Chapter 1224 - Untitled

1224 Untitled

Before Prince could express his happiness, a tall figure stepped forward to block him. It clearly wasn’t his dormmate’s waist.

F*ck, what exactly did he hug?! Why was it this temperature?

He felt a chill run through him. Did he perhaps… hug a snake?

He lifted his head, looking straight into a pair of cold and hostile eyes. Prince retracted his hands instantly as it was the devil!

“I hate it when people touch me.” Qin Mo lifted his gaze. “I’ll let the old general deal with you.”

What the hell! But he would rather be dealt with by him!

Prince reached out, trying to stay behind but Qin Mo didn’t give him any chance. “Take him away.”

Hunter and Exorcist watched from the side, pretending they didn’t see anything since there weren’t many who were so out of their mind. He should have known better. He was reaching out to hug No. 10, which was already a fatal move in itself. Indeed, these youngsters were way too young.

Prince turned to Bo Jiu, trying to seek help. He kept eyeing her, sending pleas through his gaze, begging her to stop his punishment.

The youngster walked over and asked, “Which hand did you use to hug Boss?”

“Ah?” Prince had been aiming for her, celebrating her victory.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, repeating her question. “Which hand?”

Prince was startled by her formidable aura, raising both hands. Bo Jiu smirked, turning to report. “Captain Qin, I would like to recommend the old general to teach him some manners. His hands should be punished.”

Prince: … No, this wasn’t what he had expected. Was No. 10 such an unloyal person? He didn’t help out and had even given such a preposterous suggestion! What did he do wrong? All he did was mistakenly hug the devil’s waist.

Wait a minute. “Are you perhaps jealous ’cause I hugged you brother? F*ck, Sugar Daddy… Cough, you should be of age already, why are you getting jealous over such things?” Prince continued to fight for his rights.

Bo Jiu tilted her head and smiled. “I’m possessive, especially towards my brother.”

Their conversation was loud enough only for the both of them. Even Hunter and the others hadn’t heard, all they saw was a pale Prince being dragged away. What exactly had No. 10 said to him?

Exorcist realized something; their boss seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood. The frost in his eyes were all gone, his lips were curved upwards. He glanced down and watched No. 10 as she spoke.

In reality, Bo Jiu only said one sentence. “Your girlfriend brought you to victory.”

“Should I be cheering for Almighty Z?” Qin Mo asked in a hushed and tender voice.

Bo Jiu chuckled. “Keep it down, there’s a lot of people around. Almighties as handsome and skilled as us have to keep their own name hidden.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo said before asking casually, “Why does Prince keep trying to be intimate with you?”

Bo Jiu caressed her nose. “We are dormmates, which makes us rather close.”

“From what I recall, I’m your current dormmate,” Qin Mo replied slowly.

Magician, who had been walking over, felt a whirl of emotions. Boss was vying to be his dormmate now? Was there a need to go so overboard? Besides, could they not act so obviously?!

Magician covered his lips and coughed. “Boss, the results are out, you’ll have to present the prize to the winning team.”

“Alright.” Qin Mo retracted his gaze, walking towards Magician. His back view was the same as always; tall and pristine.

The timer at the side was still fixed. After Bo Jiu’s beautiful hand work had been shown, the results were obvious. Everyone was satisfied with the results, even the older and more experienced soldiers since there weren’t many who could beat her in terms of speed. The others weren’t slow, with some of the recruits breaking the past records.

The old general watched from afar, a pleased expression on his face. “We have a strong batch this year.”

“Yes,” the deputy general replied as Prince approached them. But the moment he recalled Prince’s actions from before, he decided to put it off awhile, allowing the old general to bask in his happiness a while longer.

But just as the old general had said, they had a strong batch this year, especially with No. 10. That was exactly why they were troubled. How were they going to keep No. 10 behind? Especially tomorrow morning…

The deputy general glanced up towards the major general, who was standing in the middle of the soldiers. Regardless of how big the crowd was, he would always be the center of attention.

The wind blew. Military units located at the borders could experience the natural environment. Sometimes, they could smell the vegetation in the air that blew. It was a fragrant smell, the cooling air calming their skins. It made the place seem peaceful.

Bo Jiu was called out as the winning team, she walked towards Qin Mo, the sun rays splashing onto her face, her shadows lengthening.

Many of them were curious about the prize since the devil was the one presenting it and curiosity was human nature.

They took a rest on the grass patches. In the military, there were formations even when they were resting. The two of them stood in the middle.

Qin Mo wore his combat uniform, which deepened his eyes. It seemed like the vast ocean and the ends couldn’t be seen.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. Before she could process the situation, the person in front reached out his long and slender fingers. His body was tilted slightly, the unique tobacco and herb scent entering the senses as he hooked something on her combat uniform. It was shiny and gleaming like the stars in the sky but yet, it was quiet with a low profile. It was a symbol.

Hunter and Magician hadn’t expected their boss to give away the major general symbol. The psychiatrist was shocked as well since he knew the meaning behind that symbol. Ever since that mission, he had been stripped off his major general role and sent back to Jiang City. But now, he was giving away his highest glory. Which meant that she was more important than all of his glory?