Chapter 1202 - Untitled

Chapter 1202: Untitled

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“Continue boasting. You’re younger than me. How can you have more experience than me in online gaming?” Prince didn’t believe Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu shrugged. She didn’t say anything else and leaped into the forest. Her speed was so fast it was astonishing.

Prince, who was just starting with the conversation, choked. He wanted to chat with the other party for a while because it was very frustrating to run with weights all alone. However, that fellow didn’t have many chances of winning against that sniper from the other team.

The sniper from the other team felt the same as him. He had entered the forest earlier than Bo Jiu. The two of them had a discussion earlier. To make it easier for them to battle, they would enter the forest from different entrances. This way, no one would be at a disadvantage the moment they entered the battle.

When his friend had been sending the sniper to the forest, he had said, “Are you really going to battle with that person? Honestly, he’s just a technical soldier. He won’t be able to win against you. There’s no point in fighting with him.”

“I just want him to leave after knowing the truth. I also want him to know that he was able to destroy our opponent’s base during the last exercise because the sniper was helping him. If this person didn’t even know these two points and just stayed in the military unit because of his connection, he will cause trouble during future missions.”

It had to be said that the sniper was right and thus, his friend didn’t stop him anymore.

Due to the huge number of plants here, the temperature in the forest was lower than the training grounds. Verdant trees stood quietly tall and upright as if they were about to pierce through the sky. The tips of the trees swayed gently in the breeze. The roots of the tree, which were exposed on the ground, intertwined with one another like huge brown pythons twirling around one another. In the depth of the dense and quiet forest, occasional chirps of birds and sounds of insects could be heard. This gave the dull forest a mysterious feeling.

Bo Jiu was wearing a similar colored combat attire. She held her rifle in one hand and bent her body down while searching for the best sniping position.

At this moment, none of them knew that besides the two of them, a group of mercenaries was planning to invade from the north.

The reason why this group of mercenaries appeared here was because the hostages had been saved. When Kawang, who was outside the borders, had heard this piece of news, he had opened his sleepy eyes and pushed the people beside him away.

As the boss of an organization, he didn’t look fierce or frightening. He was around forty years old and was wearing a white gown. It was very easy for people to let down their guards in front of him.

Yet, this was the person that had used his knowledge to kill many people when he had been practicing as a psychiatrist in the past. His cases had been reported by many police officers because his killing methods were hair-raising.

This person was special because he taught two students. No, it wasn’t right to say that he taught them because it had been them who had gone to listen to his lessons.

One of them had been Qin Mo while the other had been Fan Zibing, Fan Jia’s elder brother.

However, the same two people had decided on very different paths. The first one had felt that the things taught hadn’t been suitable for him and had ended his elective very early, choosing to attend another professor’s lesson. As for the second person, he had become his disciple.

He had to say that both of them were the cream of the crop in the psychological world but the first person was weaker than the second one. This had been Kawang’s opinion all along. In his heart, only the person who didn’t have any weakness was the strongest. Although Qin Mo’s talent was better, he still couldn’t win against Fan Zibing. The events that had happened after that had proved his point…