Chapter 1205 - Untitled

Chapter 1205: Untitled

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She tilted her head, making the final adjustments for the distance. There wasn’t anyone around. The moon rays were splashing onto her exquisite nose and bright eyes that seemed to light up the entire night.

Bo Jiu wasn’t the best at long distance shooting but she had seen the Almighty demonstrate it before. Breathing was essential and it was important to start at the right moment.

Until this moment, the sniper still hadn’t realized that once a sniper fired his shot, the battle was over because the sniper’s position should never be exposed. It was obvious the bullet he fired at the bunny had given away his location, placing him in the defense.

As a soldier, he was well aware. Of course, the sniper hadn’t expected someone to be hiding in the bushes. He scanned the terrains, planning to leave his current hideout.

Right at this moment, a gunshot was fired at his back. It happened so quickly he could only widen his eyes in disbelief. It was a flash of light.

The sniper shifted his rifle hurriedly but it was too late. The white smoke cleared his doubts.

The moment he was shot, a shock went through his chest. It wasn’t without pain. If it had been a real bullet, his heart would have been blown off. Did that person calculate his turn in order to shoot this spot?

The impact from the bullet pushed him backwards. He held onto the tree branch to prevent him from falling off the tree. It was a tricky angle as it was a narrow opening and was sure to kill him in just one shot. The sniper held onto the tree branch, shock drowning out his heart.

He couldn’t seem to process it. How had that youngster managed to find that angle? Wasn’t he just a technical soldier?

But reality was as such, he was caught off guard. He hadn’t expected that this person had the ability to locate him and to have ambushed him from behind. Almost like a ghost from the night, without a sound. If Bo Jiu hadn’t shot him, he would never have realized that his position had been exposed.

That feeling was as though he was in a real battlefield. He had been killed before it even started. If it had been a real battlefield… If it had been and the back-end sniper had been killed off so easily, the consequences would have been something he was more than clear about: It meant that his blind confidence would kill his teammates.

He had assumed he had targeted his enemy but in reality, he had been the one being targeted.

Everyone said a sniper depended on his shooting skills but a good sniper required more: a stable mental state to analyze the situation.

And today, he hadn’t achieved that.

The sniper stood stationary, his entire being numb and stiff as he leaned against the tree branch weakly. A flush spread through him as he recalled his horrible performance. He had made his judgement so recklessly before he had even made clear his enemy’s condition.

No. 10 might have connections but he was also someone with the skills to be here. He had managed to execute a team annihilation by himself. It was purely due to his capabilities and nothing else