Chapter 1222 - Untitled

1222 Untitled

In that instant, all eyes were on Bo Jiu. Bo Jiu didn’t think much of it, her fingers testing the firmness of the string. “Sure.” Just one word, lazy and without hesitation.

“Alright, we won’t be afraid.”

The commotion continued to blast through the camp. Once the news of Qin Mo’s participation had spread, the teams shifted their aim from winning the prize to overtaking their boss.

Since No. 10 was a new recruit, he wouldn’t be that familiar with guns. The difference in timing laid with the two-legged race.

It wasn’t just the participating teams, even Hunter was eager to join in.

While Wolf swept him a glance silently, Magician tilted his head over. “Trust me, you’ll definitely be trashed.”

“Boss isn’t the main lead after all. Do you really think I’ll lose to a new recruit?” Hunter wasn’t about to give up without a fight.

Wolf finally spoke up. “You lost to No. 10 once, oh no, twice.”

Hunter froze. How could you bring up that dark history! Wolf, you deserve to be single!

Magician patted his shoulder lightly. “Do you really think Boss would participate in anything he wasn’t sure about?”

With that, Hunter silently retracted his legs, diminishing the desire to form a team. As such, Prince was once again abandoned. He held onto the string and for the first time, he felt the hostility of the military. All he wanted was to form a team and win the prize, was it really that hard?

Those participating were prepared. Each batch would have twenty teams, with speed as the determining factor.

Bo Jiu and the Almighty were in the first batch. The entire military unit placed their hopes on the other nineteen teams, as they cheered them on enthusiastically!

Qin Mo was indifferent, stuffing a hand into his pocket. He tilted his gaze over, whispering into Bo Jiu’s ears, “This time, I’ll be depending on my girlfriend.” He spoke softly, just loud enough for Bo Jiu to hear.

She coughed but didn’t comment. Qin Mo arched a brow and wanted to say more. Just then, he caught sight of her lifted lips, and broke into laughter.

There wasn’t any physical interaction or even any interaction between their eyes, with one of them looking up at the sky and the other glancing down, making last minute adjustments. But that image itself was a nourishment. It was probably due to their good looks, their smiles enough to send heart racing.

The other teams thought that their boss was giving her tips and advice. All of them were in a highly tense state. Even if their boss wasn’t taking action personally, they had to guard against his tactics.

“Take your positions!” The starting officer placed his hands on the firing gun. The nineteen teams formed a straight line, all of them trying their best in the face of their boss.

Bo Jiu’s deep gaze swept towards the end point. The moment the gun fired, all the teams dashed out. Bo Jiu wasn’t any different. But their stepping methods were obviously unexpected.

They surpassed the teams one after another. The overtaken teams watched in shock, chasing tightly. But they were too fast. Rather than their speed, perhaps it was more accurate to describe it as a tacit understanding that took many years to form. How could they have such tacit understanding?

Just as they were filled with questions, the youngster tilted her body to the side, avoiding the obstacle ahead. Many of them focused on speed, forgetting the obstacles ahead. Due to the difference in speed, the teams separated into three distinct waves.

Bo Jiu wasn’t in an advantageous position as the slower teams blocking their pathway.

Every step was accurately placed, landing on the same spot. When Bo Jiu stepped on her left feet, Qin Mo stepped on his right feet. It was as though the string didn’t exist.

The other team’s main aim was to prevent their boss from winning. Hence, they would use all their ability to stop Qin Mo and Bo Jiu. They tried to block their vision. In a competition that went down to the seconds, timing was crucial.

Even Hunter was starting to feel worried for his boss’s team but the moment he turned over, he caught sight of No. 10’s gaze. It was extremely dark, unlike how she usually was. It was filled with intent and seriousness, just like a wolf examining the surrounding.

Unable to find an opening, the youngster frowned. The next second, she was lifted. Bo Jiu felt herself rise upwards. When her chin touched the Almighty’s chest, her heart started to race.

Hunter and the others were dumbfounded. What was with this situation? He carried him? And even in front of everyone!

Indeed, Qin Mo carried her.

Qin Mo was taking charge, moving quickly. He moved past the blind spot and placed her back down the next second but his hands were still around her waist.

The next moment, the Almighty made use of his long legs to catch up to the five teams ahead of them.

His scent lingered in her senses. Bo Jiu reached out and hugged onto his waist just as he had done.

The other soldiers wouldn’t think otherwise but they commented, “F*ck, Boss would do anything in order to win.”

Hunter and Magician exchanged glances and lifted their head in unison. Boss definitely did not do it just to win, was there a need to carry him just now?! There were so many other ways to avoid that! When did Boss have to sacrifice his body to win? It was definitely deliberate.

But the others who were too focused on winning didn’t see anything amiss. Three teams had already reached the end point and were starting the assembling. Since their boss hadn’t reached yet, they had a chance of winning!

With their heads lowered, all those at the end point watched the gun ahead of them. The most important part of dismantling a gun was to familiarize themselves with the model as that was the only way to take it apart in the shortest amount of time.

Only one person in each team could do the dismantling. The other couldn’t help out.

Three seconds after the three teams had reached, the first gun was dismantled.