Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Almighty Qin Disciplines Lord Jiu at Home

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Go home with Almighty Qin?

Well, maybe it’s okay , thought Fu Jiu.

There should be plenty of good computer components at his house.

“Okay, I can also take the opportunity to visit Brother Mo’s room there.” Fu Jiu spoke freely.

Meanwhile, the driver was shocked at the words his young master had just said.

Would Young Master take people from outside the courtyard to his home?

This was something that had never happened before!

Even during Young Master’s school days, he had never invited anyone home… Although Young Master sounded like he was out to make trouble rather than to invite the young man just now… It still felt like a dream!

They weren’t driving very fast, so Fu Jiu could see special indications of the military compound all along the way.

A place like that was usually a serene location amid chaos. Cars would be questioned in and out, and it was impossible for common people to enter the compound. Besides, there were even armed soldiers standing guard every day. It was a place of great power.

It wasn’t like the her in her previous life had never been to such a place.

But at that time, she was the most wanted criminal that the intelligence bureaus wanted to arrest…

When Qin Mo got off the car, the soldiers wearing uniforms and standing erect all raised their hands and saluted, which left a deep impression about the difference between here and outside.

“Young Master.” A middle-aged woman dressed like a servant came up to them.

Qin Mo pulled Fu Jiu over with one hand, and he said in a low voice, “Aunt Zhang, he is my little brother, Fu Jiu, and he will come here often from now on. Please arrange everything for him.”

Aunt Zhang was confused. She had never heard of her young master having a little brother in all her years of work in Qin family?!

Neither the boss nor his wife knew about it…

With a charming, evil smile, Fu Jiu was about to talk to Aunt Zhang, when Almighty Qin pinched her wrist and said, “Don’t just flirt with anyone, understand?”

“I just wanted to say hello…”

“That’s not allowed either. Just go upstairs,” Qin Mo said mildly as he exerted more strength on her wrist.

Fu Jiu, who had a lollipop in her mouth, felt a little depressed. She thought that, even as a brother, wasn’t Almighty Qin a bit too strict with her?

Qin Mo entered the room, threw his coat on the sofa, and unfastened the buttons of his shirt with his left hand. He looked at the young man with his eyebrows lifted, and he asked in a domineering way, “Do you think that I am too strict with you?”

“A little bit.” Fu Jiu sat down and yawned lazily.

Seeing the young man sit down so close to him, Qin Mo somehow relented a little. With a noble temperament , he said, “Let’s have a man-to-man talk.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

A conversation between men?

It might be unsuitable for… me…

I’m not a man…

To be honest, Brother Mo, you’ve got the wrong person.

“Do you want to fall in love now?” He looked at the dispirited young man and felt that he might have been too tough with him. After all, he should not treat his little brother like his subordinate. Qin Mo added unconsciously, “I’m not against puppy love, but right now you’d better focus on your studies.”

Fu Jiu was amazed to hear that. She had never thought about falling in love.

“Keep your distance from girls later on.” Seeing that the young man didn’t look up, Qin Mo kept his voice down and said, “At least, you should pass your exams before falling in love with someone. But you are ranked dead last right now, right?”

Feeling hurt once again, Fu Jiu couldn’t help but raise her arm and put it on the shoulder of the man. She looked at the man with her beautiful eyes and said, “Brother Mo, how about we change the topic and talk about how to be a good brother.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo turned his head to the side and looked at the young man. With his finger across his thin lips, he said with a cold smile, “Do you mean that you are unsatisfied with my being your brother?”