Chapter 1206 - Untitled

Chapter 1206: Untitled

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At this moment, the youngster stood up from the bushes and shook off the dew that had clung to her. The smell of grass was lingering in her hair. If she hadn’t removed her black scarf, it would have been hard to notice she was there.

The sniper felt a whirl of emotions run through him. He wasn’t sure how he felt.

The youngster lifted her rifle, glancing over at him to let him know she had won.

The sniper laughed bitterly, sliding down the tree branch. He was rather unlucky to have bumped into Bo Jiu, someone who was specialized in exterminating the back-row snipers. Born into the esports world as an assassin, wildly attacking the jungles and enemies, and hiding amidst the bushes while waiting for the chance to ambush was no doubt her specialty.

Bo Jiu had no intentions to stay long since they were in a prohibited area and the temperature was low enough for her to tremble. Moreover, she wanted to use the new car she had created to lift the Almighty’s mood.

She wasn’t experienced in love but was well versed with the process. There were three conditions, to give warmth, more warmth, and extra warmth! That was how she was going to make him her husband.

Bo Jiu pulled the black scarf back and prepared to leave.

The sniper understood her actions. Since he had lost the battle, he would announce the results to everyone else. Through this battle, he had a deeper understanding of the real battlefield, which was completely unlike what he imagined.

At this moment, they hadn’t noticed the dangers amidst the silent jungle. It was as though a beast was watching them.

It was the group of mercenaries that had walked over. The five of them were moving rapidly. They looked like guard soldiers from the way they were holding their rifles. Their faces couldn’t be seen in the darkness, which made it impossible to tell which country they were from. Their uniform was the only indication.

The moment he lifted his legs, the sniper caught sight of the faltering shadows from that side.

He paused, tugging onto the youngster. His voice was extremely soft as he said, “There’s someone there. Did the other military unit send their intel over in preparation of the upcoming combat drill?”

Bo Jiu didn’t think much of it, breaking into a smile. “Let them investigate, what can it be?”

She carried her bag, a habit she was determined to cultivate. She heard a noise when she lowered her head. It was an extremely soft noise and she couldn’t trace the exact position. But it sounded like a language?

She couldn’t hear it clearly. Just then, she frowned, retracting back one step, leaning over to the side. She moved softly, the only sound coming from her clothes when they brushed past the bushes; it was almost like the sound of wind, silent and undetectable.

At this moment, the sniper could catch a real glimpse of the youngster’s jungle ambush capabilities. There wasn’t a single sound, her judgement and movements made according to the terrains, hidden and stealthy. It wasn’t a common skill.

The sound became clearer as she walked forward. The clearer the sound, the easier it was for her to find its source.

The sniper followed behind her. The both of them unaware of the dangers they were about to step into…