Chapter 1216 - Untitled

1216 Untitled

It was really him!

The leader of the mercenaries had never thought that he would meet this person. However, the delicate brows and the deep gaze were telling him that this was indeed that person.

All mercenaries used to be in the military of the various nations.

That year, a training for all the top-class soldiers of the different nations had been held in the Amazon.

The leader of the mercenaries had still been a member of the M government during that time. That was when he had met Qin Mo. Of course, he didn’t know Qin Mo’s real name. He only knew this person’s codename: Young Master.

This person had once defeated all the other talented soldiers from the other nations and brought glory to his country. When he had done that, the leader of the mercenaries wasn’t even the second in rank.

He knew how capable Qin Mo was but within all these years, he had never heard this codename in any of the military units in China. Also, there was a rumor that this person had already been killed by the organization he was currently in now. Thus, the leader never felt that there was anything he needed to be frightened of.

Now, after he had seen this person, he felt his back tensing up.

The people on the fighter planes started landing on the ground. They surrounded him.

“I want him alive.”

The leader of the mercenaries felt his head turning numb when he heard these words. He didn’t dare to imagine what state he would end up in when he fell into this person’s hand. Did Wang know that this person was back?

Obviously, Kawang didn’t know it. The information he received still remained the same as the time when Qin Mo had been kicked out of the military unit and the hypnosis wasn’t removed. The military wouldn’t let someone who had been hypnotized come back for a military mission.

In normal circumstances, this was true. If it wasn’t for the fact that the issue this time was too hard to handle, Qin Mo would never come back. He only came back for the sake of everyone’s safety. However, all this could only happen as long as Qin Mo came voluntarily.

Kawang would probably never understand this. In China, some people were born to protect other people. One was the Tang family and the other was the Qin family. The responsibility had already been etched deeply into their bones.

We will always appear whenever this place needs us. This was a sentence spoken by a young major general with the surname Tang a long time ago when he wrote his retirement report.

It was the same for Qin Mo.

Even Kawang wouldn’t be able to understand it, much less this leader of the mercenaries.

Everything had ended and the mission was very successful as there were no casualties at all. This was the news on this side of the military unit. The situation in the other military unit was different. When they were searching through the jungle, they found two bodies. These were the two soldiers who gave the group of mercenaries doubt when they wanted to cross the defense line.

Being willing to be stationed at the dangerous borders was a kind of bravery in itself. The people that never had never been there would never understand what they went through mentally and what kind of bad environment they had to overcome to protect his piece of land.

The leader of the mercenaries was dragged up a fighter plane directly.

As for Qin Mo, he looked at and stared at the person who was still standing beside the tree. He called the person twice but there was no reaction from her. She just tilted her head and kept patting her ears.

Qin Mo leaped over in one step. His eyes were still red as he grabbed the youngster’s face without a pause. His voice was very deep as he said, “Are your ears ringing because of the explosion?”

Bo Jiu couldn’t hear him but she knew how to read his lips. She nodded and wanted to pat her ear.

The Almighty suddenly grabbed her hand. He used his free hand to touch her ear. “Is it this one?”

Bo Jiu’s instinct told her that the Almighty’s condition wasn’t right. His eyes were bloodshot. It didn’t look like the normal Almighty.

That was indeed the case. Sometimes, the more the psychologist forced himself to analyze, to calm down, and to do profiling, the greater the pressure he had to endure. The pressure was greater than what he had to bear normally.

Every profiling required much mental and physical energy. He needed to analyze everyone’s route as well as the methods the other party was using. This was why Qin Mo already had an image in his mind. But even if that was the case, he was still worried that he would make a mistake in his calculation this time. If he had been wrong, the consequence he would have paid was her.

Bo Jiu detected the force on the hand that was holding her. As for the other hand, it was rubbing her ears gently. His voice was deep too. “How do you feel now? Can you hear me speak?”

“It’s buzzing.” Bo Jiu felt that at a moment like this, she should get more intimate with this person. Hence, she decided to move closer.

Qin Mo froze for a second and didn’t say anything.

Bo Jiu took the chance when no one was looking to lower her voice and whispered, “Maybe a kiss will make it better.”

This time, Qin Mo smiled. The red capillaries in his eyes dissipated quite a bit. “A kiss will make it better?”

“Yes,” Bo Jiu said seriously.

