Chapter 1196 - Exposed by the Almighty

Chapter 1196: Exposed by the Almighty

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Very quickly, this feeling came true.

The voice from behind was rich and calm. “Hand him over to the old general, he will deal with him.”

“Yes.” Magician escorted him over.

Prince opened his eyes wide. F*ck, why did every know about his connections?! Stop kidding, he had made the arrangements, even his uncle didn’t know exactly which team he belonged to! How had they found out?!

Magician glanced over and could tell what he was thinking. Deep inside, he sighed. This youngster was still too young and too raw, he hadn’t experienced the horrors of the real world.

When the both of them had left, Qin Mo glanced down at the person ahead of him, his brows arched. After half a second, he instructed, “Pass the thing in your hand over.”

Bo Jiu feigned ignorance. “What thing?”

Qin Mo reached out and pulled the hand she had stuffed into her pocket. He rolled her sleeves backwards, exposing her silky-smooth skin. As it was tender and captivating, it held his attention for a while.

Bo Jiu’s face was starting to heat up, not entirely sure if it was the cooling sensation from his palm or due to her guilt. Since she was caught, she decided to confess. “I didn’t do anything to harm the unit and I didn’t contact Grandfather Butler.”

“Who you contact doesn’t matter, you are not allowed to carry communication devices here.” Qin Mo pulled the phone out from her, his lips curved upwards but there wasn’t any laughter in his eyes. “You guys sure are capable.”

As it was definitely not a compliment, it was time to push a little blame away since Prince had the old general to defend him and thus shouldn’t be that worried. “It’s ’cause Prince has a strong backing.” That was the truth.

“Oh?” Qin Mo dragged his words. “Your little partner would be in tears if he heard that.”

Bo Jiu confessed, “Buying teammates during a team battle is also a survival tactic.”

“What do you think your chances are now that you’re in many hands?” Qin Mo asked coldly.

Bo Jiu coughed. “I won’t do it again.”

When Qin Mo didn’t respond, Bo Jiu was about to move but the person commanded, “Come over.”

They were already this close but he still wanted her to go over?

Bo Jiu lifted her head towards him. She turned to scan the surroundings and once she realized there wasn’t anyone around, she had a vague understanding of his intentions. The Almighty definitely wanted her to coax him. That was the general plot for arrogant little princesses after all.

Bo Jiu smiled, reaching her hands out to hug Qin Mo’s waist. Even though her face was black, she still radiated the passion of a youngster.

Qin Mo stilled for a moment before returning the hug. He seemed appeased, the frown between his temples much smoother than before.

He was getting more and more adorable. Bo Jiu reached her hands out, prepared to take advantage of him now that she had a chance. But before she could move, the familiar breath landed on her ears, slow and steadily. “10 rounds with weights.”

Bo Jiu: … Wasn’t he asking for a hug just now?

“Dreaming again?” Qin Mo pinched her face but he didn’t use much strength, Instead, his gaze was filled with indulgence.

Bo Jiu was confused. Why couldn’t he just stand there in silence and be a pretty boy? Why did he have to speak and shatter her dreams?