Chapter 1218 - I“m Here

1218 I“m Here

Suddenly, Bo Jiu’s shoulders trembled and her face flushed. “It’s ticklish.”

“Is that so? It’s ticklish?” Qin Mo watched her. His eyes were so glazed under the moon it seemed teary. “Is it just ticklish?”

Bo Jiu curved her body in his arms as that was probably the only way to survive through the minute. She probably would never know, the more she reacted in such a manner, the harder it was for him to leave. It was as though he was possessed. That sensation was so intense yet tender and soft, just like warm jade. And the smell on her body… Qin Mo tilted his head over, his nose buried in her hair, his gaze turning dark.

Bo Jiu bit down on her lips, her hospital gown left with just two buttons fastened, exposing her delicate collar bones and tenderness. The snowy white skin was sending the temperature through the roofs amidst the night sky.

She wasn’t sure how he felt but her heart was thumping loudly. She had never perspired this much before, her lips panting unconsciously as the fingers intensified. Even the sound had a hint of sweetness. It wasn’t a bearable minute for Qin Mo but that was the only way to ascertain her presence.

Bo Jiu calmed her breathing. The next time she saw Qin Mo, she turned and pressed him onto the hospital bed. “Brother Mo, you aren’t behaving normally. Look at me, aren’t I here?”

“Mmh?” Qin Mo lifted his hands, caressing her face. At the beginning, she wasn’t the least bit likeable but gradually, he started to like her, this extremely mischievous youngster.

Bo Jiu made use of the moonlight. “I’m here.”

Qin Mo watched their position. “You intend to talk to me like this?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu leaned forward and kissed his lips mischievously. “You don’t have to use any other ways to verify my presence, I’ll tell you.”

Qin Mo looked into her eyes, the moonlight splashing onto the snowy white shoulders. Her patient gown had slipped down to her arms. Qin Mo could feel his throat tighten at the sight of her.

“Idiot,” Qin Mo scolded, pressing her head against his chest with his eyes shut.

Bo Jiu moved her fingers. The low and deep voice was reverberating through his chest. “My head hurts. Especially when I realized you went after them, it was so painful it felt like it was about to explode.”

She wasn’t sure why but amidst the darkness, Bo Jiu could hear his grievances in his indifferent tone. “What about now?” Bo Jiu straightened, reaching out to hug Qin Mo’s head.

Qin Mo stilled. He didn’t reply immediately. After a short while, he replied, “It’s alright.”

Bo Jiu glanced over at his sexy lips and bit on her own, her heart melting. Arrogant, simply arrogant, this was the Almighty, her little princess.

“Brother Mo, let me tell you a story.” When Bo Jiu had been young, she had always yearned for the day she could tell him a bedtime story. How else could she solidify her position in the household?

Qin Mo tilted his head over, allowing her warmth to heat him up inch by inch. The redness in his eyes started to dissipate and his head wasn’t as painful, his natural state showing through. “What stories can you tell me? Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me or Raping the Docile Little Wife?”