Qin Mo used his fingers to rub the ear again. His voice was deep, just like the night sky. “I’m very scared.”

Bo Jiu didn’t expect to hear this sentence. Her eyes showed that she was stunned.

Qin Mo looked at her. There were too many emotions in his gaze. “What if I can’t reach in time?”

Bo Jiu felt that she should say something. Just as she was thinking about what to say, the hand left her ear. Then she felt him holding her wrist forcefully.

“Captain Qin.” A soldier on patrol came over and saluted. “We have finished clearing up. We have found all the phones as well as the guns these people used.”

“I understand.” Qin Mo’s tone was calm. “Inform the military unit that someone is injured here.”

The patrol: … Someone is injured? Where is he?

Of course, these weren’t questions he could ask. The only thing he could do after receiving the order was to contact the medical department immediately.

Very soon, the patrol looked up again and asked, “The doctor asked what the exact situation is. Did the person hurt his lungs or where is he hurt? Does he need to do surgery? How much blood did he lose?”

“It’s a temporary ringing in the ear after an explosion.” This sentence didn’t just cause the patrol to be dumbfounded. Even Doctor, who had picked up this network call, felt the corners of his lips twitching. Was Boss alright? The person just had ringing in his ear. Why did Boss need to inform him and ask him to make preparations!

He was a person with authority too. He was a professional among the professionals in both the psychological as well as the surgical aspect. Now, Boss wanted him to treat a temporary ringing in the ear?!

The person with the codename Doctor wanted to say something on his end of the call but like all times, Qing Mo didn’t give him any chances to speak. He immediately boarded the plane along with Bo Jiu.

The patrol was in the same plane too. While Captain Qin was activating his Bluetooth headset and making the final report to their general, he secretly asked as he lowered his voice, “Are you the injured soldier Boss was referring to?”

Bo Jiu raised her head and looked at the outline of the plane. Her posture was very casual. “I think so.”

The patrol’s gaze paused for a moment. “But you can hear what I’m saying, right?” What happened to being temporary deaf?

Bo Jiu turned her face and looked at him with an evil gaze. “Young man, you’re still too inexperienced.”

She had made a mistake. If she didn’t pretend to be sick, the Almighty might punish her by asking her to stand facing the wall again.

However, Bo Jiu hadn’t expected to be treated like a class 1 injured personnel just because her ears were temporarily deaf. This time, she was afraid that she might become famous in the military unit. She could tell from the flabbergasted gaze in the patrol’s eyes!

Bo Jiu thought that the astonishment would end here but to her surprise, when she was getting off the plane, the Almighty suddenly carried her up with a princess hug!

Bo Jiu hugged his neck instinctively very tight. The next second, her body landed in his arms. Her cheeks brushed against his cheeks, his soft skin, and the outline of his side profile. There was a faint smell of gunpowder.

The patrolling soldier wasn’t just flabbergasted now. He looked as if doomsday had arrived. On the other hand, Hunter and Magician, who were already waiting there for a long time, widened their eyes in shock. They didn’t know how to explain their emotion when they saw this scene.

Only Doctor frowned when he saw what was happening. “Who is this?” Carrying him? When had Boss ever carried someone?

“Injured.” The word floated over, spoken in an indifferent tone.

The soldiers at the side finally heaved a huge sigh of relief. So, this was an injured soldier. Well, Captain Qin did care about them occasionally. This was the reaction of the soldiers.

As for Hunter and Magician, after they heard the reply, they exchanged a glance with each other and then shifted their gaze away. In their hearts, they were thinking that this was a really good excuse.

Doctor felt the corners of his lips losing control entirely. Boss, explain to me. Why does an injured soldier who only got temporary hearing loss need you to carry him into the infirmary?

However, other people’s attention wasn’t on these two people. Every soldier stationed here only knew one thing now: Their mission was a success.

In the past, some people had still felt that recruit No. 10 wasn’t very impressive. He was just lucky. Now, these voices had disappeared entirely because all of them knew how dangerous it was to follow an enemy without carrying any ammunition and even fight with them.

This was risking his life. If it hadn’t been for the youngster, they probably wouldn’t even have known that there was an invasion. Even if they had found out, they might not have been able to annihilate them at the best moment.

No one would forget this point. No. 10 was worthy of wearing the military uniform on his body. He was even more outstanding compared to them.

