Chapter 1212 - Untitled

Chapter 1212: Untitled

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Every combat personnel would understand this point. During a live ammunition battle, the side with more people would have a huge advantage. Also, Bo Jiu was only left with a military dagger now and the mercenaries had also noticed that there was someone else in the jungle.

The sudden explosion caused the vicious-looking leader of the group to cover his ears with his hands. He cursed quietly and shook his head. He wanted to push the people who came to hold him up away. His gaze was ruthless as he said, “Find, find the person for me!”

“Boss, Carrey… he…” By this time, someone had already noticed the person who was lying on the ground with all his limbs convulsing.

The leader glanced at his side. He cursed, “F*ck.” Then he fired at the bushes furiously.

Bo Jiu rolled on the ground quickly. If she had been a little slower, she could have gotten injured by the bullets. She tilted her body and used the bushes to cover her up, leaning against the trunk of a tree on her back. There were remnants of grass stuck on her nose. She adjusted her breathing slowly so that she could hide and find another chance to attack her opponents.

At this moment, it was impossible for the mercenaries to go to the residential area anymore. She had successfully kept them outside the wired fence and inside the jungle.

Bo Jiu raised her head and spun her dagger. She was thinking what the Almighty would do if he met with such a situation. There were four people left. One of them was seriously affected by the explosion. Based on the angle he was at, Bo Jiu predicted that he had lost his sense of hearing. However, he still had his gun. That was a long-ranged sniper and the other three people were unscathed.

The hardest person to deal with was the leader of the group. His vigilance, speed of reaction, and fighting skills were all very strong. Most importantly, this person was a natural maniac. He didn’t seem to be afraid of death.

While Bo Jiu was thinking about all these, she still listened to her surroundings carefully. Any movements meant that someone was closing in on her. The only advantage she had was the weather in the jungle. It was misty. However, how was she going to break through their formation or protect herself from now on? This was honestly a little difficult for Bo Jiu.

Even a clever woman cannot cook a meal without rice. She was at the losing end because the bullets in her rife weren’t real…

Far away, the night sky got darker. When there wasn’t any wind, the mist was especially thick. This was how no-man’s land was like.

It wasn’t safe to enter the jungle at this time because when the mist was dense, poisonous snakes would come out of their den. Thus, all the military units had a rule. If there were no military exercises, besides the guards, no one was supposed to enter the jungles.

When the soldier on night duty saw the person walking towards him with his gaze even darker than normal, the soldier placed his heels together and gave a proper salute. “Captain Qin.”

Qin Mo was already a major general but the people here were used to calling him Captain Qin. “Are there any problems?”

The soldier paused for a moment when he heard Qin Mo’s sentence. “Nothing. Everything is normal. The radar section is normal too.”

Normal? Qin Mo lifted his gaze and looked at the dark night sky far away. He furrowed his brows again. “Give me your backpack and your gun.”

Huh? The soldier didn’t understand why Captain Qin wanted his equipment. However, in the military, soldiers needed to obey all the commands. “Yes.”

The soldier took off everything that was on his waist, as well as the rifle that he was carrying. He passed them all to Qin Mo.

He watched as Qin Mo tilted his head and adjusted the shooting angle of the rifle. The clicking sound of the gun was heard. Qin Mo’s gaze was indifferent as he continued, “Your earpiece.”

“Yes.” The soldier didn’t expect Captain Qin to take his wireless earpiece too. What was Captain Qin planning to do?

Qin Mo took over the black earpiece and hung it on his left ear. However, at this moment, he heard something. He swiftly raised his gun and aimed it at the forest. “Who’s there?”

There was someone here? The soldier hadn’t realized what was happening.

But the breathing of a person was already heard from the other side. “It’s me. I’m from the military unit. Something…”

The sniper who had had a solo battle with Bo Jiu didn’t expect Captain Qin to be stationed here. He only remained stunned for a split second before rushing over. His lungs were exploding. When he spoke, his chest heaved up and down furiously. “Captain Qin, something bad has happened. Someone had invaded the no man’s land. No. 10… he went to chase them alone. They were heading towards the north. The residential area and our neighboring military unit are in the north. Captain Qin…”

Before the sniper could finish speaking, someone grabbed his shoulders with a huge force. “Who went to chase the people alone?”

“10… No. 10.” The sniper was blaming himself entirely by this time. “I should have stayed together with him. He asked me to inform you that those people took a lot of photos of the military units. He even said that the two of you have a similar USB stick. If the direction is right, they should be able to detect each other.”

Qin Mo didn’t have the time to ask him why they didn’t wear any communication earpieces when they had entered the no man’s land. He didn’t have the time to blame anyone either. He knew that if they wanted to protect the secrets of the military bases and the military defense checkpoints at the borders, they must kill the invaders. Between the two of them, there must be one person returning to report their findings while the other continued following the invaders.

Qin Mo knew the theory but at this moment, his mind was blank. His fingers trembled uncontrollably. He could only suppress the uneasiness that was surging out of his heart by grabbing the rifle tightly.

Qin Mo didn’t even realize that his expression exuded a hint of killing intent. The sniper was still speaking. However, Qin Mo appeared as if he couldn’t hear the sniper. All the way until the word ‘USB stick’ appeared. When he heard this, Qin Mo finally looked up. He told himself that he must calm down. Especially at a time like this, he needed to remain even more composed. If he couldn’t keep his cool, who would fetch his Little Bo Jiu back?

Qin Mo raised his hand and pressed his temples. They were hurting. The excruciating pain caused his eyes to turn bloodshot instantly.

The soldier beside Captain Qin got frightened by him. In the past, he had heard that Captain Qin had been kicked out of the military unit because he got hypnotized by someone before. That hypnosis was very scary. Once it was triggered, the personality of a person would change entirely.

The higher authorities were afraid of this so they had taken Captain Qin out of the military unit.

Now… The soldier opened his mouth and called, “Captain Qin.”

As the soldier spoke, Qin Mo opened his mouth simultaneously, “Inform our neighboring military unit to activate all their forces to stop the invaders. Our military unit will conduct a thorough search from three directions, the east, south, and west. We will try to stop them from getting out of the borders. If there’s a need, we can snipe them directly.”

“Yes.” The soldier stomped his feet.

The sniper looked at their captain. He saw Qin Mo turning on his earpiece and speaking with a slightly hoarse voice, “Carry your guns and enter the forest. Lock my location. I’ll give all of you one minute to catch up.”

Magician was washing his feet with his towel with Hunter sitting beside him. The conversation between the two of them was about how they could help their captain hide his love relationship.

Hence, when they heard the voice from the earpieces, their expressions turned serious. They stood up from their bed immediately at the speed of lightning…