Chapter 1198 - Untitled

Chapter 1198: Untitled

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But this wasn’t an appropriate place for dating because in the military, there were too many things he had to worry about.

Their hug was interrupted by the sound of footsteps from afar.

As Qin Mo tugged her to the running grounds, Bo Jiu hadn’t fully calmed down yet. Her heart was still racing. Were they really dating? Most probably. A relationship without any obstacles.

Bo Jiu started to run forward. It felt as though she was sleep walking. This time, she didn’t have to do anything for the Almighty to accept her. It seemed like a pity since she hadn’t used any of her tricks. But she could probably take advantage of him now since they had to confirm their relationship.

Once the mission outside the borders was over and she had trashed that group, she would find a time to propose to the Almighty. Bo Jiu always thought far – even when she ran. Her steps were steady, the best way to retain stamina.

From afar, she was still a suave youngster. But somehow, her gaze would subconsciously tilt to the side, towards his perfect jawline before sliding up to his gleaming lips. The thought that someone like him had just been kissing her kept the flush on her face. Even her heart was beating at an unusual speed. She wanted to return the kiss but there wasn’t an appropriate time.

On the other side, Prince was almost done with being scolded and was subjected to the same punishment when he was back.

The unit had checked the messages and verified that they hadn’t sent anything to harm the unit but they were still in the wrong. In the military, all wrongdoers had to be punished – regardless of their background.

The sullen Prince couldn’t understand the smile on Bo Jiu’s face, especially when she was being punished. Had he achieved enlightenment?

From afar and dressed in his military uniform, Qin Mo watched on with a smile.

Magician, who had been passing by, froze from shock. What was happening?

In reality, Qin Mo had been restraining himself, preventing himself from acting too obviously. But even Qin Mo himself probably wasn’t aware of his ever-lifted lips.

Magician watched on, feeling a prickly sensation on his scalp. He swallowed and asked cautiously, “Boss, are you in a good mood?” As the evil devil had never smiled in such a way before, it was such a striking sight. He thought that his boss would just sweep him a glance.

Instead, he agreed with a smile, “Mmh.”

Magician was completely caught off guard. “Is it because of No. 10, who’s being punished?”

Qin Mo retracted his gaze but the smile was still in place. “Are you that concerned about my private life?”

Magician did a salute. “No, no, I’m just concerned.” He had been asking for his own death.

Qin Mo retracted his gaze, watching the figure that was still running. Once more, the smile returned as though Magician wasn’t standing in front of him.

There was simply no end to it as Magician stood at the side watching. His boss kept flaunting his relationship and that smile… was itching for an insult. Boss, we are still single, don’t act like that!

The smile was finally wiped off when the old general called for his boss.

Before he left, however, his boss left him a set of keys. “Get him to shower in my room once he is done.”

Magician: …