Chapter 122 - Qin Mo Indulges His Little Brother

Chapter 122: Qin Mo Indulges His Little Brother

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Generally, no one dared to mess around with Qin Mo at such a time.

But Fu Jiu was different, because nothing was very terrifying for her. She said, “It would be better if you became a bit more lenient.”

“So far, it has been very lenient of me to not throw you away,” Qin Mo said in a sullen voice. He was glancing at the youngster’s hand out of the corner of his eye.

Looking at her own posture, Fu Jiu explained in a serious tone, “I do it because we are close.”

“It seems like you’re close to many people, such as Xue Yaoyao,” Qin Mo sneered as he spoke about this. He didn’t expect that the youngster would have good feelings towards a girl like Xue Yaoyao. Casually pulling his shirt, he changed the topic and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Since a while ago.” Fu Jiu nodded with the lollipop still held in her mouth.

Hearing her words, Qin Mo looked at the teenager.

He did feel like he might have been too fussy.

The young man just had good feelings towards her. It wasn’t like he adored her.

It was very normal to have a crush on someone else at this age, and it would indeed make men become repulsive if they were controlled too strictly.

“Rebellious period during adolescence.” Thinking about this, Qin Mo decided to discipline him in a proper way without being too excessive.

“What do you want to eat?” Qin Mo asked Fu Jiu as he walked to the phone.

“Spicy hot pot with extra tripe pieces and beef. Also, a plate of green vegetables,” said Fu Jiu after thinking for a while.

Qin Mo didn’t try to criticize the youngster for being a foodie. He used the intercom and said, ” Hello, Aunt Zhang, we will have dinner at home. Please prepare some hot-pot ingredients for us with spicy seasoning and…”

Looking at the man’s handsome and noble profile near her, Fu Jiu felt somewhat surprised. She thought that they would eat dinner outside instead of at his home.

“You can look around by yourself first. I’ll change my clothes.” Qin Mo said as he was tugged on his collar. When he was about to go into his bedroom, something seemed to come to his mind, so he stopped and asked, “Would you like to change yours?”

Of course, Fu Jiu wouldn’t agree. She didn’t want to experience the events that had occurred in the changing room anymore.

“Your clothes won’t fit me because they are too large for me.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo glanced at the youngster from head to toe. He really seemed to be a little bit short.

But he didn’t say it out loud.

As a good older brother, it was necessary to leave his little brother with a little bit of face.

However, it was a pity that Fu Jiu didn’t get this kindness. After all, Almighty Qin’s eyes were full of deep meaning, and she wasn’t stupid. Of course she knew what he was thinking.

She looked at herself. As a girl with a height of 173 cm, she wasn’t considered short…

Since the master was out, Fu Jiu would obviously look around. She felt even more interested, especially concerning this man, who had almost caught her.

After all, she had been free and unfettered for many years in the west, where many police officers had been sent out to search for her, only for their search to end in vain without the officers even identifying her gender.

This time, she was detected partly because she had used less-updated equipment, but even so, the reasoning ability of a god was kind of inhuman.

Qin Mo’s room suited the person himself—black and white, and with an all wooden bookshelf, which left an impression of luxury and cleanliness, and cold and dustless.

The bookshelf was full of books. Aside from some books related to computers, many others were about psychology and analysis of criminals’ motives.

Fu Jiu frowned and casually took out a book. Then, a flash of light appeared in her slightly lowered eyes. Was this another hobby of Almighty Qin’s besides games?

Criminal psychology?