Chapter 1221 - Untitled

1221 Untitled

Prince was still trembling. He had wanted to beg his dormmate, for him to put in some kind words but Bo Jiu had already gone afar. F*ck, was the friendship in the military unit so fragile?!!

Qin Mo noticed his actions, the ends of his lips curving upwards. “The old general should have warned you against going to the little jungle. Haven’t you considered the reason behind?”

Prince had a bewildered expression as he was indeed curious. Why was his uncle interfering in such trivial matters?!

“Impressive, you have a good future ahead.” With that, Qin Mo glanced over towards Bo Jiu. “There’s some else running with you.”

Bo Jiu was still pondering over his remark. The Almighty actually wanted children?

Over at the other side, Prince was questioning life. How did an intelligent young master like him end up being toyed by such a devil and how could he feel so terrified every time he saw him?

Bo Jiu was still thinking when Qin Mo walked over, his gloved hand reaching for her bottle of mineral water.

Prince thought he was going to continue to punish him but unexpectedly, the evil devil lifted his head to drink a mouthful of water. The sun rays splashed over his face, the curve of his neck lengthened and gleaming. Qin Mo was probably the only one who could look good even when he was only drinking water. His actions successfully attracted Hunter’s attention.

In that instant, he was startled once more. After their boss was done drinking, he returned the bottle of water, his actions natural and at ease.

Hunter was reminded of the times at training when their boss would beat their heads whenever they came too close. But now, they were sharing the same bottle even though the boss had his own. This meant their boss went over because he saw recruit No. 10 drinking water? He had even neglected his own bottle of top grade Pu’er tea to drink a bottle of less nutritious mineral water. Was it for an indirect kiss?

What the hell! Why did he have to be so sharp in such matters?

Hunter covered his head. Their boss didn’t spare a thought for them singles at all!

Prince frowned. Weren’t the devil’s actions… too intimate? Sharing the same bottle? Was it because they were brothers?

Prince wanted to start his punishment since the devil glanced over towards him after he was done with his water. But before he could take a step, Qin Mo asked, “How’s your ear?”

Prince was dumbfounded. The devil could actually speak in such a manner?

Bo Jiu reached for the bottle and shook her head as she glanced down at the empty bottle. The Almighty finished it? What was she going to drink after her punishment?

“I’ll bring water over for you.” Qin Mo tapped her wrist. “Continue to run.”

Whenever she saw that pair of hands, she couldn’t help but be reminded of the previous night. A red flush spread up her neck as a smile forced its way onto her face.

Although Qin Mo had already left, Bo Jiu still couldn’t fight down her smile.

Prince ran alongside his dormmate. “F*ck, your brother treats you rather well, sending you water. But what’s he up to, bringing you water after punishing you?”

Bo Jiu tilted her head, running gracefully. She asked, “Haven’t you been in a relationship?”

Prince had entered the military at a young age and had trained a body filled with muscles. As for relationship experiences, he was indeed lacking. But why was he acting like an elder giving advice? What the heck?

“Forget it, a bachelor like yourself would never understand.” The youngster whistled merrily as she continued to run.

Prince: … What was the meaning of that!

There were many meetings being held due to the events last night. That aside, there was an additional jungle segment included into the recruit training plan. Moreover, all of them were required to wear a Bluetooth earphone at all times, even during their regular training.

They climbed out of the mud, passing through the obstacles expertly. They lifted their rifles at a rapid speed, shooting the moving targets.

Beneath the military machines were the soldiers in their green military caps. When the military unit was exhausted, they were made to sing military songs. Even though their faces were covered in mud, their voice remained strong and firm.

Soldiers knew about entertainment as well but situated at the borders meant that entertainment was limited. They couldn’t communicate and even calls were restricted to the holidays. The restriction to contact increased with the importance of their mission.

In the past, Bo Jiu had never truly understood them. She only had a vague idea from her childhood when her pet had told her about these things. After experiencing it firsthand, she understood where Qin Mo’s self-control and immense stress originated from. These soldiers were under him. When he wasn’t on missions, he was in-charge of their training. During missions, he carried their lives on his shoulder.

From afar, Bo Jiu watched the figure that had lit a cigarette, occasionally singing along with the soldiers beside him. He was elegant and indifferent but could still joke with his underlings. His thin lips curved upwards as a red leaf fell onto his military uniform. It was indeed a sight to behold.

Bo Jiu buried her head. F*ck, this was bad. She was falling too deeply in love. Was this alright?

