you hear that?”

“You…” Lin Feng finally understood the situation and Yun Hu chuckled, using such tactic to avoid direct confrontation with his fans wasn’t bad at all but, f*ck, why was his heart racing just now?

Yun Hu chuckled, looking calm and unaffected as he caressed a petal. “What about me?”