Chapter 1203 - Untitled

Chapter 1203: Untitled

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Zibing had been able to leave a hypnosis in Qin Mo before he had died. This was something many people couldn’t achieve.

In Kawang’s heart, a psychologist that had been hypnotized was a useless psychologist. As for those people from China that were stationed at the borders, he didn’t take them to heart. After all, he had successfully smuggled a large number of goods inside in the past many times. Yet, in recent times, they had become stricter. Using his methods, his men had actually been caught.

Kawang had asked around and had been informed that the people who had caught his men belonged to a small team that had been sent from a military base near this area.

He had also heard that someone inside was good with disguise. But no matter how impressive the other party was, if they had the guts to touch his men, he would touch their soldiers. This was to let them know that they shouldn’t keep thinking about stopping his income flow.

Kawang was good with psychological battles so he knew how the defense of their opponent was done.

China’s land was huge and even the no-man’s land was very large. Thus, some places couldn’t be detected by radar.

As long as they didn’t enter the lands of China and just drove into the no-man’s land, there shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, the inspection of weapons had gotten stricter.

Kawang had already thought of a way out.

It was just getting a few guns. This was the borders after all. He wanted to let the other party know that China couldn’t do anything to him temporarily. As Kawang had many hostages, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Also, he had already wanted to find Qin Mo a long time ago. It was time for this person, who had broken his leg, to disappear.

Kawang narrowed his eyes and looked at the poppy in his hand. The corners of his lips moved up. He was smiling but for some reason, he gave off a sinister feeling, which seemingly came right from the bottom of his heart.

Fan Jia was sitting in front of the computer and typing on the keyboard at the side as Kawang walked over slowly. “How is it? Did you manage to find him?”

“Not yet. I don’t know what happened to this fellow. She seems to have disappeared.” When Fan Jia was speaking this sentence, there was an obvious look of contempt in her eyes.

Kawang was in his white gown. When he walked, his body was slightly tilted. “Are you sure that this person is important to Qin Mo?”

“Yes.” When Fan Jia spoke about this, there were some emotions lingering in her gaze. “I don’t know why Qin Mo likes her. Thinking back about it, just based on the fact that she disguised herself as a man to get near him, this lady is quite smart.”

Kawang glanced at Fan Jia. “Don’t put your unnecessary emotions into this business. Now the most important person is this lady. We can only make Qin Mo give up if we kidnap her.”

“Yes, Master.” In front of Kawang, Fan Jia restrained herself. After all, she had to admit that she didn’t complete her mission to hide in China successfully.

At first, she had thought that she could use those people online to help her with the transportation aspect of her business. But Z had suddenly appeared and messed up her entire plan.

Actually, even until now, Fan Jia couldn’t understand what had happened. Hadn’t Z already died? Why had he appeared in China?

In the end, her master had helped her to find Z’s base. Yet, she still hadn’t grabbed this chance and allowed Z to kill many of her men. In the past, her master had always said that she had the most talent. But now…

Fan Jia’s gaze darkened. She started typing on the keyboard again. If she couldn’t catch Z, she would kill that fellow first.

Fan Jia remembered the time when she had seen the youngster in China. Her first impression was that she didn’t like the youngster.

Now, recalling everything, she felt that there was a reason why she hadn’t liked her. She had disguised herself as a man to play esports so that she could get close to Qin Mo. It was so disgusting.

While Fan Jia was typing, Kawang’s phone rang. He turned his head and spoke in a calm voice, “Have you reached?”

“Yes, Boss. It was very simple. The defense there is nothing.”

A person with Asian skin color was holding a phone in the forest. He was wearing a camouflage uniform and he had already killed a guard from a certain military unit who was guarding the outskirts.

He stepped on the fresh red blood. The person lying on the ground appeared as if he wanted to sound the alarm so the man slit his throat with his military dagger again.

Kawang heard the commotion on the other side of the phone. He smiled. “You did well.”

“I met a defense soldier squatting in the forest. I have to say that the camouflage uniform Boss gave us is very useful. He thought that we were from the military unit beside them.” The person looked like a Chinese citizen but when he spoke, he sounded like a foreigner.

Kawang was very careful. “It’s still better to be cautious. You’ve only entered the outskirts. Think of a way to get inside and tell them that you’ve been there. You can just leave some blood there.”

“Sure.” The person smiled and licked the blood on the handle of the dagger. “Come, my brothers. Let’s kill some more people for fun.”

As these people came from the ungoverned lands, they appeared to be naturally fearless. They didn’t care which country’s border this was because in their mind, nothing could happen to them even if they made a trip here.

Many people were afraid of Chinese soldiers but they weren’t.

“There seems to be some light over there. It must be the other military unit this person mentioned.”

One of the men, who had a tattoo on the back of his hand, jumped down from the tree and pointed towards the 9 o’clock direction of the forest. The corners of his lips were lifted as he gave a bloodthirsty smile. It was obvious that he had the best eyesight among everyone here.

Normally, those who had the best eyesight had something to do with sniping.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s allow them to understand what the aura of death feels like.”

There were only five people in their team but they were very arrogant when they drove into the no-man’s land.

Although their capabilities weren’t weak, they still had the advantage of their environment currently. No matter how strong the soldiers of China were, they might not be able to catch them in the jungle. Disturbing the soldiers, cutting off a few heads and teaching them a lesson before leaving was very simple for these mercenaries.

The sky got darker and darker.

In the forest, Bo Jiu bent her waist and walked forward skillfully with her long legs. The thing she needed to defend against was very simple. It was the bullets that flew over from the highest points. She knew that the person was just around her. He was waiting for her to walk into his trap.

Bo Jiu turned her body and used the trees to cover her body. Then, she started analyzing the trees. Which one would she choose if she was the sniper?

The sniper recruit was already hiding on a tree. He adjusted his breath and lowered his body. His gun was able to shoot at anything within the few meters of shooting range all around him. As long as there was a movement, he would be able to see it and snipe the person.

The technical soldier wouldn’t be able to escape.

However, the sniper respected the other party’s courage. Even if the other party came into the military unit based on his connections, at least he accepted this battle. This proved that he wasn’t a coward. Unfortunately, he would tell this person how important sniping was during a mission.

The sniper’s shooting skills were very good. He was the cream of the crop among all the recruits that came to report. Thus, he was very confident…