Due to the seriousness of the issue, the general and the regiment commander would sit in the same military plane and send all information to Jiang City immediately.

It had been proven from many directions that these mercenaries were Kawang’s subordinates. Also, based on the brief explanation by the sniper, it had been confirmed that they wanted to let China know what kind of revenge they would take if China cut off their route of making money.

When the higher authorities saw the photos and the soldiers that had been sacrificed, they gave an order immediately from the top to increase the intensity of clearing any areas that had to do with drugs.

The cities located at the intersection of the three countries even received a piece of heavy news: Once drugs were discovered on the market, even the related departments would be held responsible. Entertainment venues should be taken note of too. Any forms of sales of drugs, whether it was through any channels or individual sales, would be prosecuted.

People that took drugs would be detained after they were caught, no matter who they were or what background they had. Their identity was useless. In an instant, things changed entirely.

Those people that had died mustn’t have been sacrificed for nothing.

In this world, especially in China, there would always be a bunch of people fighting for their lives with the most ruthless drug dealers. All they wanted was to clean up this piece of land.

No one knew what harm this thing could bring to someone because this wasn’t just something that could kill people. It was able to destroy a person until they didn’t seem like a human nor ghost.

If someone chose to enter the drug trade, it meant that one of his legs was already in the coffin. Some people were willing to go undercover and become spies in order to find out how their operations were like. This was to ensure that these drugs would never enter the country again.

Maybe, those people that chose to forgive those involved with drugs never knew that there were people using their lives to protect this piece of land, so that other people wouldn’t think that their country was weak; so that the people who went overseas would always remember that, no matter when it was, no matter what they faced outside, there would always be a strong shield protecting them from the back.

Unfortunately, not everyone could understand this…

The sky outside had turned even darker and after the successful mission, the military unit turned even quieter. That was because they needed to sleep.

There were twice as many soldiers being assigned as guards. The greatest change was the garrisoned territory as it was extended by another thousand meters. They didn’t care if there were only a few households living on the other end of the no man’s land, even though they might probably be only around eight herdsmen, the military still sent guards over to protect them secretly.

From a certain aspect, everyone’s morale wasn’t very high. Their military unit wasn’t affected but the military unit beside them had casualties. During normal times like the military exercises, they didn’t see eye to eye with one another but no one expected this to happen.

Doctor, who was holding a fountain pen and doing some psychological test, realized that after this issue, some soldiers shouldn’t stay here anymore.

However, this wasn’t the main point. The most important thing was that he, a military doctor, had been chased out. He had been chased out of the infirmary!

He used the end of the fountain pen to scratch his face. Why was there a mosquito at this temperature?

Doctor, who was in a white gown, was in a haggard state. Besides squatting outside the door, what else could he do? He could only find somewhere else to sleep. But there was one thing he was worried about. He had heard from the sniper that before their boss had entered the forest again, his condition hadn’t been right.

It was really not right. When Doctor saw his boss, he noticed the red lines in his eyes immediately, which was related to both the brain and the mental state of the person. That meant that before this, his boss’s head must have been hurt terribly until a certain point. However, how could he still remain so calm?

The entire military unit, including General Qin’s side, were worried about his boss’s performance if he couldn’t handle the psychological pressure. What if he recalled what happened in the past when he had been on his mission and what had caused his head to hurt so much that he couldn’t hold his gun?

He was the spiritual figure of the entire military unit. If something happened to him, it would be impossible to finish the mission.

But today, after Doctor turned his head to take a look, he muttered to himself unconsciously, “It must be pain but as compared to the pain, there’s someone more important waiting for him. That is why he forced himself to calm down. In the process, he forgot about the pain.”

He remembered what his teacher had told him in the past. Don’t underestimate this person.

His mind was so powerful it was frightening. He was indeed terrifying.

However, it wasn’t the kind of fear that could hurt people. This might be why people like them always trusted their boss. No matter how many years had passed, no matter what he went through, he had never changed – aside from teasing single men.

Doctor pulled his white gown tighter and decided that he shouldn’t torture himself anymore.

At this time, all the lights in the military unit were off. Even the light in the infirmary was caused by a huge torchlight. It shone on the youngster lying on the sickbed, making her look a little faint and misty.

There was an individual shower room here, where Bo Jiu bathed. The white patient gown hung loosely on her body. When she lowered her head, the back of her fair and soft neck was revealed…