Chapter 1204 - Untitled

Chapter 1204: Untitled

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This recruit seemed to have forgotten that a sniper’s greatest nightmare was for his position to be discovered and for the enemy to execute a counterattack.

Of course, an ordinary soldier wouldn’t have thought of that but Bo Jiu was different. Ever since she had started out in the Fifth Avenue, she had excellent judgement, which was the reason she could emerge from the dark.

Besides, she was well versed with the assassin in games. She was best at ambush in both the games and in reality.

The sniper was clearly unaware that this youngster was widely known in the esports industry as the shadow killer. A shadow killer would appear behind you unknowingly, executing the fatal blow. To him, the youngster was just a technical soldier.

Thick clouds started to cover the sky. The moon was completely hidden and the sky was as dark as black ink.

The sniper tried to control his breathing. It wasn’t loud, a special adjustment made by the sniper to conceal himself. He had his plans and was well hidden.

Bo Jiu hadn’t found him. Under such circumstances, when she couldn’t decide where to base herself, she decided to start off with the sniper.

The wind was icy, the cold seeping into their bones. There wasn’t a single sound other than the occasional noise made by bugs.

The sniper remained stationary, scanning the surroundings. In terms of technical equipment, he was definitely lacking but it was different here as he was much more skilled in such combat situations, especially in jungle combats. He wasn’t just familiar with the terrain, he was also well versed with the other geological factors.

It was a cold day, which might cause their breathing to be louder than usual. This would benefit him in this silent night. The sniper was still basking in his advantage when suddenly, a bush in front of him moved.

He lifted his rifle aggressively, positioning the gun hole towards his target before firing accurately. The bullets used during practice were similar to rubber bullets, the sound was deep and low, which could only be heard in close proximity.

The sniper knew he shot his target because the bushes turned silent. He adjusted his aim once more when he saw a wild rabbit, grey with speckles of white. It must have been digging in the bushes just now and was only discovered.

The sniper frowned, noticing the abnormality. He adjusted his directions once more, scanning the area.


“He was probably thinking too much,” the sniper thought to himself, completely unaware of the shadow that had circled to his back the moment he lifted his rifle. The shadow had moved so swiftly and stealthily that it was almost like the wind.

The shadow glanced up, faint flight rays form the moon splashing onto her eyes. Her lips were lifted into a devilish smile. That poor grey rabbit. But diversion was indeed the most effective tactic.

Bo Jiu tilted, concealing herself rapidly. The black scarf was still covering her face. It was on the entire time, even when she was lying flat on the ground.

In both Hero and reality, her ambush had always been perfect – silent and undetectable.