Chapter 1211 - Untitled

Chapter 1211: Untitled

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The youngster’s side profile seemed a little cold under the moonlight. The mole under the corner of her eye was especially obvious at this timing. Somehow, she looked a little like a fairy fox.

Her fingers slid across the electric car that was the size of her palm. She lifted her hand and pulled the black face cloth up. Then she lowered her body and sneaked into the darkness like a shadow.

Mist formed in the jungle. She might be able to use this to her advantage.

The youngster placed her hand on the military dagger stuck behind her waist. A ray of light flashed past her eyes. Then she maneuvered the direction key control with one hand and ran in the opposite direction.

The people on the other side were still chatting.

“Before we came, we just heard that there was a military unit here. I didn’t expect us to meet a secret military unit. If this piece of news spreads, it will give those soldiers much pressure. They won’t have the time to keep thinking about crossing the borders to catch us.”

“Catch us?” The leader of the group smiled. His voice was filled with contempt. “Them? Which one of them is Wang’s match?”

“That’s right. With Wang around, they will only die if they cross the borders.”

The group of men started laughing. They looked arrogant and bloodthirsty.

Right at this moment, a sound that sounded like a bottle of gasoline being opened floated into their ears. It was obviously weird for such a sound to appear here.

The group of men stopped moving when they heard the sound. Even from their back view, one could tell that they were on their guards. They lifted their rifles too. The action was very small but it was enough to show that Bo Jiu was right. It would be difficult trying to find a way to tackle these people.

The leader of the group had the fastest reaction. He immediately looked to his right side. Then the expression on his face turned blank.

Actually, it wasn’t his fault that his expression turned blank. It was all because of the thing he saw. A red heart-shaped light?! There was a red heart-shaped light on a miniature electric car?! What the f*ck, was this thing supposed to appear here?

The corners of his lips twitched visibly. The expressions on the faces of the other four mercenaries, who were standing beside him, started to turn even more indescribable.

Not enough of that, as the miniature car got closer, the marks on the red heart-shaped light became clearer to them. There were four Chinese words. They couldn’t read the words. Although the sniper knew Chinese, he only knew how to speak Chinese and couldn’t read Chinese words.

“Boss, what’s that?”

The leader of the group didn’t answer. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and a malicious aura seeped out of his gaze. “There must be someone here. It wasn’t a rabbit just now. Shoot!”

Before the electric car could get even nearer, the person beside the leader had raised his gun. He took one shot to flip the electric car directly. The red heart-shaped light started blinking.

In the jungle, a light of this color made people’s hearts tremble, more or less.

“Boss!” The person who took the shot opened his mouth again. The car that had turned over had flipped back again. However, the light stopped blinking. The car parked there quietly, looking a little haggard.

“Someone is controlling it.” The leader of the group wasn’t stupid. “Go and find this person!”

“Yes.” Two of the men in their group took a step forward. Just when they took their step, the electric car started moving again. This time, its speed was much faster than before.

“F*ck!” The sniper spurted this word out of his mouth.

Suddenly, a voice came from the electric car. “Mr. Qin, please unlock the voice password lock. You will have three chances.”

The five people stopped in their tracks. Their expression turned even more complicated.

“Boss, is the car speaking?”

Before the leader of the group could react, the electric car started talking again. “Countdown to unlock the password. You have ten seconds. Ten…”

The sniper instinctively waited for the car to count the number nine. Yet, unexpectedly, the electric car’s voice took a turn and a youngster’s lazy voice was heard. “Zero.”

The corner of the sniper’s mouth twitched a few times. What happened to the ten seconds countdown? Had it been eaten by a dog!

“I’m sorry. You didn’t give the correct password within the allocated time. I will explode automatically. Sigh, I’m so sad.” The electric car started running in circles. It seemed to be really sad or maybe the bullet a moment ago had damaged its circuit and had paralyzed the fellow.

“Explode?” The sniper wasn’t concerned. He raised his hand and shot the electric car. The electric car didn’t give any reaction. “It’s already spoilt. How can it explode?”

The leader of the group narrowed his eyes further. “Why are you getting angry at an electric car? Find the person. Go and find the person who’s acting mysteriously on purpose!”

“Yes.” The sniper wanted to turn and leave the moment he replied to his leader. However, a loud explosion was heard from his left side. It was so loud it caused his ears to buzz.

The explosion was real. Although it wasn’t powerful enough to kill people, it was able to make two out of the five people lose control of their five senses. The three people that were left cursed silently and wanted to drag their friends away.

The one that was closest to the bushes just managed to lift his leg when he felt a gust of wind behind him. He wanted to turn around and fire his rifle but his neck was already held by someone from his back.

Then, a slit down his throat. It was so swift and clean-cut that he couldn’t believe a person was actually behind him. He didn’t even have the time to turn and take a look. The other party let go of his neck and a soft and lazy voice whispered beside his ear. The person only said one word, “One.”

When had this person appeared here? Why didn’t any of them detect him? Also, what did this person mean by one?

The mercenary, who came from the ungoverned lands, wanted to speak but he could only make soft noises. He pressed his neck with one hand and pointed in front of him with the other. His windpipe was cut so his body started convulsing. He wanted his comrades to turn around.

However, the other party came at the right time. The attention of the people in front were all attracted by their leader, who got affected by the explosion. No one looked behind them as they didn’t expect someone to be so bold and come out directly when the five of them were together.

Bo Jiu made use of this time difference. If we had to describe her actions, she was like the phantom of the night, appearing to kill people and disappearing right after she finished her actions. Her movements were smooth and swift. Once you felt a sense of danger, she had already killed the person.

Just like what Bo Jiu said, every hacker was a magician. Magicians were able to succeed because they knew how to shift people’s attention. The electric car was the thing she had used to shift their attention. From the second it had appeared, Bo Jiu had already started moving in the opposite direction.

Ambush and strike. Killing the last man. That was what her real intention was.

As for why she said the number one, well, she was counting the number of people…