Chapter 1209 - : Untitled

Chapter 1209: Untitled

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Fortunately, they had effectively made use of the terrain. Both Bo Jiu and the sniper were skilled at controlling their breathing to mask their presence. They remained still and in perfect hiding for five minutes. After five minutes, the five of them ended their search.

“Seems like it was just a rabbit.”

The leader retracted his rifle. “Alright, stop wasting time. Take some photos of the area, we can upload it onto the internet once we leave.”

As there wasn’t signal in the prohibited area, the five of them used their Bluetooth earphones to communicate.

The sniper tightened his grip when he heard about the photos. Every single opening at the border was crucial. Once the photos were taken and uploaded online, it would be easy for enemies to launch ambush attacks. Both the sniper and Bo Jiu were well aware. But it was disadvantageous to take them on directly.

The mercenaries were carrying real rifles and outnumbered them, each member wearing a Bluetooth earphone.

Bo Jiu had considered taking them down individually but that was impossible.

The sniper knew they couldn’t be discovered as it was a disadvantageous situation – especially since no one in the camp was aware. They had sneaked over unknowingly after all.

The sniper could feel sweat dripping down his forehead. As the footsteps softened, they were finally out of their vicinity. The sniper stood up first but was pulled down by the youngster.

The youngster lowered her voice, the characteristic laziness still apparent. “Inform Captain that the enemies are here. I’ll follow behind them, leaving markings. I have the same USB as Captain Qin and will be able to test their presence within a certain distance. Now that they are here, we can’t let them leave.”

The sniper’s gaze sank. “No, you go back, I’ll stay here.”

“I’m more suited to stay here,” the youngster replied calmly as though she was stating facts, without any intention of belittling him. She continued to analyze the situation. “You are a good sniper and only suited to be a sniper but this skill isn’t required at the moment. There are some dried goods in my bag that can come into good use. Hurry back to the camp and inform Captain Qin. Now that the two camps are linked, they have the upper hand. These people can easily run over to the other camp. We can’t allow them to trespass so easily in our area.”

As an assassin, she had always been protective over her whole territory. There was no way she could tolerate these outsiders coming over to kill their men and take photos of their land. It was a challenge which would only be taken further if not suppressed.

Besides, Bo Jiu could still remember the calligraphy Qin Mo had taught her when she had been young. Those that offend us have to pay the price.

Others might claim that China was overpopulated, that the people have poor character, and many other things.

That was true, they were not perfect and they were still developing. But there was a group of guards at the borders who were the national prestige of the country!