Prince was confused. Why did his dormmate bury his head in the middle of a song? “What’s wrong?”

“I’m trying to suppress my impulses.” Bo Jiu tilted her head, placing her hands on her knees lazily.


“I want to kiss someone,” Bo Jiu declared mischievously.

Prince was thoroughly frightened. This child must have injured his brain during the explosion in the jungle!

“It’s a pity,” Bo Jiu muttered, “that we’re in such circumstances.”

Prince assumed she had been referring to him, an incredulous expression on his face. “Are, are you, perhaps in love with me? If that’s the case, I have to be honest, I’m straight as a stick. In order to prevent any awkwardness between us during missions, you had better give up on me, ok?”

Bo Jiu raised a brow. “Who gave you such confidence?”

“Who else could you be referring to? F*ck, that’s even worse.” Prince lowered his voice, afraid that the others may be affected. He pointed towards the others. “They are all guys. Who do you want to kiss? F*ck, you said you wanted to kiss someone. Let me get this straight, if it was me, I could help keep it a secret but if it was anyone else, you had better give up this instant. If your brother finds out about this, he would definitely break your legs!”

As the captain of this secondary team, Hunter stood nearby his team. It wasn’t hard to have heard their conversation. He couldn’t help looking into the sky. He wasn’t sure if their boss would break No.10’s legs. But there was something he was sure about; their boss would definitely break Prince’s legs. Child, hadn’t you noticed? Boss had glanced over multiple times while you were whispering to No. 10.

Hunter could feel the cold air from beside him. Where did that child get the courage to stand so close to No. 10?

Qin Mo swept them another glance.

It seemed like the little child from his household had a close relationship with her dormmate – a little too close.

As Qin Mo chuckled, Hunter felt a chill run through him. That chuckle was horrifying.

In order to calm the recruits’ nerves, the psychiatrist recommended for them to play some games after the singing session. Simple games that involved physical activity shouldn’t be underestimated. It was an effective stress relieving tool. Moreover, there were prices to be won.

Everyone was excited, prepared to participate. At this moment, ranks no longer mattered. Anyone could be partnered together.

The moment Prince heard about the prize, he turned towards Bo Jiu. “Let’s form a team?”

“Cool.” Bo Jiu was also someone after the prize. On certain levels, it wasn’t odd for them to be friends.

It was a simple game. It started off with an 800m two-legged race, thereafter the pair would dismantle the rifle and reassemble it. The fastest team would win.

Prince slapped his chest. “It’s my specialty.”

“Dismantling rifles?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Prince was especially proud. “I meant the two-legged race. Haven’t I told you? I’m great at games. In the future during the holidays, I’ll bring you along for some esport games. When the time comes, you’ll know exactly how gifted I am in games.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “I’ll fight you if you’re on the other side.”

“Why?” Prince asked.

The youngster lowered herself, her dark fringe covering her forehead. Her long and slender fingers fastened the string, her voice indifferent. “So that I can trash you.”

Prince took a moment to realize what she meant. “Hey, we’re teammates! Teammates are supposed to be harmonious…” Before he could finish his sentence, a familiar presence appeared before him.

This time, Prince told himself not to fret. This was just a game, he was having a normal conversation with his teammate.

That was right, he shouldn’t be fretting.

Bo Jiu was still fastening the string when suddenly, a pair of jade-white hands appeared before her, his fingers long and slender. The pair of hands held onto the other side of the string, securing it onto his legs easily.

Bo Jiu glanced up. Qin Mo was beside her, fastening the strings. Just an inch more and they would touch. He smelled nice, with his unique tobacco herb scent. More importantly, since everyone was doing the same thing, no one paid them any attention.

Of course, that didn’t include Prince, who was standing at the side. No words could explain his current emotions.

If he hadn’t seen wrong, the devil had just stolen the string that belonged to him?

Once Qin Mo was done with his side, he moved over to help the youngster with hers. “We’re a team.” Three simple words – as though he was saying something ordinary.

Bo Jiu glanced at her dormmate, feeling a need to mention him. “Prince…”

“He’s playing too?” Qin Mo asked, turning to glance over once. There wasn’t any emotion on his face, just a fleeting glimpse.

But the cold hidden in his eyes was enough warning for Prince, he immediately expressed his sincerity, “No, no, no, I’m not interested in such games!”

Qin Mo chuckled, turning towards Bo Jiu. “Heard that?”

Bo Jiu wanted to say more because she couldn’t understand the drastic change in Prince.

