Chapter 1200 - Untitled

Chapter 1200: Untitled

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Bo Jiu’s hands were a little itchy now while she thought for a moment. In the past, when she had had her phone, she could still post on her official Weibo and make some announcements. Now, without any technology devices around her, she couldn’t express her happiness in any way.

The time on her watch was still moving. Bo Jiu glanced at it. There was still some time before her jungle battle. She decided to walk from the side to reach her Lamborghini.

At this time, there was no one around the car. Actually, besides Bo Jiu, not many people dared to appear around here. She used her voice to unlock the car casually. Then she pulled the door open and sat inside.

Fluctuations appeared on the navigation system, showing that it was extremely excited.

However, the system had a memory. After the replies its master had given the last two times, Little Blackie had given up hope that its master would drive it away.

“I managed to chase him successfully.” Bo Jiu used her finger to knock on the steering wheel and laughed arrogantly. “Isn’t your daddy amazing?”

For the first time, Little Blackie didn’t want to reply to her! Why had its master come today?

“The Almighty even praised me. You know how difficult it is for someone like the Almighty to praise other people.” Bo Jiu continued, “Do you think I should give a reply? I can’t do anything in the military so maybe I should ask Grandfather Butler to send a wedding proposal to the An family. The An family is overseas too so it’s quite convenient.”

Little Blackie: … Why are you thinking of marriage the moment you chased someone successfully!

It had never seen its master like this before. It could see the youngster from its rear mirror. Little Blackie didn’t know what its master suddenly thought of. Bo Jiu laughed abruptly and plastered her face on the steering wheel. She rubbed her face on the steering wheel a few times before saying, “The feeling of dating is really not bad. Unfortunately, you’re an intelligent entity. You might never be able to experience this in your entire life.”

As a car, Little Blackie couldn’t bear with it anymore. “Master, did you come over here specially to show off your love life?”

“Yes.” The youngster placed her hand on her chin and smiled. “The Almighty’s kissing technique is not bad. I should bring him home as soon as possible.”

Little Blackie: … It wouldn’t listen. It wouldn’t listen. It wanted to activate its automatic blocking system!

Wait, what the f*ck! Did its master press something just now? Why couldn’t it automatically turn off its system? Did she plan to let it listen to her from the start till the end?!

Master, where is your humanity?

Bo Jiu finally found something that could listen to her. Thus, she wouldn’t let Little Blackie off so easily. Even if the car obviously wasn’t human, she still wanted to share her happiness with it.

Her reaction was really rare. The warmth on her face never subsided. Her heartbeat didn’t slow down just because she had parted with Qin Mo. She had just met him a moment ago but she was already starting to miss his voice.

That person had many identities. He was a god in the esports world, loved by many people. He was a young major general with amazing shooting skills. He was also a high-level criminal psychologist.

However, after all these identities subsided, he only had one identity left: He was her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend. Just thinking about these two words made Bo Jiu feel sweet all the way to the tip of her tongue. Even her smile seemed more genuine than before.

She leaned against the car seat lazily and placed her hand casually beside her. She was in black combat attire, still looking very handsome and energetic like a youth. But she just couldn’t stop feeling happy.

Similarly, Qin Mo couldn’t hide his happiness too. Even when he was in the meeting room, even when the old general was sitting in front of him and even when he tried to suppress his emotions, he still couldn’t suppress it. His lips were tilted upwards when he lowered his head to drink his tea.