Chapter 1195 - MoJiu

Chapter 1195: MoJiu

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“It’s nothing. We do have a CP, so I’ll accept the flowers.” Lin Feng reached out and circled an arm around Yun Hu’s shoulders.

They broke into wide smiles, willful and carefree, captured by the reporters.

The more at ease they were, the more the public would be strayed from thinking too much into it. CP pairings were common within the esports industry and had always been used as a joke.

The girl didn’t feel comfortable but she didn’t express her unease. Instead, she texted a few other fans she was closer to. “Do you think they’re being serious?”

“That’s impossible, it must be a joke.”

“Even if they are, it wouldn’t matter since I’m a fan of the pairing.”

The girl raised her hand. “Indeed, there’s nothing much but I can’t help feeling disappointed.”

“That’s right, Almighty Yun actually re-gifted your flowers to someone else.”

“Aren’t the two of you being a little delusional? Almighty Yun has never reciprocated in any way and honestly, even watching the flower gifting was awkward.”

“How can you say that? We did it out of our love.”

“That’s right.”

After listening to their conversation, the fourth person remained silent. She couldn’t seem to understand how things had progressed. Back then, she joined the chat group for Almighty Yun to become better but now, things seemed to have changed. Unknowingly, their differences became apparent.

She wasn’t far from Almighty Yun and through his expression, she could tell that he wasn’t fond of the flowers. Perhaps, she had gone overboard this time. She kept clinging onto Almighty Yun, forcing him to accept her friend request since they were all fans. But if they thought through it, wasn’t that akin to forcing someone onto him?

Almighty Yun would date if he wanted to but they kept pressing him in such a public place.

Fortunately, Almighty Lin was there to steer the attention away. If he hadn’t been there, Almighty Yun would have been forced to accept the flowers. And this might have ended up in the news.

It was a critical period for Supreme Alliance now that the Asian Cup was approaching but they kept thinking about other matters… Was that really a good idea?

This was the reason fans should avoid mixing their idol’s work and personal life together. Somehow, they had forgotten the reason they had fallen for their idol. They wanted him to live in the way they wanted.

In the end, the girl decided to leave the group chat. It wasn’t because of the other members but rather because she didn’t wish to turn into a person she wouldn’t recognize.

On the other end, Lin Feng kept his arms around Yun Hu’s shoulders, handling the press expertly. But the flush on his face couldn’t be hidden.

Yun Hu was too much, creating trouble the moment he was back.

Lin Feng only retracted his arm when they entered the elevator. He coughed and glanced down at the bouquet on his left hand, prepared to pass it back to its owner but Yun Hu didn’t want it back. “What’s a grown man got to do with those flowers? Besides, didn’t I already gift it to you, boyfriend?” Yun Hu emphasized on the last word, speaking very slowly.

Lin Feng wanted to curse, and in the end, he spat out, “F*ck, are you addicted to this game?”

Yun Hu watched as the elevator glided down to the first floor. He took the lead out of the doors before turning back to look at Lin Feng. “It suits you.”

Lin Feng wanted to curse him once more. If flowers didn’t suit a grown man like you, why would they suit a grown man like him?!

But he couldn’t just toss them away, since the media might catch wind of the news. Thus, he lifted the bouquet over his shoulders, a cigarette in his mouth, looking like a mischievous youngster. If it wasn’t because of his overly beautiful face, Lin Feng would definitely be a pure man through and through with his boorish actions.

They were both dressed in their uniform, with one of them carrying a bouquet. It was definitely a sight that attracted attention.

Xue Yaoyao glanced up, watching the two young masters walk over. She waved her hand in greeting before glancing over to the bouquet that was on Lin Feng’s shoulders, interest and curiosity clouding her eyes.

Coco had been singing but the sight shocked him into silence. After being stunned, he asked, “You guys progressed so quickly?”

What did he mean by their progress? Lin Feng blushed. “F*ck, stop making wild guesses, the flower was given by a fan.”

“Oh…” Coco bit down on the ears of his bunny. “None of my fans has given me flowers before. Almighty Lin, could you explain why Almighty Yun is written on your bouquet?”

Lin Feng smirked internally. You were going there? He pulled Coco over, beating him teasingly.

He was probably shy. There was a tenderness in Yun Hu’s eyes as he tilted his head over. “Where is Manager Feng?”

“He’s probably busy, Manager Feng instructed us to bring you guys to the car first, he has booked the place. We can get ready to party!” Coco’s face was flushed. He was clearly excited.

Today, all of them were in high spirits. Manager Feng, on the other hand, was still trying to contact Bo Jiu but there wasn’t a way to get her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t wish to pick up the call but rather because the two figures hidden in the jungle were caught the moment the call ended.

Prince was the first to realize something amiss because the aura from behind was way too overwhelming. He shouted, prepared to warn his ‘brother’ to escape since it would be hard to punish them without evidence. But before he could warn her, the sharp gaze swept over, freezing him to his spot.

In that instant, Prince was rooted to the spot, his limbs stiff and tight. He only had one thought, “These two looked nothing like cousins!”

After all, one was tall and firm in his military uniform and it was obvious he grew up in the military just like the younger generation of the high cadre. Just a gaze was enough to stop Prince mid-action. Fortunately, that person didn’t stay long, probably aware that his real target was deeper in the woods.

Prince held his breath. In the end, he heard a calm command, “Come over.”

Bo Jiu shifted her sleeve, naturally hiding the phone in her uniform. She stuffed a hand into her pocket and walked over to Qin Mo.

Prince watched in confusion, wondering where the phone went.

Meanwhile, Magician was standing at the side. He wanted to say something but remained silent until the end. He admired Prince’s courage to bring their captain’s little lover on a rendezvous in the jungle.

Honestly, it was simply insane. He deserved being praised.

Prince tilted his head, catching sight of Magician’s odd look. Somehow – he couldn’t explain why – he had a bad feeling…