Chapter 1217 - Untitled

1217 Untitled

Qin Mo sat on the side of the sickbed. He was helping the person pour some hot water. When his eyes came in contact with the arc that looked like a piece of jade, his gaze turned deep. Then he raised his hand and took a sip of water.

Bo Jiu was stunned for a moment when she saw this. “Brother Mo, isn’t that glass of water for me?”

“Just now, it was.” Qin Mo finished the water and placed the glass at the side. Then he bent his waist and touched her ear lightly with his fingers.

Strangely, it was a little cold. The coldness caused Bo Jiu to move back. She leaned her head against the wall. “What’s the matter?”

“I want to see if you’re feeling better.” As he spoke, he touched Bo Jiu’s ear casually.

Bo Jiu felt that she shouldn’t admit that she was alright at this moment. She should at least spend the night with him. She laughed instantly and stretched her back lazily. “Brother Mo, what did you say? I can’t hear you properly.”

“You still can’t hear me?” The corners of his lips lifted up. The handsome and elegant face got nearer and nearer. When his thin lips opened, you could see the beautiful outside. He was moving in slowly.

When the kiss landed on the tip of her ear, Bo Jiu’s heart trembled. Hey, this is against the rule.

She lifted her hand and wanted to push the person away. What if someone came in at this time? After all, this was the infirmary.

“What?” He pressed her wrist down. His lips were leaning against her ear. The aura of his body seemed as though it was going to engulf her. “Didn’t you say that you’ll feel better after a kiss?”

He was using her words against her again. Bo Jiu turned her hand and interlocked her fingers with his. “This is the infirmary.” She had spoken very clearly, right?

“Oh…” Qin Mo dragged his word. He spoke with his special tone. There was a hint of elegance in it. “So, our Sugar Daddy is afraid of being seen by other people too.”

Bo Jiu gave him a confused look saying, “What are you saying? I can’t hear you.” Since she was going to pretend, she should pretend until the end.

Qin Mo smiled and leaned closer. “Do you think that it’s a coincidence there’s only the two of us inside here?”

Of course not. That’s why I have to pretend to be sick. Almighty, don’t you know that you have been acting weirdly ever since the start?

Bo Jiu didn’t continue the conversation. Instead, she stretched her hand out and pressed his head down. With the amount of force she had, she could probably fight another round. However, when facing the Almighty, she just rubbed his head gently, very gently. He was still furrowing his brows. “Did your eyes turn red because your head hurts?”

Qin Mo paused for a second. His eyes widened in an instant and quickly returned to normal again. He smiled. “As compared to a head massage, there’s another faster way of getting rid of this pain.” He looked at her. His gaze was as dark as the night sky outside. It caused Bo Jiu to stop moving.

The next second, the torchlight seemed to run out of battery. They were swallowed by darkness. Bo Jiu wanted to lean over to press the torchlight but Qin Mo was a step faster. His breath had already come towards her, boring down on her from the front.

Then, his voice sounded beside her ears. “You make me want to do something when I see you wearing the patient gown.”

Before Bo Jiu could open her mouth, her chin was lifted. His lips pressed down on hers. There was a faint herb smell. The kiss was light, very light. The soft and slightly cold feeling made people think of mint candy. However, as time went by, the kiss got more and more intense. He sucked her tongue until the tip of her tongue was a little numb.

At first, their fingers were interlocked. Hence, the moment Bo Jiu exerted force on her hand, Qin Mo laughed in his deep voice. He released her and spoke with his lips still touching hers. “Do you like it?”

In the dark, Qin Mo was like a demon in the depth of the sea. Even his voice was lazy and sexy. It made people’s bodies heat up. In addition, he was very different tonight. “I always wanted to do this kind of thing. I will think about it even when I close my eyes. As expected, we shouldn’t stay in the same room.” The voice rang beside her ear. At the same time, it slowly pecked the back of her ears.

Bo Jiu felt that even her blood had turned warm. She moved her left hand which was interlocked with Qin Mo’s fingers, as if this was the only way she could give herself some strength. “Brother Mo…”

“Yes?” Qin Mo didn’t plan to let her get up. He followed her intention and released her hand. However, he grabbed her wrist and made her place her arms around his neck.

The two of them sat down facing each other. Qin Mo’s legs were too long so they naturally hung down from the side of the sickbed. But, even so, Bo Jiu could feel that she wasn’t sitting on the bed. She was sitting on the Almighty’s lap. Their distance was very close, so close that a pair of legs were needed to keep this distance between them.

“This is very weird,” Bo Jiu whispered, her breath landing on his shoulders. They were clad in a dark brown combat attire and looked very attractive.

Qin Mo turned his head. He seemed to love smiling today. “What’s so weird about me wanting to put the person I like in my arms and touch her?”

He used the word ‘touch’… Seriously? Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows and wanted to say something but just as she was about to speak, she felt her patient gown being lifted from her back. A hand slid in soon after. It brought along a cold feeling with it. Bo Jiu shuddered. She grabbed his clothes tightly. “Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo lowered his voice until it was extremely soft. “Don’t hide. Let me know that you’re really here.”

Bo Jiu’s heart turned soft when she heard this. She turned her head and rubbed against his shoulder. “One minute.” They were still in the military unit. In the past, she hadn’t understood but now, she knew. It wasn’t good for people to find out that they were doing this kind of thing.

Bo Jiu didn’t mind most things but she was worried about what those people would think of the Almighty. Fortunately, the Almighty was very cooperative today. He agreed in a lazy tone, “Okay, one minute.”

The bad thing was, the one minute lasted longer than she had expected. Also, she felt that the temperature in her surroundings was getting higher and higher. This was all because of the Almighty. If it had only been his hand, that would have been alright.

But this person had been god’s favored one the moment he was born. Not only did he look good even when you closed your eyes. But his voice was also so pleasant it sounded like the person speaking on the radio during a midnight program. When he spoke gently, his voice was exceptionally mesmerizing. “Did I ever tell you that this part of your body is very beautiful?” As he spoke, he pressed on Bo Jiu’s tailbone.

A numb feeling spread throughout Bo Jiu’s body. She straightened her back unconsciously, wanting to escape from the touch. Warmth seemed to be seeping out of the corners of her eyes. It caused the mole under her eyes to look as if it was plated with a layer of light.

Qin Mo’s gaze turned deeper because of this. “Your backbone is also very beautiful.”

Under the moonlight, the two figures on the sickbed could be seen clearly. The hands that looked like a piece of jade moved across the white and smooth back of the youngster. With every word he spoke, the tips of his fingers would press down one time.

Bo Jiu was unable to stabilize her breathing anymore. All she could feel was the pair of hands as well as the rising temperature of her body. Every time he pressed down with his fingertips, her body would shiver uncontrollably.

He moved closer and closer to her. His hot breath intertwined with her furious panting. His fingers pressed against the side of her body. Then he slowly moved his hand up…