Chapter 1197 - Untitled

Chapter 1197: Untitled

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At that moment, she felt a pair of hands cup her face as he asked casually, “Want to kiss?”

“Mmh?” Kiss? No. Even up close, he had an elegant and noble looking face. Bo Jiu tilted her face to the side, unable to resist his seduction as it was unavoidable.

He watched her for half a second, his lips curving upwards as he dived down, his deep gaze focused on her lips as he inched closer. His intentions were clear.

Bo Jiu felt a warm flush creep up her face, she decided to stay put, her lips landing on his. It was a soft and tender feeling.

He didn’t move, allowing her to kiss as she pleased. She was the one in charge. Bo Jiu arched a brow, prepared to move. Just then, he lifted her waist abruptly, kissing her tenderly. The warm sensation enveloped her. Her limbs turned soft and limp and she could only look to him for support.

It wasn’t an aggressive kiss. It was tender and delicate as though he was taking his time to savor her.

Qin Mo was fine but Bo Jiu was out of breath, unable to overlook the hands that were teasing her waist. He watched as she panted, releasing his hold to put a distance between them.

Bo Jiu was about to speak, thinking it was the end when the next second, he pressed her against the tree, his head tilting sideways as he came crashing down. This time, it was violent and obsessive, not giving her any room to object.

Bo Jiu felt a fire burn through her, a cooling numbing sensation spreading from where their skins touched. She couldn’t seem to take it anymore. She could feel the breath on her lips, alluring and captivating, burning through all her thoughts.

She trembled in his arms. It was as if a cat was tickling her from within; each stroke so intense she could only hold him for support.

He must have noticed her reaction as he gradually slowed his tempo, allowing her breathing to return to normal. He leaned over once more, watching her. Her lips were swollen, her eyes welling with moisture, on the brink of sanity. “Dummy.”

Bo Jiu was perplexed. Why was she a dummy? Why was he always insulting her so randomly? He was such an arrogant princess.

“Why do you look so alluring? It makes me want to kiss you.” His fingers caressed her lips, their breaths entangled.

As she was subjected to another kiss, Bo Jiu felt a sweetness spread through her. She reached out and hugged him, a sly expression on her face.

Qin Mo didn’t reject her, pulling her into his arms once his jacket was off. He leaned his beautifully defined jaw on her head giving her all the patience and warmth in his lifetime. At that moment, even his back-view was different, filled with tenderness.

The surrounding was silent since they were in the jungle. Bo Jiu could hear his strong heartbeat. It was racing just like hers. Gradually, Bo Jiu’s strength lessened and they sank into silence.

It was the feeling after they had really gotten together and even the air seemed to smell like fragrant lemons. Excitement, unease, and the faint restlessness were hidden in her heart…