Chapter 1215 - Untitled

1215 Untitled

As he spoke, he wanted to dash forward – but the next second, the leader of the group stopped abruptly. It was because the person who was walking beside him suddenly fell backward. His fingers were still in the same position as when he was walking and his mouth was wide open. The bewilderment and astonishment in his eyes had not subsided. However, the person was already dead.

There was no warning at all. Yet a bullet hole had appeared on his forehead. Fresh blood was spreading in the air just like the mist. When it gushed into their noses, the people at the side quickly raised their guns.

“Retreat! Retreat!” the leader of the group shouted as he retreated swiftly.

But there were still people who didn’t manage to retreat to a safe distance because the speed of the sniper was too fast. The instant the first shot had landed, the second shot was fired and the sound of a gunshot was heard.

This time, the sniper didn’t aim at his enemy’s forehead. He aimed at his heart. Another person used his hands to clutch his chest. His eyes widened and the blood on his face subsided quickly. He could feel the stickiness of fresh blood on his palm.

Due to his movement, he managed to save his life. However, he only managed to save it for now. The bullet didn’t hit his heart but it caused him to lose his ability to move directly. He couldn’t stop the blood flowing out of his body too.

The expression on the leader’s face changed entirely when he noticed that two of his men were knocked down within a few seconds.

It seemed as though in that instant, he felt afraid. It was a fear that came from the depth of his heart because he had never seen any sniper who was able to shoot two people within such a short span of time. Moreover, the sniper’s accuracy was very high even though they were moving! It should be known that their speed of moving was much faster as compared to a normal person. Who was this?!

The leader of the group panted heavily. He leaned against the trunk of a tree and breathed violently.

The mercenary who hadn’t died looked up at him. He probably hoped that his boss would pull him over. But in this kind of situation, their boss couldn’t even go out. Who was the person who fired one shot after another and all the shots hit the targets?

Only Bo Jiu, who was standing on the tree, knew who it was.

Three hundred meters away, the figure that was walking over with his rifle moved faster than her. From the top to the bottom, his disguise was near perfect. He had merged with the color of the jungle. When he raised his gun and aimed, he seemed like a perfect sniper.

The mist hovered around him, covering his slender figure. It was easy for people to overlook him. Strangely, there was a weird atmosphere around him, especially when he was taking aim. It was as if the rifle had created an invisible barrier.

The leader of the group was a smart person. Very soon, he realized that their mission was probably going to fail this time so he picked up the phone on the ground and started retreating hurriedly.

The fighter planes in the air locked in on the source of the gunshot and flew over. They were like a patrol. The leader of the mercenaries felt chills all over his body.

The other mercenary was in a worse state than him. His legs were even shaking. “Boss, what should we do? I don’t think we can run away!”

“There’s no need to run away. Can you see that we’re only a thousand meters away from the border line in front of us? As long as we reach there, they won’t have the right to catch us even if we were discovered!” The leader of the group ran forward furiously as he spoke.

Mercenaries were very fast when they ran. This was the jungle but they were not ordinary people. They had a certain amount of combat experience so they knew how they should walk through this kind of path. Instead of walking, running was a more relevant term. But they were still carrying some equipment on them so it affected their running speed.

They threw many bombs behind them while they were running. This was to prevent anyone from catching them from the back. Yet when these bombs exploded, it exposed their location too.

Bo Jiu held the tree branch with her fingers and shook her head. She was stunned by the bomb explosion. She lifted her hand and patted her ears. Then she continued moving forward with her belt.

It was impossible for the two mercenaries not to notice that there was a person following them, even if the person was on the trees. “Boss, that soldier keeps following us. Damn it, he’s like a cockroach!”

Ruthlessness engulfed his entire face when the leader of the mercenaries heard this. “Throw the bombs at the trees.”

“Yes.” They didn’t have many bombs left but it was enough to deal with a single person.

Bo Jiu saw something flying over from the mercenaries’ direction.

She tilted her body and flipped sideways in the air, jumping down from the tree.

An explosion was heard. The residual force of the explosion caused Bo Jiu to lose her balance and her knees bent. She followed the movement of her body and rolled on the ground. After that, she quickly stood up. Her movements were very fast, so fast it dazzled people’s eyes. If her movement and reaction speed wasn’t so good, she might not have been able to evade that bomb.

Bo Jiu knew that currently she wasn’t able to hear anything. The youngster turned her face and placed one hand on the ground. Her eyes were like the stars, bright and deep.

