Chapter 1219 - Untitled

1219 Untitled

Bo Jiu: … This must be a fake relationship. Why else would he be bringing up her dark history?

“Not these two?” Qin Mo continued slowly. “Then it must be Transmigrated, The Dominating Prince?”

He was such a mood spoiler. Bo Jiu leaned over, planting a light kiss on his lips. Mmh, very tender.

Qin Mo couldn’t resist any longer, the ends of his lips curving upwards as he leaned over. The smile in his eyes couldn’t be hidden since he was the one being kissed.

Bo Jiu chuckled as well. Strangely, she had started to change after getting into a relationship.

Her left hand was pulled over, his fingers weaving through hers. Their position shifted; he was probably afraid she would be tired. After she was settled on the bed, his arms went behind her. There was a hint of frustration in his voice. “Sleep.”

But Bo Jiu hadn’t flaunted her specialty, she wasn’t just going to give up. “Brother Mo, I’m pretty good at telling stories.”

“Little Bo Jiu.” Qin Mo widened his eyes, his words coming out slowly. “You can choose to tell your story but the consequence is for you to be taken so many times you wouldn’t be able to leave the bed.”

Bo Jiu paused, breaking into a smile. “I guess you must have been enduring rather badly.”

“Are you itching for a beating?” Qin Mo placed his jaw on her head and shut his eyes once more, his long lashes fluttering downwards.

Bo Jiu couldn’t see his face but could sense the uneven breathing and heartbeat that he was trying to suppress. Even in such a position, his hands were still holding onto hers. He didn’t exert any force, allowing his arms to circle around her naturally. Whenever he decided to be tender and warm, Bo Jiu could see the entire milky wave before her eyes. She would tell her story after his mission, to be used for her proposal. Even though it was a pity the electric car was destroyed but…

Bo Jiu glanced over and noticed a glow coming from the corner of his pocket, it was a faint glow that was hidden inside his pocket but now that he had slid to the ends, the glow was obvious.

Bo Jiu recognized that item, it was the little heart-shaped installation on her electric car, with two tiny words carved atop: ‘Marry Me’.

“Brother Mo,” Bo Jiu called out. She tilted her head to glance at him. He was really asleep this time. He was probably exhausted to have fallen asleep in such a short time span. With his eyes shut, he seemed so ethereal, almost like a deity – but with his eyes open, he was a demon.

It wasn’t common for the Almighty to be this quiet. Bo Jiu reached out to caress his face. Sensing her familiar touch, he didn’t stir and instead inched closer towards her. Bo Jiu chuckled, whispering softly, “Little Princess.”

Even if he was a little princess, he was hers. Was this how those couples in love felt? It might not be suited for their relationship to be known for their actions to be so outwardly intimate but yet, she wanted to flaunt him to the entire world. She wanted everyone to know that this person belonged to her.

But to call him little princess…

The next day, before the sky had brightened, the first thing Bo Jiu saw when she opened her eyes was the Almighty’s face and his raised brows. “What did you say last night?”

“What did I say?” Bo Jiu was only half awake. She stretched lazily, filled with a mischievous air. “I called you Little Princess.”