Chapter 120 - Almighty Qin, Going Back with Me

Chapter 120: Almighty Qin, Going Back with Me

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The tennis match didn’t end until it was dark.

As the CEO as well as the team leader of Supreme Alliance, Qin Mo was very busy on the phone every now and then.

While this god took no notice of Fu Jiu, she seized the opportunity to quickly change her clothes in the changing room. With one hand in her trouser pocket, she grinned at the man who was still on the phone and gestured towards him to signal she was leaving first.

Considering Fu Jiu’s flirting skills, Qin Mo would not allow this guy to go first, because he might cause trouble if he did not keep this guy close to his side.

However, on second thought, he remembered that the youngster was in his rebellious phase, and it wasn’t appropriate to be too strict with him. In the end, he finally nodded his head in agreement, but shot Fu Jiu a warning look. He wished that this young man would behave himself a little more.

The man on the other side of the line was confused because their CEO suddenly became so quiet. Thinking that there might be some problems with his report, he asked in a trembling voice, “CEO Qin?”

“Go ahead,” Qin Mo answered. He put his racket down and went to the changing room. With one hand holding the phone, he bit on the zipper of his shirt and took off the clothes with his other hand. He looked very cool and handsome.

Fu Jiu turned around and saw this man changing. His perfect figure could drive women crazy and make men jealous. Then, she looked down at herself.

It’d be better for her not to suggest comparing sizes with him later on, because it might be a bit dangerous…

The three people returned to the same car and sat in their previous seats.

But this time, both the driver and Xue Yaoyao were better prepared to be shocked than before.

“Drive Miss Xue home first.”


The driver drove steadily, but the road to Xue Yaoyao’s home was a little difficult to pass through.

Her home was in an old community beside a vegetable market where bicycles were everywhere, coming to and fro different places.

The driver seldom came to such a place, let alone Qin Mo.

Xue Yaoyao was thoughtful, and she didn’t let them drive to the very inside. She said, “Let’s just stop here. My home is not far from here, so I can just walk the rest of the way. Thank you, Almighty Qin, and thank you, Highness Jiu.”

Seeing her get off the car, Fu Jiu got off as well.

“It’s really not that far?”


Xue Yaoyao nodded. In fact, her round face was very cute. She replied, “Highness Jiu, don’t worry, I will work hard to practice the skills you taught me today once I return home.”

“Oh, just take it easy today,” Fu Jiu said with a smile. Seeing that she had been nervous all day, Fu Jiu flicked her on the forehead and said, “As long as I, the team leader, is here, losing the game is impossible.”

In a daze, Xue Yaoyao put one hand over her forehand. She smiled as well and thought that his Highness Jiu was really a gentleman.

They both wore uniforms, and Fu Jiu was already very attractive herself. With that action just now, the people who happened to be passing looked back at them.

The atmosphere was full of youthful charm, especially after such a lively scene.

Qin Mo was still sitting in the backseat, and the window beside him had been rolled down. His dark eyes looked like an ice-cold night, behind which all his emotions were hidden. His hands holding the tablet computer for work paused heavily for a bit, and he seemed to be enduring something…

This time, he didn’t get off the car. Instead, he waited, and only when the young man got into the car did he leisurely adjust his sleeves and say, “Cancel the dinner party tonight and directly go home.”

Driver: “…”

Directly go home?

But there is still someone else in the car!

Did Young Master forget that he had to drop Young Master Jiu off at home?

Fu Jiu was also a little astonished. She frowned and asked, ” What about me?”

Qin Mo turned his head and sneered, feeling very unpleasant. He patted the teenager’s cheek with his right hand, clad in a black glove, and his breath was like the freezing northern wind blowing in the winter.

He answered, “You’re going home with me.”