At this point, she already knew what her opponent’s intention was because she was a criminal as well. She had many experiences with explaining herself to the police and legalizing her acts in these ungoverned lands. The police couldn’t do anything to her.

The exit of the jungle was right in front. After that, it wasn’t China’s territory anymore. At that time, they would need to take care of these people using international law.

Once they followed the international law, the government of Country M and Country T would butt in. The criminals would be transferred back to their countries for prosecution. If that happened, the entire world would know that China couldn’t even defend against a few mercenaries and the plans of the military would be exposed too. Thus, she must think of a way to hold these people back.

Bo Jiu felt that since those people had already run off, she stopped following behind them. Instead, she circled from the side.

The person in front noticed that the figure didn’t follow them anymore so he smiled. It was rare that he was still able to feel the joy of killing at a time like this. “Boss, we hit him with the bomb. That person should be obedient now.”

“Don’t forget that there’s still a sniper. Even till now, we aren’t sure which direction he is in.” While he was speaking, the leader of the group didn’t slow down his pace at all.

However, since there was no sound of people flying from tree to tree behind them, they felt more at ease. Especially the other mercenary. He didn’t feel pressured and didn’t have to keep his vigilance up anymore. This thought flashed into his mind but before it had subsided, he heard the sudden sound of wind beside his ears. Before he could recognize what it was, he was already hit and a loud bang was heard.

Someone attacked him from the side with the stock of a gun. The stock slammed into his face and he fell on the ground.

This time, she didn’t have a metal pole but she still had her rifle. There was no bullet in the rifle but in terms of one-on-one close combat, it could still land a heavy blow to her opponent in an instant.

The person who was hit to the ground wasn’t able to stand up again, much less take his gun. His entire mind was blank. The excruciating pain only allowed him to lay on the ground with his back hunched up.

Whether it was this mercenary or his boss who was running in front, they didn’t expect this person, who had been following them all the way from the start, to appear using this kind of entrance. The soldier carried a rifle in one hand. Her face was covered with a face cloth, revealing only her eyes. When she raised her hand, her gaze was as cold as the moon at night.

The leader knew that he couldn’t turn around to help his man. It was useless. There was only one way out: He had to run!

Something he had never expected happened. If the youngster was the one who stopped his men from running, what stopped him was the red dot aimed at his forehead.

In that split second, the entire jungle seemed to have turned silent. There was no sound of people running furiously. Only the cry of insects and the sound of breathing was left.

The leader of the group froze. Even his fingers tensed up. He didn’t dare to make the slightest movement. He knew clearly that he had already become the target of his opponent. If it had been an ordinary sniper, the leader wouldn’t be afraid. However, after seeing what happened just now, he wasn’t confident of evading the sniper’s attack.

The sweat on his forehead started dripping down his side profile in huge drops. It landed on the back of his hand. The other party didn’t say anything. Yet, he didn’t dare to move forward anymore.

His throat moved. He wanted to use his bomb so he moved his fingers. In that instant, a voice sounded from the jungle. The person was speaking in a calm tone, so calm that it made him widen his eyes. He had heard this voice before! “Do you think your actions are faster or will I move faster?”

Until now, the leader of the group was still trying to determine the person’s location. He still couldn’t figure it out.

The person spoke again. The voice was low as if he wasn’t speaking to the leader. It sounded more like he was giving a command through his earpiece. “Three o’clock direction on the ground. Spotlight.”

In that moment, the lights of the fighter planes, which were usually only turned on when they were landing, lit up this patch of the forest.

The strong light caused the leader, who had stayed in the forest for around eight hours, to raise his hand instinctively so that he could cover his eyes.

Even the youngster standing some distance away squinted and pulled her face cloth up a little. She tilted her face to the left.

The lights became hotter and hotter. After getting used to the bright light, the leader of the mercenaries finally realized that he was surrounded. All the fighter planes were locked in on him.

The leader swallowed his saliva. He knew that the real reason why he wasn’t able to escape was that the sniper had blocked his path in advance.

If it hadn’t been for that red dot and the sniper’s command, those fighter planes would never have been able to discover him and he wouldn’t have stopped here for ten seconds either.

After so much time, the leader of the mercenaries saw the outline of the sniper. That was right, just the outline.

That was because the sniper walked against the bright light so it was impossible to see his features. The leader could only see that the sniper was holding his rifle with one hand and walking towards him slowly and majestically.

The leader’s arms tensed up once again.

After that, he saw a pair of eyes. All the lights seemed to congregate into that pair of eyes.

It was really him…