Chapter 1223 - Untitled

1223 Untitled

That sound meant that Bo Jiu’s team was really behind. The people standing next to them felt like they had a chance of winning. After all, disassembling and assembling guns went down to the seconds. The moment their boss’s pair lagged behind, it would be hard to catch up.

But the very next second, they were shocked into silence. It was because of the youngster’s actions after their pair reached the end point. She didn’t even bother looking at the gun, dismantling the moment she reached for it. She tilted her head, her expression unreadable.

In that instant, the new recruits were dumbfounded. She could dismantle the gun without examining it?

The more experienced soldier didn’t have such a reaction since it might have been a model she was familiar with.

No. 10 had started from the army and must have been a frequent user of the old gun model, No. 77.

But very quickly, that thought was broken.

It was due to Youngster’s speed, the moment her long fingers started moving, they could barely see where it landed, everything happened in a flash. They were thunderstruck. How familiar was she to be moving at such a speed? Was the army this strong?

In reality, due to Bo Jiu’s background, she had always been in touch with such things ever since young. Back then, she would dismantle everything: computers, televisions, toy cars, keyboards, and all sorts of toys, including real guns.


The first sound.

Youngster’s thumb pressed down on the magazine, removing it. The next second, Bo Jiu pulled the sleeve, switching the gun to a standby mode. She turned the safety lever to a vertical position and pulled the sleeve to its final position.

She accomplished everything in two seconds.

No one could see her actions clearly until she lifted the rear, disengaging the sleeve from the sleeve guide.

The new recruits watched with mouth agape. It was too fast!

Bo Jiu didn’t stop there. With another ka-cha, she had removed the sleeve, reentry spring, and barrel. This meant that she had caught up with the previous team’s timing.

Next up was the assembling. The other team wasn’t slow – even slightly faster than Bo Jiu, probably about two seconds.

But these two seconds were crucial. But when they started to assemble, everyone realized an issue. “Recruit No. 10 is a left-hander?!”

“No, it doesn’t look like it, both hands look equally strong!”

Indeed, Bo Jiu had started to unleash her specialty, the ability to use both hands equally. During the assembly process, there were others who used both hands as well but they depended mainly on one hand. But Bo Jiu used both simultaneously.

Two second difference. One second difference and finally, the two barrels were pushed in at the same second, bringing them to a tie.

Everyone was focused on the timer, their hearts racing because of a game used for leisure. The next second, the barrel was pushed in, the assembly was completed. An overtake! Overtake!

Ever since the start, Prince had been focused on the timer. When the time stopped, he opened his eyes wide and cursed. “F*ck!”

The next moment, he ran over towards Bo Jiu with open arms. That was amazing!His speed was out of the world!