Chapter 1214 - Untitled

Chapter 1214: Untitled

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The jungle was still very quiet. It seemed as though there was no one present. This made the leader of the group very unhappy. He hated it when people purposely hid in front of him, especially when this someone was a little ghost from China.

From the level at which the bushes were pressed down, a person with ample combat experiences would be able to predict their enemy’s body size and their height.

The person who carried that electric car with him shouldn’t be too old either. However, this was the person that disrupted their tempo and even killed one of their men.

Whenever he thought about this, the leader of the group would exude viciousness in his eyes. Even if they had to leave before their allocated time, he must find that little ghost who messed up their plans!

“Are you still planning to play hide and seek?” The leader of the group smiled. “You must be alone, right? Let me guess. Besides your military dagger, you don’t have any other weapons. If not, when we haven’t discovered you, you could have shot us from afar using a silencer. You risked your life to kill one of us so it looks like you have no other choices.” The leader of the group lifted his gun as he spoke. He fired at the top of one of the trees. Bang! Leaves floated down and crows flew into the air.

“Is it this tree?” The leader sneered. “Don’t worry, we have many bullets. We can slowly find you.”

He did a hand signal to the people beside him by pointing to the left and the right. He was asking them to split up.

The other three people nodded. They were very excited about the brutal killing that was about to start. From their point of view, if their opponent really only had one person, he was looking for death. How dare he disrupt their plans and kill one of their men? It seemed like this little ghost didn’t know what kind of enemy he was facing.

Their leader was right. They had already confirmed the boundary where the little ghost had to be. Even though there were around 30 trees within this boundary, if they had the heart to find this person, it would only take around three minutes for the four people to find their opponent.

Bo Jiu knew this better than anyone else. She knew this fact clearly so she didn’t dare to move.

However, right at this second, a military jet shot passed the sky above the jungle. No, not one. Besides this military jet, there were many more far away!

These military jets were shooting through the clouds and flying towards them in an organized manner. The scale of this military jet fleet was very big. They circled around in the sky. Every military jet looked frighteningly powerful, especially since there was some distance between each military jet. They flew in a triangle formation and brought an oppressive and domineering aura along with them.

There were a total of seven military jets. They were like iron armors, jumping into the mercenaries’ eyes instantly.

China’s flag was printed on the military jet. It was bright red and glaring.

“Lea-leader… Ha-have we been… discovered?” Someone got scared. He was even stuttering when he spoke. It wasn’t solely because he was a coward but also because those infrared detection fighter jets were really frightening.

The leader of the group gave a cold smile. “So, what if we’ve been discovered. There’s no light in the sky nor in the forest. Do you think they can detect our location?”

Right at this moment, the fighter jets started giving a warning. “You have already invaded our lands. Based on the international law, our country has the right to shoot you on the spot. Warning, put down your guns.”

“Boss!” One of the mercenaries got flustered immediately.

The leader of the group slapped him immediately. “Did you hear them clearly? This is just the first warning. Based on the international laws, they need to give three warnings before they can shoot us. Do you understand that? Also, let me repeat myself. They’re a long distance away from the ground. Do you think they can really see us? Idiot!”

While he was speaking, the leader of the group felt stressed too. He didn’t know whose idea this was. Who was the one who had asked the fighter jets to warn them? Was it to frighten them? Who had come up with this idea?

It was of course Qin Mo. The soldier who worried about Qin Mo’s bad condition was completely wrong. If it was an issue regarding Bo Jiu, even if Qin Mo’s condition wasn’t good, he would force himself to calm down and settle the matter.

He would start from the psychological state of the invaders. After entering the forest, Qin Mo contacted the commander headquarters with his earpiece and immediately called for the fighter jets. This was to make the invaders frightened and anxious. It would buy them some time.

“Boss, we should leave quickly.” The person who got scolded that he was an idiot didn’t mind it at all. He just wanted to run away as quickly as possible.

But the leader of the group was exceptionally ruthless. “Why are we running away? There are five more trees left. Catch the little ghost and use him as our hostage. No one will know whether he’s dead or alive when we are holding him. This method is very effective against the soldiers of China. If we have a hostage, they will never shoot us. Do you understand? Find him!”


The leader of the group was fixed on killing Bo Jiu. Also, just like what he said, there were only five trees left.

Bo Jiu heard their conversation below and looked up at the fighter jets who didn’t have a target. She knew that this was a sign that the Almighty was coming soon. Her gaze turned dark. She leaned towards her left and kept close to the tree branch. She fixed her gaze on the tree and tilted her head. Only her high nose bridge could be seen.

One of the people walked towards her direction. Just as the person was about to come close to Bo Jiu’s tree Bo Jiu seemed to detect something. She raised her left hand. Slash! A huge sound was heard. She lifted the military dagger and slashed through the mist, throwing it at the person below her.

The mercenary had obviously noticed the person on the tree. Just as he was about to raise his gun, he got stabbed in his forehead by the military dagger that flew over. One shot and one kill!

There were no mistakes at all. Whether it was the angle or the prediction of the time, everything was perfect. The smell of blood spread in the air.

The leader of the group was the first to turn his body. He aimed at the top of the tree and fired a shot.

In that instant, the black belt that Bo Jiu was clutching in her hand played a significant role. She had tied the belt to another tree some time ago. She moved her body and jumped onto the other tree.

Her movements were beautiful but it couldn’t help her escape the danger as her position was completely exposed. Also, she had already thrown her military dagger away. From the looks of it now, she could only rely on her dodging skills and her luck.

Bo Jiu threw her military dagger out because the USB stick in her pocket had started blinking. This meant that the Almighty was within 500 meters from her.

She stepped on the tree and used the force to pounce back. This action looked handsome and could help her evade the bullets to a certain level. But it required much energy. After flying three times, her breathing had changed. It was different from before. She was obviously panting.

The leader of the group noticed this too. He narrowed his eyes and smiled. He mocked Bo Jiu arrogantly, “Do you have wings? Well, let’s see how much longer you can fly, especially after I break your wings.”