Chapter 1220 - Untitled

1220 Untitled

“Little Princess?” Qin Mo chuckled, the ends of his lips lifting higher but there wasn’t any warmth in his voice.

Bo Jiu regretted it instantly. The next time she glanced at him, the Almighty was still as handsome as ever but his looks were making her uneasy.

Fully awake, she paused mid-sneeze. She wanted to go back to the moment he had asked the question.

“You heard it wrong,” Bo Jiu declared confidently. “Brother Mo, I said I love you.”

Qin Mo pinched her face lightly, seemingly as a compliment. “Impressive, such an impressive Sugar Daddy probably won’t mind carrying extra weights during her run.”

Bo Jiu: … After all that, he still wanted to punish her.

“Or perhaps you prefer to reflect in front of the wall?” Qin Mo suggested because he had always been a democratic person.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “I want to take a nap while hugging you.”

“Do you know what I like about you the most?” Qin Mo kissed the person in his arms, caressing her hair tenderly.

Bo Jiu was curious. “What is it?”

“You love to dream.” Qin Mo slapped her face lightly. “After 7am, run 10 rounds around the training ground with weights.” He was using official business to take revenge.

Wasn’t Little Princess an adorable nickname that suited him? Why was she punished again?

But it was just 10 rounds after all. She would be just in time for a meal at the cafeteria. That was what she thought but that wasn’t how Prince saw it.

“Brother, I understand.” Those were his first words but Bo Jiu ignored him.

Prince sighed again. “It must have been tough last night. If my uncle found me risking myself, he would punish me as well, much worse than what you are getting right now. Your brother seems much scarier than my uncle! How did you think he managed to train such an intense and overwhelming presence? Oh right, did you know, he entered the jungle alone with a rifle. F*ck, he took action while instructing two military units, there must have been so much going on in that brain. It was incredible! And his firing, at such a distance with fog obstructing his vision, how was he able to see through all those movements? Are the children from your family all gifted with such genes?”

Bo Jiu wanted to warn him to shut up and look behind but the figure continued to approach. Bo Jiu decided to give up warning him. She held onto a bottle of mineral water and distanced herself.

Prince seemed to have noticed her actions and was about to comment when a cold voice came from behind. “The children from our family are our business.”

Prince froze, losing his ability to think. If not, it would have been easy to detect the message from his words. For instance, the ever-mischievous Bo Jiu choked on her water. How did they end up at such a topic?