Chapter 1201 - Untitled

Chapter 1201: Untitled

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Qin Mo’s smile didn’t affect him but the old general, who was sitting opposite him, still almost got scalded by the tea in his mouth. Even his heart trembled a little. He turned his head and exchanged a glance with his vice commander, who was standing beside him.

The meaning was simple. What was wrong with him?

The vice commander shook his head lightly and seemed stunned. He was also very shocked because the devil had smiled in the past before but every time he had done so, it had been ambiguous and nothing good had come out of this kind of smile. He would either kick someone out of the military unit, throw something troublesome to the general, or provoke the captain that was stationed at the base opposite them. To sum it up, it hadn’t been an actual smile.

Yet now… The vice commander felt that he was getting blinded by the smile. The most important thing was that the evil devil didn’t stop smiling. He wondered what the devil was thinking about.

“Cough.” The old general finally couldn’t bear with it anymore. He placed his fist at the side of his lips and pretended to ask casually, “You seem to be in a good mood today?”

“Really?” When Qin Mo was asking him this question, the corners of his lips went back down.

The old general didn’t want to reply to him. Why are you asking me whether it’s real or not? You’re already smiling like this. What do you think!

But he could only complain in his heart. “Did something good happen?” The old general knew that he had to understand Qin Mo’s feelings clearly before sending him on the mission.

Qin Mo took a sip of tea and replied nonchalantly, “Everything is as per normal.”

Who would believe such an obvious lie? The old general didn’t have a good temper but in front of Qin Mo, he couldn’t do anything either as he adored talents too much. “Just now, I talked to my nephew. He’s really insensible. He didn’t make any big mistakes but the military unit doesn’t allow for such small mistakes either. We’ll do everything based on the military rules. You can punish him according to the rules.”

Qin Mo suddenly opened his mouth when he finished listening to the old general. “There’s something I want to say.”

“What?” The old general thought that Qin Mo wanted to use this chance to kick his nephew away. Honestly, he didn’t mind letting his nephew leave because the mission was far too dangerous.

Qin Mo’s tone was indifferent as he said, “Don’t allow him to go to those small forests in the future. People might misunderstand.”

The old general was confused. He didn’t understand why Qin Mo said this. However, this was a small matter. “I’ll ask the vice commander to tell him in a while. What do you think about his condition?”

This was what the old general really wanted to ask.

Qin Mo put down his teacup. “Very suitable.”

Two words. Not one less, not one more but the old general felt complicated for a second. The soldiers that Qin Mo praised were normally all good soldiers – but that would mean that the soldiers would have to go for the mission outside the borders.

Qin Mo detected the old general’s emotions and his gaze changed. It looked like the night sky, giving people a sense of security. “Don’t worry. When I bring my soldiers out, I’ll make sure to bring all of them back.”

“Actually, I had a premonition.” The old general smiled. Then he sighed and said, “Honestly, I’m quite proud that the Ye family raised such a soldier. That little brat seemed reckless but he really likes to stay in the military. I’ve seen his information. There’s a pattern in the people you chose. After he finished his close combat battle and came out from his military unit, a psychiatrist went to find him…”

“Yes.” Qing Mo didn’t deny it. “His psychological condition is not bad. His self-protection awareness is 70% higher than the other close combat champions from other military units.”

The old general laughed. “Which part of him caught your attention?”

“His fighting skills and his shooting skills. Of course, these aren’t the most important factors. The most important reason is because he gives off an aura even if he just stands there,” Qin Mo spoke slowly.

The old general didn’t expect his nephew to be picked by Qin Mo because of his aura. His interest immediately heightened. “What aura?”

“I’m very rich. I’m a prince,” Qin Mo said as he placed his teacup down.

The old general choked immediately. This was really… Was this a compliment? Why did he feel like this cold fellow was describing a nouveau riche?

“There are many talents in the military. However, once we go out of the borders, we need to make considerations in all aspects. We need to choose the best out of the best. These people mustn’t have a strong presence of a soldier. Otherwise, they will be discovered immediately when they are in a disguise. Their mentality is the most important too. After all, our enemy has a hypnotist. The mercenary team knows how to look at people’s expressions too.” Qin Mo looked at the old general. “Your nephew is smart. Along with his unique aura, he’s very suitable for this mission.”

The old general knew that the choice of team members for an operation was approved by the higher authorities. “When is the exact time you’re leaving?”

Qin Mo’s gaze was calm. “2 am, the day after tomorrow. The operations team will disappear from the military using a military exercise as an excuse. This is a level one beyond the border mission. It’s not suitable for us to reveal our identity over there so we need to keep it a secret from our military unit too.”

“I understand. I’ll make the necessary arrangements.” The old general raised his hand and patted Qin Mo’s shoulders. “I’ll place Ye Long in your care.”

Qin Mo stood up and tidied his military cap. His gaze was deep and dark when he saluted to the old general as a reply.

On the other side, Bo Jiu finished bathing and had changed into a new combat attire. She brought along all the pieces of equipment required. Even her shoes were changed to the brown military boots. There was a German-style military dagger stuck behind her waist.

She inspected her bullets for one last time. The bullets weren’t real as they were specially used for military exercises. People that got hit by these bullets would be automatically kicked out of the exercise. But they still had some power. If you were hit in the face with it, it would hurt a little.

She lifted her hand and pulled the black cloth on her face up. She successfully covered her handsome face, making her look very young. Only her extremely black eyes were revealed.

The sky outside had turned dark by now as Bo Jiu grabbed the rifle with one hand. She entered the restricted forest from the back of the training grounds. Besides Prince, no one knew about her movements. Other people didn’t even see her.

Prince was still doing his punishment when he saw the tall and slender figure walking towards the forest. He rushed over and said, “I have a feeling that the evil devil has something against me. Help me to persuade your cousin. You’re the mastermind, I’m just an accomplice. How am I supposed to take my food when I have to run so many rounds?”

Bo Jiu replied without sincerity, “You can lose weight if you don’t eat dinner. Also, you’re thinking too much. Our leader is so handsome. Why would he have something against you?”

“How would I know?” Prince was puzzled too. However, as Bo Jiu’s good friend, he still reminded the youngster, “Be more careful when you enter the forest. I feel that based on that fellow’s sniping ability, he might be already hiding in there. He’s probably waiting to give you a headshot. Have you played computer games before? Winner, winner, chicken dinner. It’s the same principle. Don’t die the moment you land.”

Bo Jiu smiled when she heard the words computer games. “Your daddy’s specialization is computer games. While you’re peeing and playing with mud, I already know how to play them.”