Chapter 1213 - Untitled

Chapter 1213: Untitled

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Snap! It was the sound of the belt buckle. The gun and the bullets were buckled behind her waist.

Snap. This was the sound of them stabilizing their equipment. They used their fingers to grab the outerwear of their combat attire. In a blink of an eye, they wore it on their bodies.

So far, they only used 25 seconds. During this time, they didn’t forget to raise their hands and confirm the time on their wristwatches.

Wolf, who had also received the same piece of news, tilted his head and started adjusting his rifle.

Many people said that if you never entered a military unit, you would never know how fast these people could be. Their speed was beyond one’s imagination even when they were wearing their shoes. Indeed, this was the truth. They were not only fast. This was their body’s rhythm after training for so many years. Besides being fast, their actions were uniform too. They were so organized it was astonishing.

From the moment they received the order to the time they finished their preparations, Magician and his comrades only took a little more than 30 seconds. Then they started moving out like leopards.

At this moment, Qin Mo had already entered the forest before them. The soldier looked at Qin Mo’s back view and opened his mouth. He turned to look at the sniper and asked a little worriedly, “Will something happen to him?” After all, Captain Qin’s condition didn’t seem right.

The sniper was more composed. Maybe it was because of his real battle experience tonight, he knew what he should do. “Just follow Captain Qin’s order. I’ll report to the General.”

Far away, inside the dense forest, no wind could be detected. But the temperature was very low. If someone stayed in this weather for a long time without moving, he would definitely feel cold.

Bo Jiu was indeed feeling cold now. When the mist appeared, the temperature of the ground would be very low. To give herself a better disguise, she lowered her entire body among the bushes. Her hands were freezing. From the color of her lips, you could tell that she was very cold.

However, she couldn’t care about it currently as she needed to find a point to break through. All the four mercenaries were walking towards her. There was another method. She could lead these people into the jungle but that would mean that she had to lose contact with the military unit entirely.

They were bringing the piece of news back to the north. If she walked deeper into the forest, she would be heading south. That was the direction of other country’s territory. Thus, she couldn’t lead them into the forest.

When Bo Jiu thought about this, she got up and grabbed the tree branches with both of her hands, making use of the heavy mist to conceal her movements. Before the mercenaries came over, she climbed up the tree quickly. The tree branch could only hide her for a short while. She needed to climb higher as it was more secure up there.

However, it was lucky that she reacted quickly because the first thing the four mercenaries did when they walked over was to shoot the entire patch of bushes. But the mercenaries still noticed some traces. The bushes had been obviously pressed down.

These mercenaries weren’t idiots. The leader of the group was exceptionally hard to deal with.

He bent his body down and touched the collapsed bushes with his fingers. He narrowed his eyes and smiled at the empty jungle as if he was teasing a helpless mouse. “Stop hiding. After you left the bushes, there are no footprints around here. We didn’t hear the sound of anyone moving so that means that you haven’t left. Since you haven’t left and we have shot at the bushes, it’s confirmed that you’re up among the trees. Once you go up, it won’t be easy for you to come down.”

Bo Jiu was indeed hiding in a tree. She was hiding in the one nearest to them too. However, she didn’t make any sound. She tilted her body and kept her back close to the tree branches. Then she grabbed her military dagger tightly. Her gaze was extremely dark…