Prince watched the both of them, his heart racing. It was horrifying. It felt as though the devil was still lingering. He took another step back, glancing at his team captain. “Who should I pair up with?”

Hunter finally had the chance to advise his underling. “Anyone is fine as long as he isn’t No. 10.”

With that, he reached out and pet his back.

Prince muttered, “You can’t blame me, I just realized he was so possessive over his brother.”

Hunter: …

On the other side, they were preparing for the competition. Even though it was an ordinary warm up, it was obvious the Almighty was in better shape.

Bo Jiu glanced over. Height was indeed not her strong point.

“What is it?” Sensing her gaze, Qin Mo glanced over.

Bo Jiu asked, “Does the camp sell milk?”

“Not at the moment.” Qin Mo asked casually, “You find yourself short?”

Bo Jiu chuckled. “I’m not short.”

“Judging by the length of your legs, you won’t be fast.” Qin Mo added casually, “You shorty.”

Bo Jiu: … He deserves a beating. This seems like their daily life. Novels were indeed lying when they claimed those teasing men would change once they entered a relationship. Where was his change? He was still the same as always, deserving of a beating!

“Stop pouting.” Qin Mo watched her, his voice coming through. “It makes me want to kiss you.”

At that sudden tease, Bo Jiu arched a brow. “Judging by the length of your legs, I won’t be easy to kiss.”

“12 cm, the golden distance for a kiss. Where’s the difficulty in that?” Qin Mo wore the arm guards before tilting over to watch Bo Jiu.

“It’s probably because my legs are short.” Bo Jiu passed her arm guards over. She broke into a smile when she realized the Almighty helped her with basically everything – just like a boyfriend.

Qin Mo chuckled lightly as he helped her wear the arm guards. They spoke in hushed tones, looking incredibly intimate. A pity it didn’t last long. It wasn’t long before the others caught sight of the Almighty. Even though they were wearing the same uniform, his face was too striking.

“Captain Qin is participating?”

“Are you serious? What’s the point of competing? Captain Qin will definitely win.”

“Didn’t he always avoid such activities in the past?”

The crowd roared.

Bo Jiu glanced over, asking in a hushed tone, “Brother Mo, why didn’t you participate in the past?”

“In the past?” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, standing tall and firm, his tone leisurely. “Why should I when it wasn’t with my girlfriend?”

This meant he was participating to accompany her this time. Bo Jiu stilled, her face flushing. She rotated her angle and looked at the person beside her. Bo Jiu pressed down her fringe, looking young and full of vigor. With a long sigh, she exclaimed, “Brother Mo, I won’t be able to control myself if you continue to say such things. Hurry and shut up.”

Qin Mo chuckled. He wanted to pinch her face but there were people around. He clenched his fists, suppressing his urge.

Their cries continued as someone walked over towards them. “Captain Qin, isn’t entertainment the focus of this game? Your participation would take away all chances of a win. None of us can dismantle a gun as fast as you.”

Back then, video footage of Qin Mo’s gun dismantling skills were used to educate soldiers. The soldiers trained with his speed and accuracy in mind. They only had one thought when they saw the video – fast! He was so fast they could barely see the appearance of his hands.

It was only at the end of the video did they finally catch a glimpse of his delicate hands. Some were even skeptical about whether he was really a soldier because this pair of hands was more suited for the piano. But this very person’s face was more incredible than his hands. He belonged to the military unit, didn’t he?

The more they knew him, the more outstanding he was. Incredibly outstanding. It wasn’t because of his rank as a major general but rather the formidable aura that he radiated so casually and his exceptional combat conducting ability.

Many of the soldiers in this military unit were considered the top of their previous military units. But in front of him, they paled in comparison. Seeing him made them realize, there were two points they needed to keep in mind for future missions outside the borders.

One, never forget your identity as a soldier of China. Two, never disclose your identity as a soldier of China unless approval had been granted.

The entire operations team was well aware of the rules.

Even until this moment, the other soldiers in the military unit were still clueless about the missions Captain Qin and the operations team executed. This was the difference between missions in and out of the borders.

Perhaps, after many years when things have long passed, people would hear of their heroic tales. It was the same for sacrifices. Even so, there would always be people taking on such missions. The devil leading them was one such example.

Many times, we may think we know all of the heroes but in reality, heroes would never be exposed…

Qin Mo wasn’t aware of their thoughts. He lifted his chin, tapping the youngster beside him. “He will be in charge of the dismantling and assembling.”