Chapter 1210 - Untitled

Chapter 1210: Untitled

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At this moment inside the camp, the lights were still switched on in the second floor of a building. Someone was conducting a psychological test on all the soldiers – but he couldn’t seem to focus. It was the third time Qin Mo had lifted his head to glance at the room door.

The smell from the shower was fresh in the air, the scent from the soap lingering.

Qin Mo felt uneasy not seeing her today.

The next time he glanced at the clock, Qin Mo reached for his jacket and walked out the room towards Bo Jiu’s dorm.

At that moment, Prince had just finished his ten rounds of punishment and had collapsed on the bed like a dead corpse. It was a pity he wasn’t in the right place. He was lying on Bo Jiu’s bed.

That was the first thing that came to sight when Qin Mo entered the room. His beautifully defined brows arched.

Prince was about to stretch, freezing mid-action when he caught sight of the tall and imposing figure at the door. F*ck, why didn’t anyone warn him!

Prince was fearless but at that moment, he couldn’t seem to control himself, leaping onto his feet. His feet tap the floor once in a salute. “Captain Qin”.

Qin Mo glanced towards him, his gaze landing on the lower bunk bed. “Where is he?”

Just three words but it was enough to send a chill down Prince’s spine. Even though solo matches were common in the military, there weren’t many who would engage in jungle solos.

After the phone incident this morning, Prince was well versed with the evil devil’s punishments. He betrayed his teammate without hesitation. Since they were family, the punishment wouldn’t be that heavy.

“Reporting, Sugar Daddy…” Prince paused slightly, biting down on his tongue. “Recruit No.10 is having a solo PK in the jungle, he should be in the prohibited area outside the camp.”

Qin Mo frowned.

F*ck, this was bad. Even though he wasn’t the culprit, Prince could sense his displeasure. Even if his brother won the solo, he wasn’t going to have a good time. Life was tough with such a cousin.

Prince was deep in thought when Qin Mo asked another question, “How long has it been?”

“Ah?” Prince never expected him to ask about the time since his previous instructor would definitely be raging. “Reporting, it should have been about two hours.”

Qin Mo tilted his head, stuffed his hands into his pocket, and glanced up.

Prince couldn’t help but exclaim over his divinely good looks. Even a rather handsome looking fellow like himself couldn’t help but admit defeat.

Had the captain been chosen because of his good looks?

“It’s too long,” Qin Mo added when he turned over, his eyes dark and grim.

Prince couldn’t understand. “Too long?”

“He’s well skilled in jungle combat, two hours is way too long for exterminating a sniper,” Qin Mo repeated as he analyzed the situation aloud.

Prince opened his mouth: … Honestly, Captain Qin, that sniper is the second-best sniper after Wolf. Moreover, it’s a solo, not a one-sided massacre. Are you so sure Sugar Daddy… will exterminate him?

Why did it seem like he was flaunting his cousin?

Qin Mo glanced out at the night skies briefly before adding, “Which way did he go?”

“The west side of the training grounds, from the small jungles.” The second he finished speaking, the tall figure turned and left. He didn’t even catch a glimpse of his expression before he left.

What did he mean? Prince was utterly confused.

At that moment, the sniper understood that any more persistence on his part would just be endangering his partner’s life.

The camp was a thousand meters away. He had to move faster, and faster in order to pass on the news and to save his partner.

Just as Bo Jiu had said, she would do the tracking and would keep them within the jungles when the time came.

The jungle was filled with dangers at night, the cold wine smashing onto their bodies. Amidst the trees, the youngster held her rifle, catching up on the mercenaries stealthily.

The mercenaries weren’t slow, but Bo Jiu was moving quickly.

As their only two aims were to kill and to collect information on their defense, they had been taking photos the entire time. They couldn’t touch the defense wired fence because the moment it detected the enemies, they would be electrocuted.

But this time, the mercenaries were prepared. They had brought a pair of gloves that could protect them against the electricity. One of them laughed. “As expected, the defense in the borders isn’t that great. The next time anyone wants to take revenge against the Chinese, they can just wear anti-electric shock clothes.”

“The signal defense mechanism isn’t bad.” One of them raised his hand to snap another photo. “There doesn’t seem to be anyone here. Any further and we’ll be inside. Should we kill some civilians? I’m starting to feel hungry after walking so much, hahaha.”

“Stop killing and fighting the entire day, have a meal and give them our drugs. Let them have some of our products. That is the best tactic.” The leader lifted his rifle. “Are you done taking photos?”


“Let’s go to the other military unit, there aren’t many men around here. Don’t forget, there’s one more left on our killing list.”

The leader glid through a local village nearby, heading towards military unit 147.

Previously Bo Jiu had mentioned that she couldn’t allow them to pass through the defense wires because over at the other side of the wired fence, the people were defenseless.

The youngster’s gaze dimmed. She turned and leaned against a tree, opening her military bag. Inside was the electric car she had wanted to gift the Almighty but now, it seemed like she would have to use it.