Chapter 1208 - Untitled

Chapter 1208: Untitled

The mercenary walked over and used his rifle to poke the dead rabbit. As they were only about a meter apart, the sniper’s breathing turned sharp. He could feel the air thicken with a murder as the mercenary came close while holding the rifle in his hand.

“A rabbit.” The man held the grey rabbit.

Bo Jiu understood the language and could hear the suspicion in his tone.

Very swiftly, the man raised his rifle once more, shooting towards the bushes maniacally.

Bo Jiu wanted to lift her head but hurriedly buried it back. Fortunately, due to the natural terrains, they weren’t hurt by the rifle but the impact made it a grim situation.

They were using a real rifle and had made modifications to mute the noise produced. The security at the borders wasn’t the best and with the rain that had just fallen, there was no one who would discover them.

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure of the reasons they were here but she couldn’t let them go any further.

About 1000 meters away was the first wired fence. This was common near the borders as it was also used to differentiate between inner and outer Mongolia. Their country was within the circle.

Once they had passed through the wired fence, there would be villages and inhabitants. Even though there weren’t many people, the scattered houses were a sign of the ordinary man that lived there.

The meaning of the wired fence was clear…

“Don’t waste bullets,” the leader of the pack instructed in a hushed tone. “Check if it’s really a rabbit and not a human.”

The man remained indifferent. “Even if it was a soldier, they would just take us as guards on patrol. We just have to stay quiet. Basong will finish them off.”

“We will leave after killing one more man.” The leader was worried there wasn’t an end to their murderous spree. “We are already within China’s borders. They won’t be able to use their guns once we leave the jungle. Any exception would be deemed as a breach of the international agreement but within these jungles, if we are discovered, they have the power in numbers. Keep it down and once we have killed three men, we will leave the syndicate’s name. That would be the perfect taunt, got it?”

Bo Jiu heard the entire exchange. Three men and another one? This meant they had already killed two men. When and where?

If it had been in this area, it was impossible for the news to have been silenced. Was it someone from another military unit?After all, they had come over from another military unit to continue their killing spree.


Bo Jiu lowered her lids, a glint flashing through her eyes and the cold ruthlessness shining through. She had a faint idea which syndicate it was as there was only one syndicate under their radar recently…

They moved quickly, were extremely agile, and were meticulous enough to sweep the area just now.

If it hadn’t been for Bo Jiu, they might have been dead in their hands.

Once they were sure there wasn’t anyone, the five mercenaries didn’t leave immediately but widened the area of their search. This was the worst kind of enemy as the five men made a star formation that had no loopholes.