Chapter 1207 - Untitled

Chapter 1207: Untitled

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Bo Jiu continued to approach them with her body lowered in order to better hear their conversation. A smell of blood shot through her senses before she could hear anything.

It was indeed blood. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be blood here since they had always been using rubber bullets, which couldn’t have caused any injury.

Bo Jiu frowned deeper, her grip tightening around her rifle.

At that moment, she verified the noise. That was indeed a language but it was neither Chinese nor the language from an ethnic minority. It was a mix between the languages from country M and country T. They were speaking loud enough for her to hear but she was sure they weren’t Chinese.

They weren’t from China but were wearing their military uniform. Bo Jiu’s heart sank, prepared to retreat with the sniper. But before she could leave, the noise suddenly stopped.

There were five mercenaries and the one standing in the middle started to listen to the surroundings as he signaled for the others to stay silent.

The others quietened down, they exchanged glances and seemed to have detected something. Another prey that had appeared willingly. That was their first reaction.

One of them scanned the area. Once he had confirmed a target, he lifted the rifle abruptly.

The man with a Bluetooth earphone hung around his ear tilted his head. The man leading the pack, on the other hand, was the best built one. He smirked, pulling out a military knife. With a swoosh, he glided downwards and struck a rabbit.

The sniper watched as the military knife glided past his eyes but the youngster was much faster, pulling the rabbit before they could strike.

More importantly, a military knife shouldn’t appear here because it didn’t belong to the standard equipment in their military unit. But as the specifications of the weapons used by the guards were all kept confidential, the guards themselves were the only ones with the knowledge.

The mercenary was approaching quickly, not allowing the sniper any chance to react.

The youngster held onto the sniper, remaining stationary. Her entire body was blending into the bushes and even her face was buried inside. This meant that they couldn’t detect her position.

At the beginning, the sniper hadn’t understood why she hadn’t left immediately since the rabbit had been blocking them but he understood after getting a sense of their speed. If they had moved, they would have been shot just like the rabbit.

The mercenaries muttered, seemingly bored of the situation.

The sniper’s face had changed entirely. He finally realized they weren’t soldiers from the military. They weren’t even Chinese!

The sniper wasn’t as quick as Bo Jiu because he wasn’t as well versed with languages. But their hearts were both low and grim.

The danger hadn’t been eradicated…